One Friday afternoon, a guy walks into a jewelry store accompanied by a very pretty lady.
-Show me some engagement rings, please, he said to the jeweler.

This one gets out some diamond rings, some bigger, some smaller.

The guy asks for the best looking of them:
-How much does it cost?
-$ 5,000, came the answer immediately.
-Sir, perhaps you did not understand me well, look at the lady again and give me something that matches her beauty...

The jeweler goes to the vault and pulls out an engagement ring with a formidable diamond.

The chick’s eyes simply light up when she sees it.
-How much does this cost?
-$ 60,000.
-Ok, I’ll buy it. I’ll write a check for you immediately. Since it's already Friday afternoon, please deposit it at the bank for cashing on Monday morning, at the first hour. Then send someone with the ring at this address.
-No problem, says the jeweler excitedly.

The guy leaves the shop with the woman all ecstatic and well glued to him...

Monday at noon, the jeweler, very agitated, shows personally at the door of the guy:
-Sir, you are a... I don’t even know how to call you! The check you gave me is invalid. You have no money in your account!
-I know, replied our man resignedly and conciliatory at the same time. Please forgive me for the trouble and try to understand me... do you realize what a weekend I have had?!