At 95 years old, Don Juan decided to marry again... with Svetlana, a 25-year-old girl.

After the wedding, because of the age difference, they decided to sleep in separate rooms.

After the party, Svetlana prepares to sleep when... knockings at the door. It is her newly husband, Don Juan, past 95 years.

He gives Svetlana a memorable number and, smiling, gives her a kiss and then returns to his bedroom.

Half an hour later, he knocks again on Svetlana's door, ready for the next number... which he performs without problems.

A smile and a kiss... then returns to his bedroom.

Less than an hour later, discrete knockings are heard at Svetlana's door... fresh as if he was 25 years old. He starts an irresistible and wild number as in his youth. As usual, at the end... a kiss and... back to his bedroom.

The fifth time... when he wants to return to his bedroom, Svetlana asks him if does not want to stay there, but Don Juan responds that at his age, he has no more the strength of some other time, and that he had to rest.

Svetlana, obviously amused, burst out laughing:
-You modest man, I have met men with decades younger than you, who gave me less than a half of what you've given to me!

Don Juan confused, thinks for a few seconds and then asks Svetlana:
-Have I already been to you today?