One evening, my wife and I were in bed. After a while, I started getting hot... when she said:
-I can not now, I'm not in the mood.... I just wanted you to hold me in your arms.

I asked:
-What? What is wrong with you now?And she said the words that every man on the planet is afraid to hear:
-You simply do not understand my emotional needs that I have as a woman, so I can meet your physical needs... as a man!

At my puzzled look, she replied:
-You really can not love me the way I am, not for what I'm doing to you in bed?

Understanding that evening was not "going to happen" anything, I turned around and fell asleep.

The next day I called my boss and I took a day off to spend time with her. We had lunch in town and then took her into a luxury shopping center, to the women's clothing area. I accompanied her while she tried on a few expensive suits. She could not decide what to choose, so I told her to take them all. She also wanted shoes to match the outfits... I calmly said that she should choose a pair for each set of clothing. We also arrived at the jewelry showcase, where I left her to choose earrings with diamonds and a gorgeous ring. There is nothing more to say... she was extremely delighted. Definitely she thought I was one step away from bankruptcy. I thought she wanted to test me when she asked me to buy her a tennis skirt, although she never played and did not like sports.
-Yeah, sure, my love, I agreed indulgently.

She was almost ecstatic. Smiling, in the end she said:
-I think that’s all... We can go to the pay desk.
I could hardly refrain from smiling when I said pretending to be offended:
-I can not now, I'm not in the mood.

She turned pale, her jaw "dropped" and almost shouted:
-I just wanted you hold these things in your arms for a while... You just do not understand my financial problems that I have as a man, to be able to meet your needs as a women?

And just when her eyes fell on me like she wanted to kill me, I added softly:
-You really can not love me as I am?