Ideas for a first date

Ideas for a first date

The first date is a milestone for any relationship. It may be as well a beautiful dream that gives you hope, and an embarrassing episode that will cut your stings of a second attempt!

It does not matter absolutely at all that you got prepared for a long time and you look incredibly good or that he is downright presentable, if you get bored together from the first date! Therefore, you need to find a modality to spend that time together in a way that is pleasant and compatible with the tastes of each one of you.

The options that are available in this regard depend on the budget, interests, and especially on the desire to try new things. It is extremely important to discuss before, and to agree on the coordinates of such a first date!

Here are some ideas:

1.-The classic option is to go to the cinema. Choose a movie you want to watch together, and then... you’ll definitely have a common topic of discussion!

2.-You can go out for dinner. Opt for a restaurant with a pleasant, intimate atmosphere where you can talk quietly. The idea of ​​being able to make yourself heard without screaming at each other is very important. In other conditions, the discussion can simply become exhausting, throwing a undeserved shadow of dissatisfaction on any of the partners.

3.-If you love to dance, the club is the best place where you can go! Amid rampant atmosphere, you can reciprocally admire your bodies and you can even touch each other without seeming exaggerated. If towards morning you get also to hugs or kisses, then everything is on a road that could not be better.

4.-If you love music, but you are not experts at dancing or the music genre is not suitable for dance moves, the best thing you can do is to buy tickets for a concert! The chances that your favorite band or singer will be in town at that moment, are quite small, but there are probably local musicians, which may be an alternative worth taking into account. Who knows... maybe you'll find something interesting! And if not, at least you have a topic to criticise and laugh, on your way out.

5.-For karaoke you need some more courage, but it can be a fun experience at least.

6.-If both of you are animal lovers, you can go to the zoo, the aquarium, the dolphinarium, or a circus show. Surely, you will feel great and you will have the opportunity to get closer to each other, on coordinates that are common to you.

7.-For active and energetic people, a bike ride in two, rollers or the “board” are ideal! If you want excitement and new sensations, something stronger, you can try horseback riding, indoor climbing or even renting an ATV. Swimming is also an interesting option, especially as you will be able to discover each other’s nearly naked bodies - without the risk of being vulgar or presumptuous.

8.-A little competition does not hurt at all on the first date! Billiards, bowling, tennis or, why not... mini-golf in the park.

9.-If you prefer to watch others while competing, buy tickets to a football game, basketball, a horse race or whatever... the main condition being to be a pleasure for both partners.

10.-It is not “dangerous” at all to bring a bit of culture at the first meeting, especially if you are a little more educated natures! Whether you choose the opera, the theater, a museum or an art gallery, you will be able to enjoy a quality time together, which, of course, you can comment on later, mutually also discovering your intellectual attraction level.

Good luck!