Approaching women on the dating sites

Approaching women on the dating sites

Maybe it already happened to you! You take a “tour” on an online dating site and suddenly you notice an interesting feminine presence. You have no idea who she is, but you're a man and it is natural to be pleased even by the still image of an unknown woman. That's male’s nature... more “visual”.

From this moment, an unique question is born. How to approach her?

Two words that do wonders. Her name is Mary? Send her a message to tell her only this: “Hi, Mary!”. Her name is Christina? Send her the message: “Hi, Christina!”

Nothing more. But necessarily always start with a salutation form.

Without stupid formulations (out of the blue sky), like “How are you, love?”, “You're a sexy bomb, baby”, “I kiss you sweetly” etc..

These are retarded expressions (not that it would be few people doing them nowadays), and a somewhat normal woman would probably not even reply (although... things are not far more “academic” in the camp of fair sex representatives either).  

Anyway, you got the idea! You greet her and then wait. For what? Read more...

Why is it important to tell her by her name? Whether you do it in writing or by spoken words, the name of a woman is a song for her ears.

Do not miss the chance that at least in the early stages of interaction to call her name. That does not mean to abuse the tactic in question, opening each phrase in this way, just once in a while... use her name in the context.

The hearing of the name is meant to arise her curiosity a bit. It is likely possible to wonder herself intrigued who you are, because such somewhat familiar approaches, generally only acquaintances have, or your profile will not definitely tell her anything.

The way she will react is different from woman to woman, but usualy, you can expect the same to greetings and expressions of interest concerning your identity!

Approaching a woman online - the bad news. As you know (or will soon know), physical appearance is not the most important thing women take into consideration when it comes to a man's attractiveness. If that were so, many of the rock bands members (for example), slipshod, morbid and especially effeminate, would be virgins.

The downside is that when you approach a woman on the internet, the appearance can be detached from the context (by the mere presence of photography in the profile, of the “avatar”), long studied, compared with the images of a lot of other “suitors”, because at that moment, for the only sense involved in the story (the sight), it is about the only “beacon” that can lead to sketching a portrait of your somewhat.

Unlike the natural contacts (face to face), you can communicate far fewer things online. You can not use facial expressions, gestures, smile... or a lot of other attitudinal manifestations.

Therefore, choose a profile picture to your advantage and to repesent you as much as possible. It is a matter absolutely necessary, at least until you get to open up the discussion in order to prove your attractiveness also though other things. As specialized studies proved it, people remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear and 80% of what they see. So... a add photography as interesting as you can. Not when you are with your guys at a beer and laughing with your mouth to ear, not when you are in a false position of deep thinker with hands at your temple or your chin in a pensive gesture (downright embarrassing “snapshots”), not with you t-shirt or undershirt pulled up to show your “six-pack abs” worked at the gym (the muscles are also important but not in this context), not in the mirror as a dope teenager... but somewhere in the nature, doing sports or any other type of activity that will highlight your healthy and vivacious spirit.

Approaching a woman online - the good news. When it comes to approaches in the virtual environment, competition is extremely large, but very poorly prepared for such a “game”.

Most men who try to approach women on the social sites, are good at this “game” as much as a whale who would try to eat rice with chop sticks.

Some have simply such a low imagination (determined of course by the “overflowing” intelligence they prove), that they strongly believe that “You’re hot?!” in the illiterate version and followed by multiple smiles, has the force of an irresistible magnet that will bring them into the ranks of “heavyweight seducers”.

Of course they never recorded any success with this approach, of course they never knew anyone in their lives to have been in vogue among ladies using such embarassing expressions, yet they insist. Because they are extremely convinced that they are not the idiots, but the women are... too finicky.

Enjoy with all your being that there are so many stupids on the Earth. If you manage to be at least one step ahead of them, even a little, little, little... different from them, you will be perceived as a true miracle, a “remarkable” presence in the potential landscape of aspirants for the first place in every woman's heart.


What’s next?

No matter how she will reply to your first message (greeting), then you’ll have to make use of your own imagination, to have a little discussion with her. 

Sometimes her reactions are very reach in details in the beginning, which helps enormously in finding pillars for the development of the conversation, sometimes, you have to be the one that tries to build a bridge over the gap of mutual ignorance, leading the discussion to various areas, funny and interesting, to catch her attention.

You can tell her anything to attract her into the discussion. For example, if she wants to know who you are, ask her if she really wants to know the truth? If she is absolutely sure that she wants this (extending and enhancing the tension of the moment)?

If she insists, tell her that you break an important rule according to which you guide your life, but you still do it, just for her, because you have not guessed how hard it can be to refuse her. From here you will have two quite good chances:
a.-tell her you are the guy with whom she is going to go out soon;
b.-tell her you are the most ugly man in the world.

It's a way that although you show interest in her, you do it in a balanced but as well funny and provoking manner. The second version also provides you the advantage that somewhere deep inside her, she will refuse to believe you are ugly, and this will happen paradoxically, including if you are telling her the truth.


How to get a date?

Approaching a woman online should have a single, immediately and final purpose: getting a date. 

You have to get her out the virtual environment, getting her fastly in the real life, to do with her all those simple and ordinary things that people have done since the time of Adam and Eve. You do not want to know women just to become their confidant or to sponsor their fads.  

How do you make an invitation out? First ask her for her phone number. If you played the right cards, she will give it to you. After she gives it to you, guess what you do? Yes: call her immediately. IMMEDIATELY!

After she answers, do not go crazy with existential problems or philosophies that haunt your brain when you try to banish the feeling of futility! Do not talk over her, do not struggle to be spontaneous as you saw in the stupid soap operas that you watch in the evening to fall asleep in front of the TV... alone. Your goal is to get a date, not to betray “your not having talked”... for a very long time!

Simply change a few “introduction” phrases (“You have a pleasant voice”, “Some of your posts really got me thinking”, “Your name reminds me of an interesting character” etc.), then suddenly launch the invitation and... shut up, waiting for her answer.

If the answer is YES, it means that you did not read this article in vain.

Be careful though... the online environment creates a certain kind of extremely harmful addiction (including for women), giving the feeling that permanently there can be found better alternatives. Keeping your profile on the site, constantly threatens the stability of a relationship.

Good luck!