Reasons for which it is better to be a man

Reasons for which it is better to be a man

Despite the rights gained by women in the last period, the world continues to belong to tough sex. And, if they would like to enter circumstantially in the comfortable shoes of males, they would not abort under any circumstances their “position”. Why is that so? There is an infinite number of reasons to which is great to have a penis and a favored past in the history.

1.-Men are not transformed into sexual objects. Even if the young girls fight to prove that, inside the body after which many yearn, there dwells a man who feels, thinks and hopes not to be reduced to the level of simple erotic object, which always attracts the attention, remains , however, the packaging. From this point of view, gentlemen are most advantaged because:
-they can eat a banana without anyone around to experiment special emotions and fictively transpose them in a sensual frame;
-they may give up their T-shirt on hot weather without causing infarction to the “creatures” around them;
-they may be the “heart” in a certain group, without being undressed by looks;
-they may appear in advertisements also without muscles left at sight or bottom highlighted by a moulded pair of trousers;
-they may succeed at the hiring interview also without a ostensive cleavage;

2.-Men do not comply with a single standard of beauty. They (women) are attractive only when young, thin and with looks of a doll-like freshly got out of the box (whereas current rules dictate so). The beauty of the adverse camp knows extenuating circumstances and shall be established separately, depending on the age, height or weight. They (men) have charm also when:
-they have grizzled hair;
-they do not wear high-heeled shoes;
-they are not epilated, with eyebrows arranged, with any make-up put on or with their hair made;
-they feed their fluffy tummy with chips and beer which ensure their nickname of “teddy bear” (in the case of ladies, the label would have been: “cow”);
-they walk disheveled in jeans and T-shirts;

3.-Men enjoy to a greater extent of freedom... From the possibility to settle anywhere with spread knees, up to the extent of accessing to the position of President of the State (and partners may do it indeed, but with how many chances of success?), males possess freedoms inaccessible to “madams”:
-the happiness to get “relieved” in various locations unlabelled with the name of “WC”;
-the chance of not being pitied because they have more than 40 years old and “subsist” as proud bachelors; 
-the indulgence of interlocutors in relation to the use of a “colored' vocabulary;
-the right (almost constitutionally) to have as many mistresses as they want;
-spending 90% of the time thinking about sex, “boobs” and sport;

4.-... also independence. Although women, generally, have surpassed the phase of weak beings, is often winner in the fight of life, all holders of chromosomes XY excel in the chapter “independence”, because:
-there is no need for a whole circle of friends to go to the toilet;
-the tradition supports them when they want to keep their family name after marriage;
-they survive to a separation also in the absence of compulsive consumption chocolate;
-their degree of beauty is not conditioned to the completion of certain “painful” ritual of embellishment or to spending half of our existence in front of the mirror in the bathroom .
-they win, as a general rule, more money.

5.-Men do not leave “led” by emotions. Ladies respond “passionately” to various existentialist circumstances, being easily harmed, disturbed, excited, scared and so forth. In contrast, the knights pass everything through the filter of reason, which protects them against the avalanche of “disturbing” feelings specific to the other gendre. In the case of the ones in question:
-the tears during the moving movies are as rare as the desire to watch the movies in question;
-vicious comments aiming their gain in weight avoid their hearing or even amuse them;
-they react a liitle or almost not at all to news about crime, rapes, the diminuition of black rhinos in Africa (instead, they cry whenever their favorite team of football, rugby, basketball looses, etc. but they even do not have any maskara flowng);
-they do not make an universal drama from a small cut on their finger or on the grounds that it the food got burned on the fire (maybe due to the fact that they rarely step into the kitchen);
-they are difficult to handle emotionally;

6.-Men worship pragmatism. While women's mind is like a labyrinth impossible to decipher, and action reflect “complexity”, the behaviour of “rivals” denotes simplicity, efficiency, and promptitude. From this point of view, the male reality looks as it follows:
-5 minutes on the phone are enough for discussions in interest of work, daily jokes with the best friend, fixing business meetings or planning in detail the summer holidays;
-the intimate life of his acquaintances, unknown people and cinema stars is just as important as the difference between pink and magenta;
- either they are to take part in an fashinable event with important people, either they get ready to buy bread, in 10 minutes they manage to set up and be ready to go;
-they choose their gadgets on the basis of performance and usefulness, not necessarily of design;
-they live at peace with 3 pairs of trousers and a few T-shirts;

7.-Men “embrace” simple joys of life. In comparison to their “opponents” who declare themselves satisfied only if the day goes as planned, their haircut holds on, the unbearable colleague poures coffee on her skirt, stars predict well, it is not raining outside, likes flow on Facebook and the muffin is well placed on the base, not on the top, gentlemen know how to enjoy and amuse themselves by various “small” things, fully appreciated:
-the 20 different ways used solemnly in the act of opening a beers;
-the porn movies;
-the channels of sport;
-the generous breasts of the boss, bartender girl or neighbour;
-the honest discussions with buddies;

* * *

The “profession” of man has many benefits, but also challenges. Essential is to maintain that balance capable of delivering the satisfaction of being in your own skin.