I like mature women

I like mature women

Age difference between partners was and unfortunately still is a controversial subject. “Unfortunately” because the problems of a couple should normally remain only within the couple... and no one else.

However, “people’s voice only the earth could stop” and thus, there will always be annoying grumblers who, even they are not affected by anything in their obtuse existence (by the phenomenon in question), they will ask irritated, ironically and amazed, how can a man be with a woman who might be his mother in other circumstances? Well, relationships of this kind exist and they even work very well, sometimes much better than those of same-age partners. And, ironically, even without the consent of these professional “critics”!

The causes of young people's attraction for mature women are somewhat more complex, but a first series of briefly described arguments, at the first sight, for an “introductory” answer could be: their desire to leave as soon as possible the uncertain and irrelevant youth period, by a maturity that is not their own but attracts them by refinement, wisdom and personality (a kind of social taxi, with an experienced and sexy driver).

The presence of the “adult” woman in a young man's life is truly fascinating. Firstly because she offers him the opportunity to subliminally relive the good feelings of maternal attention and affection (total and unconditional), but this time coming from a person that he does not hesitate to imagine (with the satisfaction of a male “conqueror”) also desired by other men.

There are, of course, plenty of young “attractions”, but they sometimes seem to offer no reason for interest. The lack of consistency, the uninspired fashion style or the almost infantile behavior, are also good reasons to avoid them. Same annoying are their arrogance and infatuated self-confidence, supported in reality only by a nice physical appearance, generator of sexual temptation, for which, receiving attention, they implicitly consider that they are worthy of a real existential appreciation, especially in connection with values that they probably have not even heard of. Other times, they are labeled as being too “strident”, too vulgar... because by their desire to make themselves quickly noticed in the society that they barely discover with enthusiasm, they are tempted to bizarrely stand out in almost everything they do. Immaturity, instability and dependence (especially the financial one) that they are really excited to practice as an instrument measuring the attention of men, make the latter ones show interest in the more experienced and more balanced Eve's offspring, who always seem to have miraculous solutions to their problems that apparently (for their age) seemed impossible to solve.

“Mature ones” have had several love affairs until that moment and naturally acquired some sexuality “knowledge”. That's what initially attracts the “males”. Knowing relatively well the typologies of men, they know how to approach them, to seduce them, but above all... to satisfy them. Their young partners have so many things to learn from them and there are not “classes” where someone could get bored or which someone does not attend with pleasure. Therefore, like fulfilling the dream of every man, the long-practiced eroticism will definitely say its word, whereby the learner will abandon himself in a sweet languor, exclusively in the hands of his “sex teacher”.

Currently, couples no longer conform to the rules and traditions of the past. That's why, slowly... it seems that the age difference begins not to matter so much, and if there is attraction, understanding and affection, nothing can stop people's desire for closeness, because “in love and in war, there are no rules”.

Mature women are well aware of their qualities. They have had enough time to identify them, to study them and cultivate them, but most of all to learn how to put them into value, fading the flaws inherent to every human being. And men respect that.

The experience gained along the years in the struggle for survival, the way they draw attention through their attitude wherever they make their presence felt and that special charm... are like a life saver exotic island in a sea of ​​ unstable false appearances (specific to young women who have just crossed the threshold of adolescence).

One of the biggest complaints of men when it comes to women, in general, is that they are difficult, undecided and eternally unhappy... with everything. Fortunately, the problems in question disappear at maturity, and those who have reached this stage of evolution know exactly what they want and are able to say things as they are. Complexes belong to the past and they live their lives fully, without dreaming or silly waiting for the sex to be necessarily preceded by some syrupy love story... as in fairy tales (or soap operas).

The best sex is the one with no inhibitions, and the “middle-aged ladies'’ got rid of them a long time ago. By contrast (and to the bitterness of men), young women are insecure, eternally worried about the size of their breasts, body shape and weight, cellulite, stretch marks, hair color, manicure, clothes, places they would like to see or things they would necessarily do, giving the feeling of a candle that “consumes”, burning too fast... selfishly and carelessly, manifested especially towards those who support them. And that is completely unpleasant, because simply nobody likes to be used as a cashier-payer, feeling that he arouses interest only because he manages to satisfy the whims of such a spoiled girl. And the worst is that anyway, sooner or later he will be changed by another one (without any restraint or remorse), either because he desperately gets tired in his efforts to make himself interesting, either because he represents “something” she is bored of.

On the other hand, the young man who managed to conquer a middle-aged woman, has the possibility of experiencing a more emancipated satisfaction. The revelation that a woman who has lived several love affairs, may have been married or courted by several “important” men, has chosen him (and seems to feel good in his company), will make him gain an extraordinary confidence in his own personality and ability to win.

If we were to analyze this situation from the physiological point of view, the man reaches the peak of his sexual life at the end of adolescence, while women reach this point only at the age of 40, which means that the inexperienced lover fits perfectly well with a “stylish woman”.

Mature woman is neither complicated nor simple. But one thing is clear: she has enough qualities that are favorable in relation to a teenager. It seems that she may be likened to wine, because age makes her more valuable. Last but not least, it is extremely comforting that a partner of this type has enough knowledge to offer advice, solutions, ideas, and finally, when dining in an elegant restaurant, to know how to order the best wine and to also have the money to pay for it.

So... if you love such a woman, be happy, enjoy your story and do not worry about those who blame you. They are far from understanding or feeling at least some of the joys and eccentric pleasures that you experience!

Good luck!