Sex between lesbians

Sex between lesbians

Most of the lesbians are pissed off by some preconceived ideas that heterosexuals gain from viewing pornographic movies or distorted interpretations of social “folklore”. That is why some clearer answers are required for a series of questions that the “other camp” or the women interested could pose in this respect:

1.-What do lesbians more precisely do when they are in intimacy? The way lesbians interact erotically is as varied as in the case of heterosexual couples. It may even be that the type of sex the girls practice between them to be much more satisfactory, because there is no question of whether “something” will be strong enough or how long it will thus last. Lesbians can also experience several orgasms, so that, nobody gets bored. It is possible to have oral, anal, penetrating sex and everything else each one’s fantasy can imagine. And at this point, the “fair sex” seems to be extraordinarily good.

2.-Is one of the girls always “the man”? Such a question shows how deeply rooted the gender roles are in contemporary society. Sometimes women may be “manlier” of their own kind or like to have control, but this does not necessarily happen. In the end, everything is reduced to personal preferences. But even when there is a more masculine part, in the bedroom one is not always above and the other underneath. Roles are changing many times and that's what makes the flavor of lesbianism.

3.-Do women instinctively know what to do to satisfy their partner? No! Just like with heterosexual couples, including lesbians, it takes them some time to figure out what works and what does not.

4.-Are there always used belts equipped with vibrators? Belts with vibrators are not needed to get pleasure, and they are used more on special occasions. Some couples of lesbians regularly include this type of accessory during sex parties, others do not. There are times when a more aggressive connection is desired, and then such a belt is needed, especially if penetration is aimed at.

5.-If they like women, why do lesbians sometimes make love with a partner who looks like a man and do not simply choose... a man? Because men are men not only physically, and lesbians, besides being attracted to the features and forms of women, love their way of being, of thinking, of reacting in intimacy. Of course, men do not have breasts either, and their flat chest seems absolutely annoying (however profoundly he would have “worked” at the gym), not to mention the difficulties encountered in what concerns the emotional level. With boys, there is no “chemistry”. On the other hand, those who have same-sex relationships, but with masculine traits, somehow have the feeling that they break the rules a little, which makes everything more exciting.

6.-If a woman kisses another woman for the first time and she likes it, does she have a propensity for lesbianism? Not necessarily. Today's culture attaches far too much importance to this type of “strict” labeling. However, 80% of heterosexual women have fantasies whereby they make love with another woman.

7.-Can heterosexuals have a one-night adventure with another woman just to experience this type of sex? It is advisable that those who want to satisfy such a fantasy or just curiosity, to count on sincerity. Although no one likes to be the subject of an “attempt”, many lesbians do not attach importance/pay attention to the sexual identity of their partners.