S.O.S., my boyfriend wants to have sex with another women!

S.O.S., my boyfriend wants to have sex with another women!

Some women would rather see their man get hit by a car than wandering in other beddings. Others consider indulgence towards masculine escapades as a necessary evil and accept to please their “stallion” to keep him.

For a third category (it’s true, a minority), this horror scene with the love of their lives “pumping” intensely to the satisfaction of some ladies represent an undisguised delight. No, it is not a minority under psychiatric treatment, it’s about a “species” of ladies allowing their partners to look beyond the fence and even jump over it.

Official relationships, materialized or not in marriage “till death do us part”, are considered the end of sexual variety, as they come together with physical loyalty, “traditionally” imposed. But the aforementioned minority considers this concept a big scam, generating frustration and lies, so they eliminate it right from the start, feeling that they remove an incurable plague.

Even though the owners of ovaries are often pictured as mega jealous and possessive beings, who permanently suspect their lover is having intimate relationships with the secretary or by himself... in the bathroom, there are also some permissive specimens, aware that devotion transcends monogamy and it is primary determined by a deep emotional bound, not by a metaphorical chain anchored to the bedside. True incurable sensitive ladies! And they are just a few, because society is based on much stricter rules and just a few of them are anxious to become fans of such unpopular existential philosophies.

The most challenging issues for the ladies interested in temporarily “ceding” their soul mate are usually the following:


How will I react when I’ll see my man in another woman’s arms (read “between the legs”)?

Many of the daring ladies fear that visual impact will be much more intense than the simple thought of sharing their lover with other people. Fair judgement. There are insurmountable differences between theory and practice. However, those who are not horrified by this perspective will not be horrified by the actual fact either. Clearly, they won’t feel the need to suddenly open a bottle of champagne drinking to polygamy, but they also will not want to turn back time in order to undo the “error”. Any beginning has its difficulties which can be treated (like everything else) with optimism and patience.


What if I’ll stop looking good and beautiful enough to him?

The fear of being compared is deeply written in the descendants of Eve’s DNA. While confident ladies hate competition accompanied by the risk of losing reputation, the unconfident ones live permanently in fear (almost morbid) of being overtaken, not only when they allow their knight to penetrate another woman. Their fear is partially justified, as men are anyway juggling with various lists and rankings, always wanting more and better. In fact, they don’t quite need a naked model in their front to notice that their sweetheart has gained some extra kilos on her hips. So, the dangers are overstated.


How is our relationship going to change?

The unpredictability of the “afterwards” feelings is a matter that has to be taken into account. Women change their minds easily. Even so, the risk of a revelation as “I made the biggest mistake of my life” is lower when the decision to “donate” the male isn’t taken hastily, amid emotional blackmail, after alcohol consumption, for fear, boredom or based on any other unfortunate motivations. If the anticipation of the consequences comes as a result of lucid and rational decisions, the possible post crazy sex dramas are easier to manage.

* * *

For the “vanguard” couples, determined to transform their intimacy into a celebration with some guests, the benefits will soon appear. Allowing the partner to explore his fantasies end accompany him (passively or actively) in this original attempt, contributes to the health and longevity of the relationship. Some studies say that this lifestyle (called “swing”) diminishes divorce rate by 35% (in the USA). And, without having a statue build or entering the Guinness Book under “wonders of the modern world”, it looks like relational permissiveness has the power to set things right, especially where routine, automatisms and monotony drive to boredom and implicitly to infidelity (uncontrolled).

The good side is that both have the opportunity to explore various alternatives with other couples or single people, who are themselves looking for some strong feelings.

Conclusion: loving your partner means letting him/her free, knowing that “illegitimate” love doesn’t lead to the collapse of the hole, but to its evolution.