Men to avoid

Men to avoid

As it is difficult for women to find those compatible males, endowed by nature with all the essential skills of a desirable partner, the more complicated it is to avoid those men who, from any angle they would be analyzed, they cannot be assimilated as a suitable material for a long-term relationship.

Because they watch at every step, waiting for the right moment to come out of obscurity to make the first “bold” move, it is good for ladies to know a minimum of information about their “brand” personality, about what and how they like it or, on the contrary, about the worst fears that make them not living in peace. It is the most effective method of keeping those unwanted at the proper distance, provided by the common sense and the need for personal space, immune to “parasites”.  

So do not worry, young ladies and ladies, even if they are not few, nor discrete or harmless, they can easily be spotted out and approached with the treatment of an unlimited indifference!

The Sexually Obsessed Man.


-How he sees himself: In the chapter “self-image”, the Lord (let’s call him so) S.O., calls himself fully satisfied. His personality is self-defined exclusively by superlatives, and the grade that he grants himself for charisma, appearance and skills (whatever they may be) is... which other than the maximum (if it might be more, he would give it himself loosely!).

He gets moved until tears when the mirror in his personal bathroom portrays him at every check, the most attractive male specimen alive. However, perhaps his mirror suffers from a quasi-syndrome of modesty, because he suspects himself to be much more than attractive, downright irresistible, expert in women and a perfect practitioner in the art of love, like no other in the world.

He is quite right to believe so. His methods and charm are already confirmed by the dozens, even hundreds of conquests he invokes conscientiously in men’s neighborhood meetings.

He is, undoubtedly, a proven super talent. He wonders just how he did not yet become a TV star.

-How he really is: Lacking substrate and education, Mr. S.O. carries, in reality, his existence in an ocean of ​​mediocrity, but without holding the necessary resources of reconciliation with himself.

Practicing a pathetic style (sometimes vulgar) of approaching women, he lives under the impression that expressions such as “Are you an angel fallen from heaven?” record a wildly success among them. He is, therefore, totally unable to grasp that the only specimens that have fallen into his “net” are as obscure as him or even worse...

He always overestimate his performance in the bedroom and believes that he does not need any change of the “working program”, which is why he always calls the same apathetic love and repetitive routine. Which does not stop him, however, from ceaselessly treat his pal in his pants with short but frequent praises (just like his related performance).

-Favorite Activities: Since he embraces with all the seriousness his Casanova destiny which is not at all easy, the activity that is not absent at any costs from Mr. S.O.’s daily agenda is, of course, hunting for single women (or not necessarily alone, but necessarily available). Activity that is preferable to also end with some action. But there is no problem, even when failure strikes him cruelly, He has, the experienced one, enough sex stories to save his honor in front of his friends.

-The ideal woman: Not picky in this regard, on the contrary, very indulgent and concessionable, Mr. S.O. has a single selection criterion of “victims”... He wants amateurs of high thrills, to always welcome him with open arms and prepared bed. But not necessarily in that order.

*   *   *

The Arrogant Man.


-How he sees himself: If he would be asked to name the only person he considers to be without flaws, he would certainly make a big step forward and would confidently say his name. Because he is truly the embodiment of perfection, the primordial affinity of women.

More than satisfied with his personal and professional ascension, he feels in every moment the gratitude that he does not resemble the characters crowned with awkwardness around him. So he personally thanks himself every night, even fanatically, for the well-deserved success which he alone gained.

He also pride himself with a particular reputation among women, whose hearts he knows as the palm of his hand. He knows how to speak their language, without subtitles or interpreters and goes directly to the point when he wants something. He is not cheap when offering gifts and small attentions, as an undisputed sign of his disinterested appreciation.

Since others around are always blind to his behavior of a perfect gentleman, he alone would award himself the Nobel Prize for impeccable behavior with ladies. Too bad he does not know how to sneak on the short list of the nominees!  

-How he really is: Self-sufficient and selfish, Mister Arrogant relies on his financial ability, considering himself valuable, omnipotent and indestructible, like the wallet that he owns.  

Loyal follower of the principle according to which the right price can buy anything, including the female admiration, he often flatters his female pretenders with expensive gifts and exotic excursions, with the purely altruistic goal to be fairly rewarded.

Although he makes inappropriate proposals, he pretends to receive favorable responses, being encouraged by his bank account whose value he confuses with his personal one. He hides his mediocrity behind endless zeros and deplores stubbornness of the girls who refuse to associate with him, despite the material advantages they would gain so.  

He split the women under two categories, labeling them as hypocritical (looking for men with money, but posing in “holy virgins”, refusing to reveal their interests), or loose moral ones (looking for men with money, being willing to sacrifice their dignity for this purpose, but without beating around the bush).

-Favorite Activities: In addition to counting money in front of the mirror, as a therapeutic method to self-motivate and increase self-esteem, Mr. Arrogant loves the first date he has with a potential partner, that meeting where things start from scratch. It's the perfect opportunity to perform in all his splendor and to concatenate, under full light of spotlight (to be read “under the vexed sight of the woman”), the multitude of qualities that supposedly she would contemplate more something like a unique exhibition of… fakes.

-The Ideal woman: Despite appearances, Mr. Arrogant does not want too much from women, but would not allow his arm (or bed) to someone who does not deserve it fully. The only one he considers worthy of him, is the woman able to worship him as a rare treasure.

*   *   *

The Collector of Memories.


-How he sees himself: He is an idealist who always dreams with open eyes. But he also enjoy the real life experiences, which he wants to preserve them as much as possible.

Deeply saddened by the passing of time, he regrets that he cannot taste, with the same hunger and thirst, the life which escapes through his fingers. He would give anything to know himself immortal, to give himself endlessly to those around him, especially to ladies to whom he developed a genuine cult.  

He likes to conquer, but also to be conquered, raising the enticing game of seduction to the rang of art.

In his searches, he cannot limit himself to one woman, because perfection can only be recomposed from many puzzle pieces, never found fully in a single place.  

He likes, however, the new beginnings and the sense of the unknown came with them. And never gets tired to seize the pleasant moments and conditions into precious memories for the future.

-How he really is: He cannot prove stability in a relationship because he is looking for a nonexistent female profile, invested with absolute value (only in his imagination). Which is why he is satisfied with fragments of imperfect partners, but real, to whom he quickly consumes his interest, waiting for a new challenge.

Loving the game more than its finality, he is not at all frustrated with his love expectations never fully met, as he transforms his claims into excuses to run from a partner to another.  

He keeps careful records of his previous experiences, each ex “soul mate” having its special place in the store of his memories being in continuous expansion. He does not avoid sharing with others his romantic paths, with all its rigorous spicy, thoroughly detailed.

He gets involves body and soul in the early stage of the relationship, for then to slide into the extreme indifference of “farewell” thoughts. But the end does not bother him as long as the beginning has real potential to turn into a memory he will remember fondly.

-Favorite Activities:  As a conqueror expert, Mister Collector sees himself doing anything but his favorite hobby, namely the completion of his soulful album with new characters eager for adventure. This means search, exploration, conviction, immortalization, and then the inevitable breakup.

-The ideal woman: As the perfect partner is not defined in the singular, but only in plural, in this category there is any available female specimen (past her coming of age), which differs from his former “loves” through unique issues and features. For his collection does not need duplicates in any way.

*   *   *

The Precious Man.


-How he sees himself:  Underestimated by acquaintances and friends, the Precious faces the thankless situation of having to prove his personal value to others. He knows he deserves more than what he is offered and he is not afraid to proclaim aloud his rights and claims.  

Good friend with himself, he appreciates all his qualities, but also his flaws, falsely so called, because even his inadequacies are far more tolerable than others’ ones.  

He takes time to take care of his outside look, even if his native charm does not necessarily need large artificial adjustments.

He calls lucky any girl on whom he focuses his attention, since his heart is not for everyone, but only for the one able to weigh himself with the right amount of respect and absolute appreciation.  

He does not like women eager to take the center of the stage, nor the young ladies in love with themselves, because in the hierarchy of the couple, he aims the throne, not the back seat. No wonder he was instructed by his dear parents that narcissism is a rule of life that one must not “abdicate” from!

-How he really is:  Victim with or without will of a harmless complex of superiority, Mister Precious is imagined to be above the others, despite the absence of clear evidence in this regard.

 Even if, in his own vision, the numerous awards acquired within elementary school, along with the diploma from his parents for “the best and most beautiful boy”, received at the venerable age of 10 years, are eloquent testimony that support his priority claims (also in adulthood), those around him would certainly have something to argue.  

Between him and the rest of the world there is always a huge gap created by the contrast between positive words describing himself and negative terms assigned to the others. If for the personal address he has only words of praise, told with the proper solemnity, regarding the others he pronounces himself critically and firmly, mainly because of his refusal to see them through the colors of the same bright aura.

In the relationships with women, he is an egocentric and demanding partner, requiring his partner, besides the traditional feelings of respect and affection, the additional trend (non-optional) of worshiping him. Does not accept half measures, thus targeting her inalienable, undeniable and irreversible devotion.

-Favorite Activities: Respecting, equally, both the inside and outside, Mister Precious is usually dependent of beauty foibles as tucking, waxing, oiling, stylizing and others, to whom he liberally grants a large part of his free time. He is truly in love with the image in the mirror, in quantities that would worry any care specialist.

-The ideal woman: When it comes to women, the Precious does not ever lower his standards to resign even for a little. He wants all or nothing. And in his personal conception, “everything” describes that woman who has the eyes to see him as the special creature he is and to treat him as such.

*   *   *

The Rocker Profile.


-How he sees himself: Born in the wrong time and place, the Rocker is perceived as a sample who does not have many things in common with the immediate reality. He is displeased with ignorance, injustice and the conformism of the crowd, living with the feeling that he is exempt from the danger of the flatness, hanging above the others around him.  

He seeks for refuge in music or other artistic acts treated bipolar (combining wisdom with madness), and the roles of everyday citizen, employee or tenant are simple conventions assumed formally. He is primarily a free individual, a pure essence, opposing to the harmful social manipulation.

Love is also free, according to the Mister Rocker, saved from the common boundaries common people establish. He is responsive to that kind of women that stand out because of their nonconformist appearance, but also thanks to an atypical philosophy of life.

Sometimes wise, sometimes a tireless seeker of new experiences, the Rocker oscillates between the spiritual perspective of love (the idea of ​​absolute love, for which it worth dying) and her carnal, physical, pleasure bringing side.

-How he really is: Immature and unable to adapt to the world in which he lives, Mister Rocker rejects any compromise with the excuse that he wants to keep his inside uncorrupted. He refuse to give up his long hair or to dress his suit, being convinced that he will have a better fate than his fellows turned into robots with feelings, true replicas of the same prototype.

His stubbornness of not adjusting his own style according to each life situation (that he sees as an abdication of the spirit in front of the social pressure), turns him into a rigid man, stuck in his own fixed ideas, which makes him guilty, after all, of the same cardinal sin of conformism which he imputes also to the others. Excepting that he is not subordinated to social norms, but to the group pressure, because the models he worship belong exclusively to a particular subculture.

He has no awareness of his inadequacy in some contexts or circumstances, considering that proving defiance fits also in adulthood, not only in the turbulent times of adolescence.

He does not embrace pathos in love relationships, preferring to keep his guard up. He hides his vulnerability fear behind a baleful look, gloomy clothes and apparent toughness. He is successful to women attracted to males susceptible to rebels without a cause. Sometimes they get bored quickly of them, distancing them without warning, sometimes they turn them into objects of an uncontrolled obsession.

-Favorite Activities: He is found mainly in individual and collective actions designed to confirm his tough guy and misunderstood image, such as competition with bikes, wild outdoor concerts or attends various bars with minors ban. He detests, however, going to church, shopping sessions with girlfriend, sister or cousin and would not speak polite when someone bothers him.

-The ideal woman: He is forever in search of the woman ready to test his limits, with whom to feel challenged and stimulated permanently. He runs instead of partners who pretend him (rightly) a forced maturation and alignment to general rules, without accepting his soul extravagances unjustly blamed by the “others”.

*   *   *

The Pessimist Man.


-How he sees himself: More cautious than a man in old age who checks twice before crossing the street, the Pessimist has a sharp sense of danger. While others expect their future letting the grass growing under their feet, he works with a carefully cultivated wisdom, anticipating everything that could go wrong and concerning not only for tomorrow’s day, but for the next weeks, months and years.

From his point of view, life with him is a true blessing, because being ready in time for the possible problems to encounter, it spares you from further unpleasantness.

Therefore, he takes care to share all his worries, troubles and troublesome forecasts with his partner, following strictly the provisions of the “for better or worse” principle.

-How he really is: He is frightened even by his own shadow, as Mister Pessimistic “smells” the destructive potential in everything and everyone. When he does his accounts and draws the line, bad things always appear more numerous than the positive ones and disadvantages make their presence felt much faster than any enticing advantage.  

He always loads his partner with his scenarios designed in black, bringing the relationship to a free area of emotional distress. He fear of failure, darkness, disaster, unemployment, diseases and accidents, foreseeing how life hardships eagerly lurk the door.  

He sees even the future of his relationship in the darkest shades, putting every little conflict on the route of later failure. He contaminates himself with toxic negativity that will lead, ultimately, to the inevitable prophecy of love relationship breakup.

-Favorite Activity: Given the combatant spirit hiding inside him, Mister Pessimistic likes the best to imagine strategies, to put in place contingency plans and to find solutions to future miseries, imperceptible to others, but imminent for him (and for his personal agenda, where they are bolded with red in time to the “what if...” section).

-The ideal woman: Since it is more pleasant to panic in two, than in one, the Pessimist needs someone like him, to act together with him in unfavorable situations even before they happen. Optimists do not favor him at all, ruining that delicate balance that he reconciles with so well.

*   *   *

The Bad Boy.


-How he sees himself: When dealing with the others he is going on the premise “eye for eye, tooth for tooth”, he charges without regret the mistakes of others, declaring himself a huge fan of justice that everyone should do it alone.  

He does not consider himself as being rude, but directly, not sees himself impulsive, but acting promptly. If he punches the table, he does not do it by pleasure, but because the circumstances require it, and if he turns his back away from anyone, it means that he/she deserves it.  

Neither in the couple relationship the Bad Boy does not tolerate compromises or negotiations.

He has no sympathy for human weakness, which is why he does not wear gloves with his spouse; does not explain a thing twice, does not conceive to be led by a woman, directed or even advised. He is a man and he expect to be treated as such.

-How he really is: With an old number of complex and inner frustrations, the Bad Boy always feels the need to prove his manhood and self-confidence. For him to be vulnerable is to be weak and dependent, so he never drops his toughness mask that he carries on with superiority.  

He does not like to be taken by surprise, always playing in defense, including in love life, in which the roles are well defined: he, the man, in control and power, and she, the woman may possibly be content with domination over the kitchen, for in rest it comes to him the born status of subordination. 

He does not waste his time with candy declaration of love or endless preludes... he is a man of action and when he wants, he asks. And when he asks, he must receive, otherwise he takes it alone from whenever he can take.

He runs away from papers, formalities and constraints, which is why he hates the idea, so restrictive, of formalizing a relationship. He does not understand at all the use of diplomacy in a relationship, and probably nor the claims of his girlfriend, who asks him to be less macho and more man. Difference of interpretation, however, because for him to be a man is the supreme virtue before which all women must kneel.

-Favorite Activity: Being so eager to show his muscles (unfortunately not the intellectual ones), the Bad Boy sometimes engages in less orthodox activities, reaching a relationship, not just by consensus and mutual appreciation, with law enforcement. He knows, however, not to exaggerate with manhood, remaining at the level of small assaults, of disruption of public peace or violation of private property.

-The ideal woman: His macho pride determines him, every time, to opt for women who long to be loved hard and conditioned, according to the model “first seduced and then led”. The supreme ideal embodies, though, that rare specimen with low self-esteem, without great prospects for the future, who dreams herself breathing in the service of a real man.

*   *   *

The Jealous Man.


-How he sees himself: He loves more than he is loved and suffers from these reasons. For him, love is absolute, which is why he manifests strictly in the relationship with his partner. He wants to know her distant to men around her, outside of a conduct that leaves room for interpretation or advances from the bold ones.

The absolutely harmless questions, with which he welcomes his girlfriend barely returned from work (“Who did you meet today? Why did you take so much time on the road? Why are so arranged?” etc.) are not at all signs of his mistrust and doubts, but only indisputable evidence of a “not at all” stifling condition. And the fears he expresses (even in the night he dreams himself cuckold) is also a consequence of this disease.

However, from his point of view, everyone should wish for such an amorous treatment, because in the absence of many sparks of male jealousy, how could she know that she is truly loved?

-How he really is: Pursued by the obsession of partner infidelity, the jealous man interprets any of her small gesture in favor of his “compelling” suspicions.

If she, according to the good feminine tradition, is taking care of herself more than necessary, he charges her that she wants to be beautiful for someone else. If according to the good corporate tradition she stays after work schedule, he blames she is messing with her boss. If according to the good tradition of the state of the moment, she is in no disposition to leave the house this weekend, it means that she wants to avoid her lover.

Mister Jealous calls at the end of each day the detailed agenda of her partner’s activities, in order to face her with her verbal statements, showing zeal and acumen worse than a prosecutor. It is generally dissatisfied with her responses (which sometimes he does not even listen, being focused on his final plea) pretending new explanations, justifications and firsthand accounts. He manages to shake, with his distrustful attitude and dignity, also the infinite patience of the woman. Situation in which the breakup of the relationship is just a matter of time.

-Favorite Activity: He has no specialist training, but he strives to achieve performances. He does not organize in a professional manner, but seeks to achieve results. He works on his own, sometimes using the support of close friends. He holds supporting tools he uses in need: microphone, voice recorder, binoculars, camera. He does not provide paparazzi work, although it would seem so, but only the natural, not at all bizarre, secret tracking of his adulterous partner.

-The ideal woman: The only requirement that he has from a woman is the skill to see just himself.

In fact, Mister Jealous would probably be more than happy if he could unite his destiny with a blind partner. Literally. Even if it meant that it would deprive his lover from the beautiful view of her face. He would be willing to this sacrifice, just to know that she does not have eyes for other men.

*   *  *

The Possessive Man.


-How he sees himself: He has a duty to defend what belongs to him. It feels totally responsible for the fate of his partner, so that he assumes, with his own power, the role of her protector and guardian. 

He is led by strong feelings of love, which is why he allows himself to trace to the woman beside him fixed boundaries that she should not exceed, in order not to be exposed to the unwanted influence from outside.

He becomes sensitive when some intruders involve in his couple relationship, feeling entitled to fight back to restore normality like “you are mine alone”.

He wishes to be consulted when his partner is facing a decision, regardless of its importance, and he expects to be told in detail each event of the day, to make sure that everything was according to properly “rules”.

He is aware of the accusations of the others, which state that he proves a spirit too much possessive, but he is not bothered by all this criticism of these malevolent souls. He is aware of his rights and obligations as a man and he performs them as such. And keeping an eye on “his woman” is not a right which invests him with full authority, but an obligation that gives him responsibility. Even if it means sometimes the “strict” monitoring of the freedom of his soul mate.

-How he really is: With a slightly dictatorial behavior, Mister Possessive has no peace when his life partner is outside his sphere of influence, not getting along at all with her desire for independence and autonomy.

He considers her his half, but not a “half” that completes him harmoniously, but a “half” he owns as a sole owner of awareness of good and evil in the relationship.

Only he has the ability to sense dangers, to establish the best plans, to take optimal decisions and issue final verdicts. He does not need a clothing expert to determine the length of her skirts in her wardrobe or a PhD in psychology to sort her friends by the book, pronouncing himself definitively in favor or against them.

He claims to his partner all her time and full attention, expecting that any of her efforts, initiatives and purposes to revolve around his person. He is unable to be aware of the absurdity of his claims, despite the frustrations and conflicts involuntarily placed once in relation with the intrusive style to which he is dedicated with zeal and passion.

-Favorite Activity: As a good owner that he is, the Possessive is pleased to organize his personal list of “what to do” around the so-called romantic activities such as ringing his partner hourly (when happy), periodically checking her SMS and mails (in the unfortunate cases of women lured not to classify their related accounts), planning for the future together, without consulting his girlfriend, inappropriately visiting her when she is at work or in visit to relatives outside the town. And to this, there may be added, of course, many other occupations absolutely “normal” in a balanced couple.

-The ideal woman: The Possessive avoids female pretenders fallen into feminist doctrine, rejecting himself the ideas of couple equality and freedom. He prefers instead the old-fashioned young ladies, eager to give up their individuality to voluntarily offer themselves to the man willing to lead them with an iron fist.

*   *   *

The Curious Man.


-How he sees himself: Thirsty with the ongoing exploration of reality, the Curious defines himself as a person interested in everything that happens around him. From his point of view, the reasons for his own curiosity are not relevant, but the desire to know himself connected to any change in outdoor places, places him somewhat above the ignorant who do not even access newspapers, television or the Internet for information to date.

Even in the couple relationship, he considers, the personal tendency to investigate and raise signs of questions (of all kinds) can only be an advantage, came to support a higher dose of openness and transparency between the two. Often he does not understand the cause for which some ladies lock the door in his face, more than to an annoying advertising agent, when trying to outline conscientiously his emotional biography, medical history and family genealogy. For him, it is vital to make questions and to be answered is twice more satisfying.

-How he really is:  Irritating through the way he infiltrates his boots in the life of his interlocutors, the endeavors of Mister Curious know no bounds when it comes for long interrogations and excavations directed towards one or the other.

He avidly searches everything and everyone, his eyes not only to the news broadcasted on his favorite channel, but also on his block neighbors, work colleagues or acquaintances from the inner or larger circle of friends. He blames himself if he is not the first to find the newest rumor in the neighborhood and does not forgive himself when news escape through his fingers. It is driven by the inner need to comment, to question, to approve, to criticize, to enjoy, to distort any information on subjective or objective reality around.

He seems to face an inner hollow of huge size that he has to deal with anything he finds at hand.

In the couple he manifests the same unbridled thirst for more seasoned details, assaulting his partner with questions from different areas of knowledge (horoscopes, work, friends, health and money) even during the moments of romantic intimacy. It has an extra sense for detecting sources of “inspiration”, but it lacks the flair needed instead.

-Favorite Activity:  Truly passionate about the “art” of knowledge, the Curious often complains that the 24-hour the day is conventionally endowed are not enough for him to exercise his main hobby: investigating any event or individual entering his so generous and roomy visual area.

-The ideal woman:  Although any woman would surely arouse his interest (or, rather his curiosity), the cautious spirit of Mister Curious determines him with predilection to move his attention on the candidates with a rich social and professional life, thus ensuring that he will have enough teaching material to study during the relationship.

*   *   *

The Aggressive Man.


How he sees himself:  His vocabulary does not know the term “coward” or “chicken”, which is why he reacts appropriately when provoked (and to react appropriately means, in his view, the appeal to invectives, punches and broken bottles or friends from the neighborhood with dubious background). Not willing to be trampled on, and to excuse the other when makes mistakes is by no means an alternative worthy of him. He speaks straight, when and how he wants, always ready to give proper explanations to those who ask. In appropriate words, gestures or actions, for it treats each case individually.

Also in the couple relationship he protects his dignity as a man, without getting embarrassed when in need to raise his voices, to bully or apply any other treatment necessary to the woman who forgets where her place is, proudly exceeding her duties as partner who is due respect and obedience.

-How he really is:  Either because he cannot or does not want to restrain his impulsive urges, Mister Aggressive enjoys a disagreeable reputation among women. Feeling constantly the need to validate his manhood, he roughly manifests in the relationship with them and is not intended in any way to treat them leniently if (he is seemed that) they get wrong.

He forgets about manners when things do not go according to his sole discretion, being ready for true shows of force if he detects irregularities in the intentions or actions of others towards him. Foreign from a diplomat or amicable approach to resolve conflict, he always rushes words and fists before, fighting for purposes and purely imaginary causes. Because yelling to the shop seller in the store for tangling products or molesting the bank official fast as a snail does not serve to any great purpose, however he would try to give a dramatic connotation to the situation.

Most likely the remnants of a warrior in a previous life is why the Aggressive always transforms himself into an offensive, insensitive and violent individual. Or so he reckons, finding excuses for such a behavior worthy of a large and urgent therapeutic intervention.

-Favorite Activity:  He gladly carries out any type of activity, as long as it allows to exploit his vocal cords, muscles, reaction speed and strength!

-The ideal woman:  Usually he test his compatibility with those frail, weak and helpless ladies, in relation with whom he can easily confirm his masculinity and the status of the dominant partner.

What exceeds this category presents unwanted risk to threaten his very manhood.

*   *   *

The Liar Man.


-How he sees himself:  The man with the manners of “Pinocchio” and discreet allure of saint does not blame himself when he reserves the right to reconstruct reality as his heart is pleased. On the contrary, he sees pressured to resort to some tricks and trivial flourishing, the adverse circumstances being of course those that push him to do so.

Good intentions always seem to be on his side, what does not help him though is the context, because every time, there appear other and other circumstances that downrightly make impossible for him the conscientious expression of truth.

How could he, for example, recognize at work that he is the one who forgot to handle a super important task, given that fact that it is know how demanding and vindictive is the new boss? Or how would he agree to recognize in front of the loving one that he flirted with the new coworker, being aware of the dressing that he will later get as punishment?

He is not exempt from compunctions lacking vigor when he presents to her partner his classic text as an argument to a mistake or another. He prefers, however, to omit the truth than to endure the consequences of the uninspired maneuvers he executed, which would cost him not only a terrible series of nagging, but also the duty of thorough explanations accompanied by apologies.

-How he really is:  Running from the responsibility for his own actions, Mister Liar graciously avoids when it comes to assume their imminent consequences. The variant of the untruth looks always more tempting to him, crowned with fine ornaments of saving the appearances.

Good psychologist of human nature, he always knows when, how and on what to bet. He never places a figment before prospecting the ground for its validity. He professionally handles the power of a lie, taking care not to overly guts. He knows, therefore, when to put an end and when to dare more.

He uses this native, but also practiced skill, including in the couple relationship, most often to avoid awkward or embarrassing situations. Sometimes he puts his talent to work just to impress or to build an ideal identity.

He does not worry that his bad habits, not at all desirable, are attacking one of the basic principles for the proper relational functioning, namely honesty, judging everything in terms of infantile punishment and reward.

-Favorite Activity: With an almost pathological inclination to “beautify” the reality, the above-mentioned is crazy for those situations in which they can explore at leisure the creative and acting talent, recreating, in a series of real imperfect circumstances, with an imaginary scenario, but lacking any blemish.

-The ideal woman:  He has a weakness for simple women, gullible, easily impressed, devoid of critical thinking and intellectual clarity, to whom he promises the moon in the sky, without them even catching the figurative substratum of the promise.

*   *   *

The Mother’s Baby.


-How he sees himself:  Indestructibly depending on his mother, he delays as possible “the flight from the nest” enjoying the privileges of a relationship in which he is found exclusively in the warm center of attention.  

He does not perceive himself as being immature, but much attached to the maternal figure. He does not consider himself less of a man, but only needing the constant presence the one who gave him birth. He always puts price on her advice and opinion, without which he cannot do a single step forward, because only her, the mother, has the intuition and necessary filter for fair elections (even when it comes to a possible romantic relationship).

He feels safe at the shelter of maternal judgment and is willing to give up a pretendent if it fails the decisively test, not falling into the pattern of the ideal woman, designed, after extensive researches and counsels, by the mother for her beloved treasure.

The relationship between the two is marked by a total dependence, which seems not to bother him, for pampering also in adulthood has its benefits and use implicitly! 

-How he really is:  Fade, obedient and with no autonomy personality, Mom’s Boy crosses a partial maturation without ever fully emerging from the maternal authority.  

He does not trust his own judgments and choices and always uses motherly wisdom, the only one able to open his eyes and go in the right direction. He indulges in an emotional dependency that keeps him on the spot, hanging indefinitely on the skirt of his omniscient mother.

The situation is triggered and maintained, of course, by the will of the omnipotent mother who seeks to periodically confirm the status of being the most important and influential in her son's life. The age in his identity card, long ago passed by the majority, does not hinder her to daily investigate if he dressed appropriately to the season or if he took vitamins or dinner. Nor to oppose all his amorous preferences urging him always to look for something “better” and “more worthy” for him. Whatever his choice, however, she is still shown unhappy, being convinced that a future daughter in law is nothing more than a dangerous intruder that will compete to maintain the top place in the heart of her son.

-Favorite Activity: Without being really passionate about one thing or another, Mother’s Boy is involved exclusively in activities for which he previously received her vote. He embrace every dream that mommy has for him and this is why, including the chosen profession reflects her influence on him.

-The ideal woman:  For such men, the ideal partner is the one objectively admitted by maternal lens, objective (almost) impossible, for no woman will ever be good enough, beautiful, hardworking, cooperative and especially sufficiently willing to recognize the primacy of the “mother in-law” in the life of her partner (and by association... also in her life), embracing her with a sincere greeting and a passionate kiss of hands.

*   *   *

The Rich Man.


-How he sees himself:  Worth to be admired and so spectacular that all adjectives in the world are insufficient and too less expressive to describe his incomparable greatness, so the Rich Man imagines.  

With a perfect resume, by far the most successful character in his class, he enjoys a high quoted status in society, from the height of which he can afford anything. He does not know failure and he is not accustomed to lose in front of anyone. Competition stimulates him and causes him to want more.

From an economic perspective, he is guided by the permanent insufficiency principle, embracing the belief that you can never have too much.

He does not hesitate to use his financial power as a tool in the relationship with ladies that he is courting, being convinced that his personal income with many zeros may offer the best recommendation in front of them. He hates to be denied, building contingency plans based, of course, also on his wallet.

-How he really is: Unofferor in terms of human quality, not at all interesting as a personality and with preoccupations much too concretely organized around monthly earnings, Mister Rich does not even realize the superficial note that he treats his life.

For him, to be, means to have. And to have he is willing to make every effort and to perform any sacrifice, no matter the costs and implications.

As a partner, is fatuous and superior, as the value of real estates properties gives himself a safety that compensates the lack of personal value. It is, therefore, bold when he approaches women smiling confidently and charmingly winkling.

He thinks that “love” is directly proportional to the number of gifts offered to the partner, so he is not retained to “spend” his love like this, without worrying about the manifestation of other romantic gestures of affection.

He adjusts also the quarrels with expensive gifts, being beneath his dignity to say “forgive me” or “I was wrong”. Having a personal “ego” so exacerbated because of the money, Mister Rich, is not striving anymore to be good on other plans, which is why he is dry and predictable including in the “bedroom”.  

-Favorite Activity: Because time is money, the Rich Man does not afford to lose important opportunities to increase revenue, so he invests as many hours of the day and night in any kind of activity proper for the growth of his business plans.

-The ideal woman: He dreams himself at the arm of a (or some) woman happy to occupy a secondary place in his life, prompt to his needs of sexual gratification and preferably, freshly past the age of majority, with potential of a model, singer or actress.

*   *   *

The Obsessed with Cleaning.


-How he sees himself: Permanent target of villain bacteria and microorganisms all around, the Obsessed with Cleaning has the almost sacred mission to keep his living environment sterile and intact. And for this purpose he is not embarrassed by any female activity par excellence: he cleans, he uses the vacuum cleaner, he wipes, sweeps, washes, disinfects, cleans again. All cleaning and maintenance skills of his home got permanently in his blood, making it become his second nature.

He is perfectionist in this respect, giving hard housekeeping lessons to his slightly lax partner compared to him. He does not understand why she gets upset when she is admonished because she entered with her shoes in the living room, because she forgot to wash her hands after returning from the city or because she puts the dishes wiping towel in the kitchen in the place of the hands wiping towel (from the same kitchen).

-How he really is: Suspected to have an obsessive-compulsive disorder manifested within the area of housekeeping organization and cleanliness, this type of man transfers his fixation and tendency of control in the household also to the other areas of his life. He is generally rigid, unhappy and critical, not only concerning the dirty coffee cup on the desk, but also related to the five minutes late of the taxi, the food fire burning or overtime required on the last minute by the too authoritarian boss.

He is troubled not only by the impertinent dust gathered ad hoc on his laptop, but also by the unpredictable collapse of his plans, the spontaneity of her partner and by the rain unannounced by weather.

He applies the same specific rigorous tactic also in the intimate moments with his lover, turning sex into a ritual act, almost mechanical, whose disagreeable traces he wipes immediately after consumption.

-Favorite activity:He devotes body and soul to any activity involving the use of detergents, cleaning solutions and cleaning creams on the principle of “the more, the better”.

-The ideal woman: He falls in love, without hesitation, by the woman in love, in her turn, by any domestic activity designed to restore order and cleanliness indoor and in the next vicinity of the house. He is known to develop mad passion for women who profess as housekeeper.

*   *   *

The Pseudo-Available.


-How he sees himself:  Mister Pseudo-Available is dedicated to, but not also in debt, to a variety of love alternatives, for he is known free as a bird in the sky and this position favors him as it could not be better.

He is passionate with the romantic beginnings and the unexpected of a flirt. He always leaves the door open for ladies and young ladies around him, but without assuming restrictive commitments or exclusive relationships. He is not the man to catch roots easily, seeking instead the pure air of freedom. He does not make future plans, strategies to marry or paternity dreams. He lives here and now, being open to all possibilities that life makes him aware of. All to some extent.

-How he really is: He has true panic attacks when he foresees a potential monogamous future because he runs of the straight trail, not at all promising, of living in two (the same two). He likes to be approached, searched and hunted by women, to whom he returns their interest, sometimes obtaining small romantic getaways or surprising love affairs, ended though with the classic “I'll call you, do not worry”.

Apparently available at the first date, he gets lost in the mists of his own fears and reservations, to finally say “no” to a possible relationship beginning. He performs, with each contender arising in, the same piece in one act, which acts as an involuntary spring of defense.

-Favorite Activity: Mister Pseudo-Available exceedingly likes to play the play, more exactly to meet all relations with an exuberant lightness, with variations between “yes” and “no”, between hugs and spacings, between chances granting and immediate rejections.

-The ideal woman:  He does not know exactly what he wants from a woman. He knows however what would not fit him, namely, a partner with serious thoughts of stability, aimed on marrying or eager to tell in front of the large world “yes”.

*   *   *


The Obsessed with Getting Married.


-How he sees himself:  Adept of traditional vision on family, Mister Eager of Marrying has clearly defined his goals for the future, on the list of his priorities being also the mission of settling down at his house. Inspired by parents and society, this burning desire is actually driven by the need for a settled conscience aligned to the majority rules.

He associates marriage with the safety of a social status appreciated and serious, enjoying at the same time, the many advantages arising from living with a housekeeper (preferably) such as hot food, ironed shirts, clean dishes and why not, love according to the unannounced pleasure of heart.

He always wears the ring in his pocket and the big question on his lips, because one can never know where from the lucky rabbit jumps!

He is hasty when entering a new relationship, addressing early the marriage question, but in a noble goal, he argues, anxious for someone to willingly bear his name.

-How he really is: Pressured by family and by circumstances to put his noose, the Obsessed to Marry internalizes his goal in question, turning it into a full-fledged obsession, with all related symptoms. He wakes up and falls asleep with this thought, daydreaming about him getting and turns early relationships into sure opportunities that will propel him to change his current civil status already became burdensome.  

He does not have the necessary patience to know by the book the person in front of him, because the clock is ticking and the lost time cannot be recovered in any way. He already had some severe rejections, but that does not prevent him to seek for his “soul mate”, so long expected and desired.

Not trained to look beyond the sublime and thrilling moment of marriage, he is ready to join his destiny to every fine lady, whose vocabulary lacks the word “no”.

The status obtained is important, after all. He sees how he will deal with it later, if things get wrong against him! In addition, nowadays, only wives are hard to be procured, good mistresses are found on all roads (so there's no reason to concern).  

-Favorite Activity: He always make persistent and painstaking rehearsals, for a solid preparation for the crucial moment of the great question. He asks for feedback and suggestions for improving his representation, as if the answer would depend exclusively on it.

-The ideal woman: He is looking for that woman in love, as much as him (be it on the surface, so) with the concept of marriage, with the personal vows exchange and the outcome “they lived happily ever after”.

*   *   *

The Quarrelsome Man.


-How he sees himself:  The only one right in a wrong world, Mister Quarrelsome strongly supports his personal point of view, for which he does not by-passes, in need, screams, insistences, taunts or threats with or about divine punishment fallen with “grace” on the one considered responsible for one thing or another.

Any little disagreement becomes, for him, a major dimensions drama, of which he imagines to be the innocent victim, later assuming the Sisyphean task to restore his reputation in the eyes of others.

In the couple, the Quarrelsome is very sensitive to any refusal, hint or inconvenient suggestion coming from his lover, having always the impression that he is attacked and reacts accordingly without labelling, though, his behavior as exaggerated or bizarre. Alone against all, so he sometimes imagines himself, not understanding the obvious hostility of the others against him.

-How he really is: Deeply attached to the notion of “justice”, the Quarrelsome feels aggrieved by any minor conflict, which he turns into an opportunity to express all his past, present and future grievances.

He easily victimizes, falling prey to paranoid tendencies hard to control. Someone always has something against him and most likely he is always a direct target of the wickedness of those around him, wickedness that makes him fight back and defend his questioned integrity.

For him, no reason is too small to take offensive position in need: neighbors, who have left the block entry door open, the citizen in the subway who accidentally steps him on the foot in the crowd, his partner who forgets to buy beer.

Life with him is an adventure generator of palpitations because he acts like a pressure cooker, ready to explode at any time with the most “warm, encouraging and diplomats” approaches. For nor in the couple relationship he is not self-censored, on the contrary, he uses every opportunity to say his inner grief in the manner specific to chronic rebellion.

-Ideal activity: He gets bored to death with those dull days, drained from the salt and pepper of acidic dialogues and contradictory debates, if circumstances do not serve them on a tray, he assures them on his own, applying the strategy of “searching for trouble”.

-The ideal woman: He has no particular model of an ideal womanhood, being able to find faults to everyone regardless of the degree of compatibility achieved. But he has certainly need for a partner resistant to stress, immune to reproaches and unimpressive by a too many number of decibels, eventually able to reply properly as to maintain alive the “fire” of... love.

*   *   *

The Materialistic Man.


-How he sees himself:  He acts like a victim of adverse circumstances that interfere to achieve a good financial situation on his own. He sees himself, therefore, in need to access alternatives involving less work and more intuitive association with the right people.

The fact that he always seeks the company of those who are generous, does not put him in the category of profiteer or speculator individuals, but only highlights his orientation towards quality camaraderies.

He picks up his girlfriends according to their social position, for in his philosophy of love there lies the following question: “Why settle for a small piece of candy, cheaper and less tasty, when you can have the most delicious cake in the cafeteria?“.

-How he really is: The pleasure to work, modesty and authenticity are not at all among the qualities that shape the personality of Mister Materialistic.

He always expects the others to do what he does not know, cannot or will not do, being preoccupied only in collecting fruits. He gets surrounded therefore with capable people, prepared but naive, from which he can draw the benefits of an easier life, in a more efficient car or a luxurious apartment.  

He practices his skills of an advanced materialistic also in the couple, accepting only those ladies fulfilled financially, beside whom he does not live with the heavy concern for tomorrow. If needed, he puts money before feeling without any bitter regrets in this regard.

-Favorite Activity: Officially, he likes autumn evenings, drinking mulled wine in winter by the fireside, the walks in the park and the vernal warm trips along the sea. Unofficially, however, he is sufficient with any activity that allows him to spend carelessly, unlimited and irrationally... on somebody else's money.

-The ideal woman:  He likes all attractive women, but, before one only, the beauty of the other ones becomes a useless bright accessory and that is the woman with money.

*   *   *

The Silly Man.


-How he sees himself:  He confuses himself with the embodiment of intelligence, insight and innate flair. He does not understand why things invariably go wrong, given the fact that he takes every precaution to avoid any possible failure. He seems to be pursued by a relentless fatalism that asks him its tribute, more than a karmic justice, for the mistakes buried in the past.

Mister Silly seems to be haunted by what he interprets as a pure, greedy and subjective bad luck, including when it comes to make known his availability on the free market trade of love affairs. Otherwise he cannot explain how his mannered and chivalrous proposals do not find any echo in the heart of young ladies perhaps too demanding and certainly infinitely perfectionist.  

He faces only masked refusals, indirect delays and childish pretexts, not knowing what to get right for the old Cupid to endure to send also to him a winning arrow. At least one.

-How he really is: Clumsy, naive and limited, the Silly Man smiling ventures into all sorts of stories of a rare and extreme embarrassment, without anticipating the least the ridiculous consequences of his actions.

He makes remarks totally inappropriate within the context and synchronizes as reckless as possible in a certain situation, leaving the impression that he vividly failed the social skills test ran during psychology classes.

He uses conquering methods collected from the scenarios of the first romance movies in history, and his picking up repertoire consists of already classical quotations of the incomparable Johnny Bravo, with whom he sometimes identify (sometimes just because muscles or “macho” image are lacking).

He constantly wonders why such a good party as he is has not a bit of luck in love and nor even his inner monologues during night do not help him understand his sad and lonely destiny.

-Favorite Activity: He does not know exactly why, but it seems that his words and behavior amuse terribly the others, which can only please him and motivate him to perpetuate this popular custom among acquaintances.  

-The ideal woman: Given the general lack of his success with women, Mister Silly Man is forced to give up progressively his personal claims, being willing to prove a relationship to any willing woman glimpsed on the horizon.

*   *   *

The Omniscient Man.


-How he sees himself:  Unequalable in thinking, with general culture like no one else and outstanding intellectual resources, Mister Omniscient boasts with an exemplary curriculum vitae, which entitles him to be considered to be always one step and an idea ahead the others.  

He likes to refer to himself as at a sort of universal guru, having always handy explanations, exhortations and advices necessary to those which do not possess the existential wisdom he masters with such enviable mastery.  

Willing to share his omniscience in need, but also when he is not requested in this regard, he assigns, also in the couple relationship, the role of an overqualified teacher for which no challenge is too great, no mystery indecipherable.

A true mentor for his partner, the Omniscient always comes to meet her daily dilemmas, giving her the best answers even to the most trivial questions, like “How to cook chicken for dinner tonight?”.  

-How he really is: With a personal ego only a little more modest than the size of the extent of the Great Wall of China, Mister Omniscient dreams of living revelations and preaching colossal truths to ordinary people he lives around. In reality, however, he is only a common individual, who likes to talk to everything for everyone, assuming an authority that he does not possess.

He does not agree with the separation of powers in couple, wishing only for himself the legislative, executive and judiciary right. Figuratively speaking, for literally, Mister Omniscient puts his partner on a second place when it comes to making decisions in couple, fulfilling plans and evaluating results, preferring to proclaim himself the exclusive brain of the action. Which does not bring, though, each time the admiration he hopes for, but, on the contrary, it turns him into a matchless arrogant, requiring urgently the homeopathic treatment of cold showers.

-Favorite Activity: As he adores the spotlights, not for the picture, but to communicate, oratory being the work he makes with dedication and passion. He speak when he is listened or not, when he finds himself alone or surrounded by friends, you he has something to transmit or when nothing notable crosses the ascent of his thoughts.

-The ideal woman: He needs audience, applauses, admiration and plenty of space to perform; so that in a relationship he just accepts that eager woman to sip his words, to flatter his intelligence and timidly step on his trace.

*   *   *


The Experienced Man.


-How he sees himself: He is convinced that reached the apogee of his life and tasted the fullness of it thanks to all the experiences he passed so far. He considers that he would have nothing else to add to the personal portfolio, being in top on all levels, including sexually. He, therefore, has high expectations from a potential partner, being sometimes intolerant to beginners. He, sometimes, however, shows himself more than enthusiastic to show his talent live, behaving like a teacher devoted to his profession, just waiting to test his students. The female students in his case.

Extremely generous, the Experienced Man does not keep only for himself the depth of lived experiences, sharing usually, within the normal circle of friends the most peppered adventures of his vast collection. The luxury of details is from the house, of course, because he cannot lack his comrades from the most extravagant and unexpected details.  

-How he really is: It relies too much on his past experiences, thinking that there is not anything else left for him to explore. But the complexity of life exceeds his limited amount of feelings and experiences, so sometimes he comes at a loss when he refuses to venture in one situation or another, arguing that “he lived them all”.

In the couple he tends to a superior attitude, reproaching sometimes to his girlfriend the lack of skill and experience in the bedroom, some other time he finds the required patience and additional pleasure of teaching her the lessons she lacks, in the virtue of a subsequent sublime experience. In both cases, however, he overestimates his “stallion” abilities, creating false expectations without the spectacular results he promised.  

The spicy transmitted orally to his friends are actually pure praise, which he takes care of beautifying them with his personal fantasy brush.

-Favorite Activity: He heavily hangs to the past, reason for which he gets enthusiastic when recalling outstanding experiences, which he invokes anywhere, anytime, extracting thus the sap necessary to the present time lacking significant events.

-The ideal woman: Despite the appearance of being omniscient in love life, Mister Experienced however yearns for that partner who offers him a plus of satisfaction in the bedroom, but not as much in the “technical” chapter as in the emotional one.

*   *   *

The Unsatisfied Man.


-How he sees himself: He has an existential trajectory defined by bold aspirations and grand plans; he laments the mediocrity of the world in which he lives, him being a distinct personality, convinced only by superlatives like “excellent”, “splendid” and “awesome”.  

He blames himself when he compromises his general standard of excellence that has governed his conduct of everyday; he also quarrels the others when they prove to be good for nothing.

He reflects his boundless expectations also in the couple, seeking that partner whose influence to contribute to his personal development. If the opposite happens, getting to be pulled back by his inadequate lover, he breaks up undoubtedly; better alone and at peace with the situation, rather than in two, but unhappy to the brim.  

-How he really is: Overly demanding and impossible to be satisfied, Mister Unsatisfied manifests a critical unusual spirit, being disturbed even by the half teaspoon of sugar in the cup accidentally poured.

He is extremely rigid when it comes to plans and projects, being incompetent in managing those inopportune changes that he looks upon with suspicious eyes. He therefore hides his incapacity to adapt to new situations, unwanted in a deliberately manifest of discontentment.

He takes “no” in his arms when he is presented various relational options, finding all his pretenders some blemish flow, really hard to accept: either her nose is too big, either that she has too reddish hair, either that she speaks too much, either she does not speak at all, either she has an ugly purse, either she has no purse. Every harmless detail is likely, in his view, to become the infallible mismatch of tomorrow.


-Favorite Activity: Although not critical (of any kind), he daily deals with this activity, for which he has an innate inclination: not to forgive anything, criticizing everything, from unsuccessful billboards in the city until the uniform of the saleswoman in the store.  

-The ideal woman: For Mister Unsatisfied the perfect woman is most likely the store partner with which he is intersecting in his dream every night. Only she can meet all those expectations, high as a skyscraper.

*   *   *


The Undecided Man.


-How he sees himself: He is the man who never closes a door when multiple entrances open friendly in front of him. He always says “welcome” to different opportunities, because he likes to know the prospect of the future marked by multiple possibilities that he keeps for as long as possible in stand-by. He postpones a decision being equally tempted by the benefits of every variables.

He endlessly analyze options, the only decision that he may take being the certainty that he wants to make a good choice.  

He serves the same prolonged suspense when it comes to choosing a partner, being held in place by the image of a potential failure.

He likes to allow, therefore, time for handling decisive moments, without understanding though drawbacks of this inefficient approaching style.

-How he really is:  Insecure, distrustful on his decision-making and ignorant in making a real cost-benefit analysis, Mister Undecided is guilty of committing more crimes than he can imagine. The infinite delaying that he practices is nothing more than an unassumed fear of confronting his own actions and implicitly their objective consequences.

In other words, he is terrified by the thought of wrong choices with unforeseen consequences, so he prefer the convenience provided by the project stage of things, when alternatives still have all the same potential of real achievement.

In relation to women he approaches the same “balance strategy”, putting relentless in balance what he is offered at a certain time, even with the risk of waking up too late with the optimal response on his lips. It is an authentic undecided, a great one, for whom oscillations between “yes” and “no” are as vital as water and air.

-Favorite Activity: He has many activities that he truly enjoys. Or that perhaps he may not like that much... The truth is that he is not yet decided.

-The ideal woman: In a thorough investigation of this issue, the Undecided would answer “I do not know”, his friends would view that “X or Y, it depends” and parents would already make wedding plans with the daughter of the neighbors from third floor. Psychologists, however, would say that he urgently needs that rare pearl, different from him, to think quickly, act quickly and remain constant over time. As for both.

*   *   *

The Misogynist Man.


-How he sees himself: Grateful that the nature exempted him of the “curse” of being a woman, the Misogynist behaves like one who respects his native superiority. He wants, therefore, to demonstrate that he is always one step ahead of his female fellows, to whom the second place is reserved.

He is extremely sensitive to the claim of equality of women and fights with all his weapons their attempting to be heard in the world. He has the consciousness of the duty to perpetuate the traditional course of things, which is why he does not accept the poor woman nowhere else but around the kitchen, the place destined par excellence for his rudimental intellectual capacity.  

Nor towards his own female partner he is less vocal, always making ironic comments on her lower status. All, of course, smiling and in good conscience, for he is fondly exercising his unusual destiny of man.

-How he really is: Being a product of a poor education, often simply rude by definition, Mister Misogynist lives the illusion of an existential height but for which he has no corresponding qualities.

Great thinker by profession, he thinks that an individual cannot have value unless he holds, absolutely necessary, that precious organ of mind, roads and zip opener called “penis” in the Anatomy manual. Any other human being lacking the endowment in question is, undoubtedly, of a doubtful quality, sentenced to be pleased in life only with secondary roles and fierce booing for mediocre performances, of course.

He vehemently denies women’s right to vote and her access in management positions, being a vehement nostalgic for the days of old times, when the fair sex representatives had to ask to be allowed to speak in public.

He does not therefore stand women, but neither he resist without them, generally exploiting their household or reproductive functions. Expectations in the couple are being turned still around these goals, often watching her partner as a mere object or means to obtain various advantages (or pleasures).

-Favorite Activity: He is not only a thinker, but also a great joker, Mister Misogynist exceedingly likes to entertain his friends with all kinds of jokes, most targeted, of course, to highlight the defects of various types of “silly creatures”: blondes, brunettes, mistresses, drivers or housewives.

-The ideal woman: He is provoked by women who know how to wear their skirt and apron, being fully satisfied with their place in the household and in history.

*   *   *

The Manifestant Man.


-How he sees himself: An oasis of ideas and social initiatives in the middle of nowhere, the Manifestant spends his free time preaching all sorts of suggestions for more and better.

With an overloaded working agenda, he seeks the real change in the world, having original proposals for any situation, from smart recalculation of local taxes, to the eradication of poaching white whales.

He manifests the same revolutionary spirit also in the love relationship, for whose improvement he continuously comes up with proposals and claims scrupulously made. He does not give up until he sees his ideals fulfilled, which is why he involves daily his partner into debate sessions, using, where appropriate, statistics and various case studies. Even when it is about a simple decision such as buying an armchair for the bedroom or a trivial cabinet in the kitchen.

-How he really is:  Developing genuine obsessions related to the shortcomings that he wants to know removed, for Mister Manifestant there is no effort too great to be made as long as it is about a noble and worthy to follow goal and does not incumbe anything else than protests (talking, dramatic gestures, etc.). He pronounces himself pro or against everything, acquiring extremist attitudes embodied in individual free protests (without result).  

He, also in couple, militates against issue that bothers him. Or so he thinks... that he is campaigning. His partner may assert that, in the best case, he fights for the better, and in the worst (and possible) case, that he does nothing else but to be annoyingly claiming, suffocating idealistic and terribly shaken. Even no reason, most of the times. The young lady would have to provide strong arguments for that...

-Favorite activity: While doing honorable on his own, Mister Manifestant feels more fulfilled and more at ease when participating in organized protests and mass demonstrations that put at stake general interests of great significance.  

-The ideal woman: The Manifestant generally keeps away from those female subjects lacking vision and initiative, opting instead for a partner to share with her the high pulse in demonstrations. Although, paradoxically, relationally, the combination is not exempt from ardent clashes or differences of ideas.

*   *   *


The Psycho Man.


-How he sees himself: He responsibly assumes the task to direct the others, even if sometimes it means to exercise careful control over them. He feels at peace only when he knows everything that moves all around him, calming down so that nothing unexpected cannot surprise him. He likes to think of himself as an organized and cautious guy, who does not like twists under any way.  

In the couple relationship, he claims stability and routine, along with a prior thorough knowledge of the program of his partner. He wants to be notified at least 24 hours before any of her actions and does not mind if it was not consulted on it, as long as he get as a due reward, the right to the final word.

He does not like surprises of any kind, but is crazy to offer his lover unexpected moments and long moments of suspense. He sometimes follows her without her knowledge for then to seek the perfect time to be able to approach her with a red rose to the carrier. Or just with a magazine smile, not at all strange, that's right...

-How he really is: Running apparently “normally” Mister Psycho gives himself away by the actions he carries up in his everyday behavior. He does not feel strange to stare, to pursue his neighbors through the viewfinder, to investigate thoroughly the past of his workmates or to look for his girlfriend for hours while she makes her daily beauty sleep.  

He does not see anything wrong nor when he calls his lover with hidden number, declining a false identity to test her response reaction to the phone contact with an “unknown” individual.  

In the couple, he likes to know in advance the planned deployment of things, reserving though his right to intervene, when and how it suits him, without previously announcing his pair. Using this system he is rigidly anchored in, he always offers his partner unannounced visits to work, to the meetings with friends or at home, in the most natural and naturally way as possible.

He feels comfortable when at the helm of things, passive roles inducing him anxiety and general state of agitation.

-Favorite Activity: According to the habit he does not deny easily, the Psychopathic is better fit when he momentarily involves in activities that allow him to reveal as little from himself and to penetrate as much of the personality of others. He also likes disguises, not infrequently approaching strangers in terms of an imagined identity.  

-The ideal woman: Since Mister Psychopath perceives the seduction game as a round of hunting, his partner being, of course, the prey to be lured into a certain point and then devoured, he leans towards women at all resistant to his techniques of handling, indirect influence and brain washing.

*   *   *

The Disappointed Man.


-How he sees himself: The Disappointed is certainly followed by a great misfortune, related to the implacable determinism met within the tragedies of Sophocles or Euripides, otherwise he cannot explain what it all happens backwards precisely to him, leaving him no hope and thinking for better.  

He watches his always happy and satisfied friends with some repressed envy, and he would like to know the full recipe for happiness that would change his life forever.  

No matter how hard he tried, however, destiny stubbornly manifests against him, giving him clouds, when he wishes sun, holidays, when he wants to be active, contenders plentifully when celibacy tempts him. Cruel, permanent and oppressive disappointment appears to be the cross reserved to him in this world, regardless of the pastel colors in which he stubborn to draw his days constantly.

-How he really is: Huge expectations from life are the appanage for his future prospects. He dreams himself personally, emotionally and financially fulfilled, although he does not make the accounts, every time, of his chances concerning addition and subtraction operations specific to a realistic and rational thinking.  

Therefore he aims the absolute, not counting the implicit margin of error, context in which it is perfectly natural to meet, at every step, the dissatisfactions and disappointments of a wide variety.  

In the amorous life, he is guided by impossible standards, seeking only olympic young ladies in school, good for magazines, economically independent, and perfect housewives, too. Each of these criteria is perfectly justified and necessary in his view, not being able to shorten the list of his “mating” claims.

-Favorite Activity: He likes to set a number of objectives, for then to draw the line, to balance, to assess and give verdicts. All this “only” on the basis of quiet sobs, with several packages of napkins (waterproof preferably). For the denouement is, every time, xeroxed.

Oversized expectations = guaranteed disappointments!

-The ideal woman: He cannot see himself accompanied by any other woman than the one quoted with the grade 10 + in all possible and impossible areas: appearance, intelligence, professional training, good family, considerable incomes, excellent mental state. And much, much more besides, as for a few rows more. Or even pages.

*   *   *

The Philosopher Man.


-How he sees himself: Mister Philosopher is recognized to be a hopeless addict of the action of thinking (deep and leisurely), his fundamental search essence being condensed in the classic Shakespearean question “To be or not to be?”.  

Animated by “elitist” concerns, he declares himself bored or disgusted by the conduct of everyday existence, criminalizing, in what concerns the others, the triumph of the matter over the spirit. He tries, in these circumstances, to distance himself from any individual, object or activity that might annihilate his savior go from the routine and embracing mediocrity.

In the couple, he is indifferent to the concrete problems that may arise, worrying, instead, to identify most original ways to leisure (in two) or subjects for discussions as various from the meaningless topics. Not satisfied with love platitudes, being interesting only in experiences able to provide new and enlightening experiences.  

-How he really is: In the eyes of others, Mister Philosopher appears certainly as a much too demanding guy, partly unrealistic and idealistic enough for an entire generation.

He is surprised most of the times, with his nose in the books, saying “no” to the invitation to participate at various less “intellectual” activities and refusing the involvement in common hobbies.

He is flirting, therefore, with a certain kind of social isolation, which provides safety and relieves him from the effort to conform to a lifestyle to which he does not give his vote.

He behaves therefore as a misfit, making his own world that he believes in with devotion.

When he falls in love (although it does not happen often or easily) he allows the “the lucky one” to go beyond the high walls behind he takes refuge, consuming his love to the last ideas, feelings and instincts. He hardly gets vulnerable in front of his partner, but when he lets his guard down, he makes it totally and genuinely. Sometimes, however, he tends to spiritualize “love” too much, ignoring the concrete challenges that the couple will inevitably face at some point.

-Favorite Activity: His attention is easily captivated by any kind of occupation with the potential of widely opening his eyes, sharpening his mind and, of course, diminishing (until extinction, if possible) the daily responsibilities that consumes his time and energy in an unnecessary and unpleasant manner.

-The ideal woman: He is intrigued by women who search for answers (even if they do not like to cook!), who know by heart large and small quotes from philosophers (even if they do not like to clean!) and who are willing to devote a full day to discussions on who knows what topics (even if they do not like to do laundry!).

* * *

The “complexity” of the form and content of the specimens above certainly captures negatively, intrigues and even shocks, while their massive number is likely to worry the female audience vulnerable to their action.  

There is, however, some good news in all this alarming described situation... the faster the men belonging to these classes are found, the easier is for the ladies and young ladies to keep away from their not always happy influence and proposals.