How to turn your fantasies into reality (for women)

How to turn your fantasies into reality (for women)

Fantasies, or the way to compensate for the lack of a desirable reality, are specific to anyone. Even the monogamous housewives imagine themselves as divas satisfied in-group, while experienced ladies are longing for the position of the missionary... each of them is dreaming about what they do not have or have lost over time.

At some point, everybody wants, besides “normal” sex, to afford a threesome or a vanguard sex act, in front of an audience (be it only one spectator).

Only some admit their curiosities. And, from those honest with themselves, only a small part actually turns into reality the stories created by their subconscious (so the number continues to decrease). Most prefer to remain at the meditation stage. It is healthier this way, with no complications. This is what they say.

Paradoxically, having erotic thoughts deviated from the norm, is a normality. They sometimes come as a result of the pressure to reject a generally disapproved behavior. That attitude of the child to whom some things are forbidden and he does the opposite, is also characteristic to adults. The reaction to the forbidden fruit is, apparently, deeply human.

Other times, perversity is fictitiously manifested, because of the lack of opportunities to put it into practice. The burning desires of humanity have always found fulfillment in imagination, which still hosts great ideals: from establishing peace on Earth to pinching the “cheeks” of the muscular neighbor (the aspirations of the mortals prove an overwhelming diversity).

In addition to those who are abstinent, obsessed (generic name given to those with a slightly higher appetite), individuals unhappy in love, the people perfectly reconciled with their own intimate life also become victims of repetitive reveries. Everyday disappointments (in the bedroom) do not necessarily cause a flight into the world of chimeras.

People have naughty fantasies... because they can!

The decision to put them or not into practice depends on numerous factors, usually summarized by what is told to them by their: conscience, horoscope, mother, woman, man or entourage. Not necessarily in this order. The hierarchy of existential goals vary from person to person.

Despite the anxiety of certain people, intimate fantasies do not bite nor affect the health. On the contrary. In some cases, they bring infinite happiness to the hearts of those who have fulfilled their dream of making love in the toilet of a 5-star restaurant. An innocent need, by the way.

Few situations raise suspicions and concerns among bohemians with their head in the clouds (and they do so because those appear to be dangerous, but in this case also come into play the pathological aspects).

Apart from the extremes that require the psychologist's intervention or at least a deeper introspection, sensual whims can actually be transposed into reality with the help of escorts that offer discretion, performance and absolute tolerance.

Before taking the big step, ladies interested in the topic must answer a series of questions meant to ease their mission:


1.-WHAT DO I WANT? The universe of unconfessed desires has as many dimensions as needed to satisfy all earthlings with aspirations: intimacy in three, homosexual relationships, bizarre fetishes, role playing, black leather, whips and BDSM all the way.

In which zone are located your hidden “intrigues”? With what “act” do you want to mark your “debut”? You cannot have them all at once because you are endangering your wallet and your heart, both prone to cave in under the weight of an event much too intense for an amateur.

If you have only one aspiration, the question will quickly find its answer. But if you have enough of them to record a porn trilogy and its sequel, it is advisable to focus on only one of the “issues”. Usually, on the simplest and easiest to achieve.

Do you want affection in-group, to be dominated, covered with chocolate and cleansed with the tongue by a male who has long hair and navel piercing? Make a top of your favorite ideas, be it crazy or conventional, and declare a single winner. The rest will be left for another time.


2.-WHY? The perfect motivation to move to the “dangerous” action is about pleasure and authenticity, not the desire to imitate the characters seen in the XXX movies or the experiences of your closest friends. You should not idealize the “fashionable” fantasies nor to be attached to them just because they are practiced in certain circles and seem to overflow rivers of joy among their followers.

Erotic reveries are personal. Your female friends might be big fans of anal contact... but their choice does not have to become your goal in life.


3.-WITH WHO? Paid men are an excellent option in the quest of getting your “dreams” fulfilled. They have experience, quality endowments, and are not afraid of the possible requirement to be involved in an atypical act of love.

In spite of this, the selection of the “male companion” is subject to a relatively thorough process. You cannot pick up the first guy you find, especially when you ask for something that belongs to the “obscure” zone of nonconformist demonstrations. A bisexual ménage a trois is considered to be elementary, but a sadomasochistic session requires an expert in rough love. You would not want to “spring into action” with a male stud with traditional skills and zero experience in the field of “atrocious” eroticism.

Look for a gigolo with good recommendations, an expert in the kind of activities that you are secretly longing for.


1.-With all your being.
2.-With (at least) an endowed partner.
3.-With the necessary precautions.

In addition to classical protection, depending on the pursued dynamics, make sure that nothing will endanger your integrity.

The inclination to the BDSM area, for example, requires serious prior documentation. Some situations imply a higher degree of danger than others do. The idea that you will succeed spontaneously, on the spot, works exclusively in movies and, of course, in your own “revelations”. In reality, the chances that the doggy style position performed with your boss at the office, in front of the other employees, is met with applauses reach the minimum threshold.

Try to create a safe environment so that you do not risk a fine, hospitalization or bad reputation. And, if necessary, get the necessary tools in advance.


5.-HOW? Whatever the desired spectrum, you always have to keep in mind the balance. It is very nice to unleash your imagination, to forget about rules, shame and shyness, to live with your eyes open (or closed, depending on the case) the desire of an uninhibited adventure. But at the same time, it seems strange to give it all your attention or to divert your interest from your own life in the name of its unconditional fulfillment.

Indecent thoughts are supposed to go hand in hand with having fun, not with the development of harmful obsessions.