How to communicate in bed without words

How to communicate in bed without words

Going to male escorts represents a guarantee for the woman that her wishes will be listened to, her needs fulfilled and her life directed towards that path of self-reconciliation (orgasms have the gift of making order inside, functioning like cakes and chocolate).

Disinhibitions, money and at least one penis “in control” are enough to enter the world of endless pleasures, where worries disappear, gentlemen actually do their “duty” and instincts regain the supremacy of old times (when they did not depend on social norms and conventions).

Theoretically, the rented male is at the female client’s disposal, ready to show her that men can do more than to lead the planet badly. Practically, the respective guy has to be guided on the right way, so he can push the right buttons. Because, despite his vast experience, he does not see through his partners as through a window nor does he possess a magical globe that reveals secrets.

Ladies know well that having sex while giving directions like a policeman at a crossroad is the death of passion. Women lose focus, men feel embarrassed. Nothing surpasses the agony of a scene of explained love. Luckily, non-verbal communication was also invented. It responds perfectly to the need of guiding the man without leaving him a vague taste of pet training or the feeling of being treated with condescension. Too many words sometimes have this effect.

The divergence of “opinion” in the paid bedroom (i.e., moments of male skidding, unintentional, often inevitable) can be resolved quickly with a well-placed gesture in the context. Why waste your energy by giving boring lessons? You have the possibility to use the following tricks:

1.-Eye contact. Eye contact can save any deadlock. You do not need to stare at the guy, giving him the confirmation that his maneuvers are working great and, eventually, a scratch behind the ear thanks to his exemplary behavior. Or to silently blame him because of (his) lack of inspiration.

Look at him allusively if his behavior is contrary to your personal tastes and get the wanderer on the “right track”. You do not like the foreplay performed too quickly? Or the way he plays with your breasts as if he were kneading sponge cakes? His obsession to romantically caress your cheeks?

Do not send him to the naughty corner, forcing him to repeat 50 times: “I’m a bad lover!”, do not scold him and do not lose yourself in complex theories about the difficulty of men to understand the depth of femininity in general. Yes, you have many things bothering you, but tell them only to yourself.

To get out nicely from this situation, suggest him with your eyes that he can move on calmly, as his actions leave you cold. Indifferent. Uninterested.

2.-Body position. Beyond the sexual position, the way you position your body against the stud, helps him come to the light. Laying passively on your back and waiting for him to have spectacular revelations about what your heart desires, will not get you anywhere (at most to the conclusion that Mr. Gigolo cannot read thoughts).

Position yourself to facilitate the proper movements. If you react neutrally to a certain stimulus or offer your belly for caresses, although the touch takes your mind to the recent appendicitis surgery, the guy could interpret your availability as maximum pleasure. Use the body language to send him the correct message.

3.-Hands. The easiest way to deal with uncertainties is to take the problem into your own hands. Literally. Guide your partner in the right direction, indicating him where you want to be touched, by caressing yourself first. In a discreet and suggestive manner (a little autoeroticism does not harm), because there is no point in doing his job.

When you are not handcuffed, tied with a scarf to the bed, with your back facing him, or who knows what other restrictive position, you can control the pace and depth of penetration, gently pushing the man during his movements. Do not avoid the responsibility of increasing the quality of the physical act, or taking the initiative. You are the star of the sexual encounter and, consequently, you have complete freedom to express yourself as you wish. Including “banging your fist on the table”. Figuratively, this time.

4.-Facial expressions. During their intimate moments, people often have a shuddered expression as if they were about to push a car with the power of their mind. At other times, their look is calm, similar to the facial expression of patients in psychiatric clinics. Reactions come naturally, by virtue of inner feelings, because no one aims to look dignified and solemn during oral sex or while exploring the partner’s body with the tongue.

Despite this, physiognomy also serves to inform the partner whether or not you are in the realm of happiness. The delicate smile, offered as a reward to a certain perverse gesture, encourages him to continue exercising his exciting superhero skills. By contrast, a serious face, a lethargic facial expression, the horror in the eyes or a pouting attitude will make him understand that the strategy must be changed.

Beware of extremes like anger, disappointment, disgust, facial expressions suggesting “He is so clumsy, I would have better stayed at home to watch a movie!”, indirect messages that darken the poor man's horizon.


5.-Negative impulses. Another method of suggesting lack of satisfaction is to use a negative impulse: hair pulling, ear biting, a harmless slap (not as an abuse, however). It would be absurd to start beating the guy because instead of kissing your navel, he nonchalantly tickled your perineum.

Without bruising his body or self-esteem, aware him in a diplomat way by provoking a little nasty discomfort. Diplomatically and moderately, because an excessive use of the wonderful technique of distracting the attention or changing the pace through a negative impulse can induce serious doubts about his own performance (and your psycho-emotional health).

6.-Moans. When body language fails to bring the man back to the fierce race for orgasm, there remains only a single and obvious plan B, impossible to miss: the moans.

They raise and lower the male, give him valuable information about the impact of his actions, being an extremely propitious guide, more relevant than any other explanation of libido, said, drawn or justified with scientific arguments.

The sounds of pleasure or discomfort should also be used moderately. Not every small victory should be celebrated audibly, just as not all mistakes should be sanctioned in the same way. If you exteriorize yourself in a continuous moan, be it bad or good, the tactic will lose its value of guiding the lover lost in the dark.

Reinforce and reject only the truly un/desirable behaviors. Obviously, you can not desperately scream of joy at every touch of a “sensitive area”. Since this will happen often.

Are you ready?