7 signs that foretell personal infidelity

7 signs that foretell personal infidelity

Catalogued by many as the negative character in a couple, “Infidelity” has two victims and two guilty people, not a single victim and a single culprit, as is commonly believed.

Whether it is about revenge, boredom, the death of attraction, the desire for endless exploration, the need for multiple options, heredity or socio-cultural influence (or it happens based on other private reasons), the dreadful thought of fickleness strikes everyone, at some point. Not in vain the theory says that people do not possess the necessary genes for a lasting monogamy.

Sometimes betrayal is planned carefully, thoroughly. Sometimes it manifests spontaneously, taking by surprise even the one who commits it.

Generally, however, the signs of a future “adultery” behavior can be noticed early on. If you find yourself in one of the following situations, there is a good chance that infidelity will soon be knocking at your door:

1.-Sexual curiosity. Analyzing the buttocks of men on the street and developing sexual fantasies with the neighbor from the 3rd floor (and possibly with his wife) does not mean anything. Which psychically balanced woman does not kill her time with similar activities?

The fact that you started flirting with websites for paid sex, comparing prices, recommendations, ages and sizes, that would indeed be a solid clue that your vagina is also waiting for new visits, in addition to the official one, scheduled rather rarely.

The decision to move from the innocent investigation of the pectorals put on sale on the Internet, to the action itself, belongs totally to you. The one to go on your own to a savory escort or to serenely tell your partner that you want to take him by the hand there, as well. Although, in the last case, it is not about infidelity, but about courage.

2.-Nostalgia for the ex. Does the memory of your ex boyfriend harasses you like an insistent ghost? Do you find yourself spying him on social networks in the morning, at noon and in the evening, wondering why he didn’t break up with that insipid woman with big breasts, how do things go for him and what is “tickling” the wonder in his pants?

The diagnosis would probably sound like this: disappointment over the expired nights of love. A frequent thing (not necessarily because of the discontent with your current stallion), but because you are lusting for a healthy portion of what you once were receiving regularly. Sex creates addiction. And addiction interferes, under certain circumstances, with elements related to place, time or people involved in the memorable sex act.

Allowed to take control of your own actions, the little obsession with the unavailable and potent ex, could lead to a temporary deviation from the current commitment.

3.-Dissatisfaction. It is not a rule that any relational sideslip is caused by dissatisfaction, incompatibility and frustration. However, dissatisfaction represents a powerful cause of the refuge in the arms of a seemingly promising male stranger, be it a gigolo who is replacing the incompetence in intimacy or a close friend who understands your soul as your partner has long ceased doing it.

If you are used to reproaching your lover various things (from his laziness to wash the dishes to his laziness to wash himself), but refuse to abandon him as a dog in the rain, the compensating company of other guys might seem to you a saving compromise. In theory and especially in practice.

4.-The secret lover. You are the happy female possessor of a male piece from which you regularly get your orgasms, giving him the generic title of “soul mate”... But without anyone knowing about this. Your acquaintances believe you are free as a bird because you keep the affair secret, more careful than you do with the small imperfections of your complexion, camouflaged with creams and foundations. And you are doing it not because the gesture would be mysterious, a beneficial spice in the recipe of happiness, but because your attitude to the situation is rather diffuse: you are ashamed with the guy or you are experiencing a serious fear to recognize officially the relationship, you want to keep the relationship at a level of open affair, you appreciate discretion, etc..

Many times, the preference to be the only person in the galaxy (except for your boyfriend) who knows her own sentimental status, hides the desire to undertake, in parallel, intimate private activities. In other words, cheating! Keeping the other person a long-term secret, therefore, raises some question marks.

5.-The pleasure of flirting. The pleasure of flirting falls into the category “universal diseases of mankind”. Everyone feels it, regardless of the amorous availability.

Kept as a simple way of killing time, making fun of your work colleagues or tracking the phone number of some gorgeous man, necessary for your single and shy female friend, the need for flirting is harmless. But when it turns into the main occupation of your life, imposing a concrete purpose, then the affair is just a step away.

You cannot endlessly add straws without triggering even a small fire.

6.-“Death” of physical attraction. At his peak, your partner “stood” muscular, well-groomed, with a big smile on his face. Now he is living his life in a t-shirt with ketchup and mustard stains, pressing the remote’s buttons all day long. He looks as he arrived from a parallel universe, where the visible belly (from drinking beer, obviously) and the unwashed hair are the most worthy attributes.

Thanks to your altruist soul (rather out of compassion), you have decided to stay with him for better or worse. Furthermore, your choice does not involve any trouble. Still, you cannot endlessly ignore your needs, those of making love also qualitatively, preferably with a well-groomed male specimen, not with one that makes the homosexual perspective enchant you.

Affaires, in this case, become imminent.

7.-Philosophy. Above any conjectural and momentary impulse, the clear sign that the practice of fidelity is too much for you in the long run, lies in your own philosophy of life. Anyone who adheres to the idea that happiness and exclusivists romances have nothing in common, is doomed to make a side-step sooner or later. A big one. Therefore, do not be surprised when the “misfortune” will come also over you.