6 things that you should not think about in bed

6 things that you should not think about in bed

If after much reflection or in a sudden attack of spontaneity, you have decided to go into the sweets jar of paid relationships, because men should not be the only ones to have the exclusive privilege to take a piece of the beauties attracted by the wallet while women not, once you have scrupulously gone through the physical and mental preparation ritual, you find yourself next to the chosen one from your secret fantasies, even more handsome than in the virtual photos, yet your thoughts fly away despite your efforts to disconnect yourself from reality... you must understand that this phenomenon is natural! Every little thing from the outside or one that is deeply implanted in the subconscious can perfidiously catch your attention, regardless of the context.

This usually happens to the ladies with a sufficient number of negative experiences under their belt, who are generally used to counterbalance in real time their male partner's poor performances by taking refuge in ideas of any kind. This means thinking about clothes, food, peace, wars, the ugly haircut of their ex-boyfriend and his disappointing penis, right in the midst of hot action.

In the presence of a male gigolo (even an extremely attractive and potent one), there is often the tendency (especially during the first encounter) to let the mind wandering in places parallel to the amorous act itself, fact that reduces your involvement, distancing yourself mentally from the intensity of the moment. Among the curiosities that you would be tempted to debate with yourself while the young lover struggles to calm down your “hunger” there should be avoided:

1.-Banalities. Questions such as “Is X slimmer than me?” addressed to yourself, ignoring the male in full process of seduction, takes you into the world of daily banalities in a heartbeat. Returning back may not be so easy, so you are at risk of losing your time, your money and your mood...

In order to fully enjoy the royal treatment, drive away all thoughts outside the subject. Of course, if you have been distracted by something else and you forgot about it, the subject is called: SEX.

2.-“Evil” plans. Even in situations where a certain guy leaves them indifferent, the ladies do not mind if they ravage him on the inside and make him develop discrete amorous obsessions. Some of them do the same with a male escort, flattering their performance of sentimentally subjugating a man whose number of female partners exceeds his own age expressed in weeks. Inner interrogations such as “Could I make him fall in love with me?” which imply a “malicious” plan in subsidiary (conceived only for the sake of unnecessary competition), have no place in a relationship based exclusively on... SEX and MONEY. Therefore, get rid of them.

3.-Doubts. It is known that the choices made by women always aim to perfection: the dream house, the ideal job, the perfect man, the flawless lover. And their shopping sessions (the classic characteristic of the “species”) require a generous interval, as they invariably face the question: “And yet... if I could find something nicer, cheaper, more modern, exciting, extravagant, original and so on?”

It is as if the ladies would live non-stop with the fear that elsewhere it is sold, it is happening, there is something little nicer than what it is in their sight, suspicion for which they refuse to stop searching. And after they do, they are haunted by the dilemma: “Could it have been better?”

The same principle works with the paid male lover. “Is he the best choice or should I have been investigating a little more?”

No, you did not have to investigate anything more and you did not do anything wrong.

Apart from being a victim of this uncertainty with only one effect: deviation from the main purpose, which is not equivalent to the identification of the supreme archetype in the industry, but (have you forgotten again?) with... SEX.

4.-Complexes. The woman without complexes is like long-term happiness: a utopia.

The thighs are too thick, the breasts too small, the legs crooked, the navel shifted. Everything can become a major reason for an existential drama and nakedness accentuates the “horrors”. This is why many ladies prefer intimacy in the dark, refusing to openly expose themselves to anyone, be it a man known for a lifetime or a newly acquainted gigolo.

But you should not act, however, like “many other ladies” instinctively do.

Okay, you’ve done this too, you are in the company of an extraordinary Casanova. Keep the complaints about cellulite for conversations with your female friends, about how visible are some of your flaws in certain positions or what is the opinion of the guy about the missing six pack from the definitely not flat stomach (not his, obviously) and focus your attention to (yes, repeat, repeat, until you can self-suggest)... SEX.

5.-Anticipation. “Is he as good as he looks? Do those muscles have any utility or they are just laying around there without any functional purpose? Will he send me straight to the ninth cloud with his wonderful tool or will I be left as usual... unsatisfied? It's going to be good or bad?”

Although they happen only in the mind of the female client (being inevitable at some point), questions of this kind spoil the charm of the encounter. Spending time and energy in trying to anticipate the experience, instead of just living it (through all the pores and with all the joy), you will deprive yourself of its unique and special intensity.

The conclusion? Get back to SEX. Of course, by putting it into practice.

6.-Underwear. You have invested hours after hours in choosing your “gala” outfit, insisting on your intimate lingerie intended to be sexy, seductive and appropriate to your own silhouette. But on the spot, you criticize your previous inspiration. Would you preferred to have chosen red instead of black or black instead of white, lace instead of satin, or maybe it was more appropriate a simpler and... youthful one? Too late, anyway. Regrets are useless for at least two reasons:
1.-you cannot change anything;
2.-the naked man with the flourishing erection does not care a bit about such problems. GUARANTEED!

So, what should you do in this situation? Gather your thoughts, get naked and prepare for a great session of... exactly (!): SEX.

* * *

To spend quality time with a male escort, you have to dedicate yourself, body and soul, to the event planned in detail. It is not enough to lie comfortably on the bed, leaving yourself at the disposal of the “executioner” who is about to “execute” you, while your imagination gets out of control. Be fully present, otherwise it may be all in vain.