5 secrets for a successful act of anal sex

5 secrets for a successful act of anal sex

Recipes are used in the kitchen, but also in the bedroom. Especially when exploring “virgin territories” and the chaotic control of the unknown can leave deep marks and estrange a person of any daring manifestation of sexual curiosity, in personalized doses, that are specific to anyone.

This is also the case with the controversial anal sex that some ladies place it at the corner of infamy, others practice it with holiness and many try it unprepared, like unarmed soldiers gone to war. Or... like some amateurs going shopping without a credit card.

If a gullible, energetic and insistent gentleman also make his appearance, who does not accept that his partner might leave him with some “unconquered” orifice for his triumphal manhood, the story gets disturbing nuances. Figuratively or even literally.

In the case of the female adepts of ancient superior philosophy, condensed in the phrase “the best orgasms are the ones bought”, things present a reduced “danger” to them, because the chances that the decision for anal “love” to be a sudden one determined by the spontaneous disinhibitions of the woman or the intrusive aspirations of the male with a persistent Magellan gene, tend towards... emptiness.
The female beneficiaries of erotic commerce plan their “program” thoroughly, knowing that improvisation and escorts often lead to a negative result, not a positive one.

So, for the ladies who have decided to put their assess on the line (literally speaking) next to the tall, muscular, potent and rented male who will fulfill their ephemeral fantasies, the secrets of a dreamlike sex act from the “rear”, involve the following aspects:

1.-Determining the “priorities”. No matter how eager you are to (re)live this kind of intimate act, due to your own previous (positive) experience or unconditional belief in studies claiming that female ecstasy is more easily achieved through the alternative than the conventional way, starting the “project” in the first 5-10 minutes of the encounter means unnecessary and inappropriate hurry.

The anus is not physiologically conceived for penetration, so the moment has to be planned with the utmost care, the body relaxed and the level of excitement high to the fullest.

This rule is also applicable to female clients who have not practiced obscene positions for centuries and who are going to a male gigolo just as the hungry go to the canteen, for them being indicated to equate their abstinence with the prelude necessary to “warm up”.

A well-done job involves, however, delaying rectal interaction during the meeting and prioritizing the normal one. Moreover, in order to make sure that the “terrain” abounds in hospitality, the man can stimulate the area with his fingers or with a vibrator of reasonable size, before introducing his erect and certainly not modest organ, into the... abyssal depths.

2.-Say “yes” to the lubricant... Under the influence of impulses awakened from their usual beauty sleep, the clothes are sometimes ripped and thrown down, the movements are more violent and the breathing uncontrolled. Nothing matters anymore, just the gratification of the primary instincts, happy for the fortunate occasion to take their imperious dose of “freshness”.

Not everything can be left to the mercy of circumstances. Otherwise, there is the risk of leaving the partner's mattress with an immense internal and external discomfort, and not with a big smile on your face, as the unwritten law of sex for money relationships always specifies.

One of the key ingredients in such circumstances lies in the idea of ​​lubricant. In its absence, both the “aggressor” and the “victim” suffer because, during the action, the muscles contract strongly, transforming the contact into a bleak and uncomfortable process. Unlike the vagina that was “born” for this purpose, the “rear” orifice does not lubricate naturally, requiring external intervention.

3.-... and to patience. An intimate act can take place in any possible way, except against the clock. Speed also has its generous purpose, but, in terms of anal contact, its benefits are canceled. The task of pursuing a slow pace is primarily the duty of the female beginners. A debut marked by rush, pain and aggression will no longer be resumed, not even for free or with all the world's miraculous lubricants and lotions.

In other words, if you want to receive pleasure, you have to administer it in small doses, slowly and harmlessly, increasing the “quantity” as you become familiar with the “working procedure” and its implications.

4.-Everything up to hygiene. Some people avoid this expression of sexuality because of the idea of ​​“dirty” around which it is placed instinctively. Legitimate idea to some extent. Hygiene makes the difference. If you do not eliminate unsightly hair, use a disinfectant gel and lots of water, the situation could become obscure.

Any respectable female solicitor will properly prepare her body for “debauchery”, thus avoiding the disappointments and potential unpleasant surprises that may arise during the course of such an erotic episode. Or after it...

In addition, it is advisable to keep away (not in quarantine, but away from the vagina or mouth) the penis newly entered into the “back door”, in order to prevent the migration of bacteria.

5.-Nothing without a condom. What does woman's emancipation mean? Is it not perhaps the detachment from the idea that the man should always take care of her protection?

So, ladies, if you do not always carry with you at least one condom useful in crisis situations, you should urgently review your conduct.

When it comes to pleasure for money, protection takes a central place, the reasons being obvious.

No matter what kind of sex you are supposed to practice with the “male companion”, there is no excuse for not using a condom. And the guest invited to places not yet explored (or, on the contrary, intensely visited), is required to be formally “dressed”. Otherwise, it is excluded.

Therefore, do not try to achieve your dream without being ready.

* * *

To these secrets, which are essential to the smooth running of things in intimacy, we can add, of course, others. However, beyond the theory is the practice itself, which is the only one that reveals and confirms the truths about what, how, and where in terms of sex. Any kind of sex.