5 common mistakes women make in bed

5 common mistakes women make in bed

In a relationship with a gigolo, you do not have to worry about the issues that are otherwise important in another type of relationship: your partner’s satisfaction, his opinion about your performance, the fear that he will object because of your extra 500 grams, the refusal to try new things.

Sex for money entitles you to a healthy selfishness, since what your paid lover wants does not matter too much.

This freedom is sometimes misunderstood by the female clients who are relieved and pleased that they can manifest themselves “freely” without getting any remark, rebuke or threats of abandonment in favor of their neighbor.

The lack of demanding evaluation made by the man, does not give the green light to the perpetuation of some mistakes turned, finally, against their female “author”.

Perhaps that man barely cares that you want to make sex in the dark, moaning in tears or with the pillow on your face. But extreme behaviors ruin the general atmosphere and block you in a limited area, inside of which you lose a bunch of good things for the bedroom.

What should you give up so that abundance can enrich your own sex life?

Here are some suggestions in the following lines:

1.-Discontent about physical appearance. Everyone has complaints about their personal appearance. Discontents based on which a whole industry of cosmetics, aesthetic surgery, weight loss pills, magic potions and courses teaching self-love as mathematics, has been built.

These dissatisfactions take over the entire existence, including intimacy, being obvious in ladies who prefer to hide in the darkness, sheets or conservative underwear instead of exposing themselves uncensored to the look of the male.

Why is this approach a negative one?

Intimate space is, by excellence, dedicated to unleashed activities and feelings. Closing your eyes, placing yourself in the same position as your “muffin tops” are left unnoticed and the timid expectation of orgasm, while your mind alerts you that the stallion could identify the cellulite, it sounds like a chore, not a quality time spent in the company of the male escort.

Rather than treating the lack of self-confidence with the strategy of “invisibility”, you would better treat it with a deep breath of fresh air and some remedies with real “healing” potential: sports, balanced nutrition, accepting that nobody is perfect, while the images from glossy magazines are shamelessly lying.

2.-Aggression. Aggressiveness has its well-defined meaning during a sexual act. And, according to the disposition of the protagonists, it becomes (or not) an integral part of the repertoire assumed.

Exaggerated harshness, whipping, hand-binding and other similar actions are rejected by many people who do not like the association of love with a failed attempt of armed robbery or with a pattern of domestic violence (because this is how the practices of unconventional eroticism appear in the minds of some).

Bites or some gentle ass-spanking pass, instead, as acceptable behaviors when needed. As innocuous as it may appear initially, improperly applied, domination behaviors can discourage the male’s erection. For example, especially those made in sensitive areas. In what universe do you think that gentlemen love to be bitten by the penis or gently pulled by the hair on their chest? In none.

The teeth should not come into direct contact with the “wonderful tool” in any form, nor should the hair be treated with the gesture of pulling weeds out of the soil.

If you are a big fan of moderate aggressiveness, it would be better to wait for the opportune time to show your wild side and do it with care and “mercy”.

3.-Lack of reactions. Paid lovers might be experts in this field, but they have not yet achieved the performance of reading women’s thoughts. Like all other mere mortals, they also need confirmation that their initiatives are working and they are not lingering in vain with their nose between the female client’s breasts or while tickling their navel with a feather.

The absence of non-verbal clues (or verbal, when choosing the direct style) offered in response to the male's efforts, would slightly dim his perspective.

What should he do next? Keep moving, change the registry, strive further, check the horoscope?

The “statue” behavior confuses even the most trained Don Juan. And it “rewards” the female individual with a treatment far from her expectations. A disaster that can easily be avoided with a single gesture, word or suggestive interjection.

Therefore, exteriorize your feelings and do not overestimate the clairvoyant abilities of your male “buddy” paid by the hour.

4.-Preference for the “bottom” position. Why the orientation towards “inferior” positions represents an unbearable mistake in intimacy?

Should you feel sorry for the guy working on top, fighting until his last breath in the name of female ecstasy? No, not at all! That is what he is paid for. To sweat and make you completely happy.

The insistence of adopting, each time, the obviously comfortable position, has another disadvantage.

It encourages laziness. You know, that state of grace that convinces you that “nirvana” can also be reached while lying on your belly, on the back, sideways, without any extra effort. It is too “exhausting” and below your “dignity”! But precisely displaying artificially these “defining features” of your personality inhibits your male partners, implicitly depriving you of the best they could offer (in this regard)!

The choice to get out of your comfort zone is entirely yours. Think, however, about the beautiful experiences lost because of the convenience treated as a virtue.

5.-Apathy. In the same category of openly revered convenience, there is also apathy.

It could be said that someone who finances her intimate act gets involved with her body and soul in the amorous story, provokes her imagination, fantasies, unleashes herself with impetuosity, gives everything out of her. Some ladies, however, do exactly the opposite.

They lay down on the welcoming bed like getting ready for a massage, contemplate the floor or, in other cases, the ceiling, as if the solution of immortality lies in it. They are cheap with words, moans, suggestions and personal movements, seem almost disinterested in the subject and on the brink of taking the manicure kit out of their purse to quickly “arrange” their nails.

They leave themselves in the hands of the man (literally and figuratively), for whatever he says is good.

This attitude of non-involvement creates, at some point, frustrations. A session or two of sexual laziness does not kill anyone. However, when it becomes a habit, apathy takes away the charm of interaction, narrows drastically the perspective and deprives you of high-intensity adventures.

Beyond the many self-imposed limits, there is a whole world of carnal pleasures. Here is a radical thought: what if you would be experiencing them by yourself?

* * *

The perfect remedy against harmful habits also taken to the male escort beds?

Defiance. If even defiance does not work, then declare them open war and annihilate them one by one, according to the damages created.

Good luck!