Sex stories from the life of world leaders

Sex stories from the life of world leaders

The great leaders of history were far from being monuments of holiness, boring in the bedroom and immune to the “temptations” of the time. There are some prominent figures that are proof to this: Fidel Castro, King Edward VII (of England) and Nero (Roman Emperor). Along with these famous “wild stallions” there are certainly also others... but perhaps more discreet or attentive to their own reputation.


1.-Two a day. Known for his “revolutionary” policies, Fidel Castro was an interesting character, including sexually. His tumultuous life could undoubtedly become a source of inspiration for any young man with gigolo aspirations.

Who would refuse to take as a model a man who boasted no more, no less than 30.000 female partners under his belt? Indeed, the standard is overwhelming, worthy of the planet's most confident and dedicated lovers. The man, however, had more than 40 years at his disposal to reach this record.

At least this is what Ian Halperin, the director of a documentary based on the experience of Fidel Castro, says. He outlined his exposure based on Ramon's statements, an employee close to the former president. How “close”, no one says. It seems, however, that enough to honestly affirm that, for over four decades, the tireless dictator would have tasted the savor of love with two “graces” a day. It sounds a bit intimidating in the ears of the gentlemen used to the have sex “weekly”, “bimonthly”, “on the salary day” or “on special occasions”, isn’t it?

However, it is possible. Fatigue, lack of mood, the disappearance of good “specimens” on the market are just pathetic excuses. If a President busy to lead an entire country has honorably completed this challenge, then there is hope. But it takes courage too. Adherence to communism is optional.


2.-Sex chair. The conditions of performing a perfect intimate act are extremely important in the eyes of the “lustful” ones. People willing to expose themselves anyhow, anytime, anywhere, are a bold minority, and the hidden parks are appealing only to exhibitionists.

Edward VII, famous for his constant escapades, was very interested in his comfort and erotic satisfaction, given that not even the traditional bed did not meet his requirements. In order to fully enjoy the “privileges” specific to any leader (of those times or... not?), the monarch ordered a special furniture, a chair that allowed him to have sex with two female “subjects” simultaneously, without spending too much effort (in other words, spectacular results with very little resources).

The chair was deposited in a refined brothel in Paris, where the leader of the United Kingdom had a room only for himself.

As for the numerical performance achieved, it is said that about 7.000 younger and older women, eager to experience royal sensations, passed through his bed (or more precisely “through” his chair). Moreover, his prowess was so popular that women made proposals to him in plain street, hoping (curious and hungry for fame) to have an intimate encounter with the eccentric royal personage.


3.-Marrying the wife's doppelganger. If there was made a top of the most dubious love “destinies” from the beginning of humanity to our days, the Roman emperors would surely win the competition, Nero being among those who succeeded to surprise posterity with an... infernal intimate life.

Seduced by his own mother (Agrippina), widowed by his decision to order the assassination of his first wife (Octavia), killer of his second one (Poppaea Sabina), he chooses to marry Sporus, a young man who was said to bear a remarkable resemblance to Poppaea (his second wife). After castrating his partner, he takes him officially as his “wife” and consumes “the love act” in front of the guests invited to the banquet (according to some sources at that time).

Feeling incomplete as a husband, Nero longs to also become a “wife”. He marries Doryphorus (a gorgeous young man) in a ceremony similar to the previous one, excelling in fasting and debauchery. His private life then continues in the same chaotic and aggressive manner.

Although he could have done it with no problems, Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus did not live happily ever after. Tormented by numerous political scandals, the Emperor, in the presence of his personal assistant Epafroditus, committed suicide when he was only 30 years old (6 June 68 AD). His short and twisted existence could inspire the script of a highly successful series of today (horror, drama and comedy under the same title).