Captivating discoveries about... sex

Captivating discoveries about... sex

What else could be said about sex that has not already been mentioned in the pages of magazines, specialized books, on television or on various websites? Each of the people active in the market of amorous meetings, thinks that nothing can surprise them anymore.

And yet...

1.-Theories about the origins of life on Earth constantly appear and divide the world into many sides. One of them says that although life on Earth began 4 billion years ago, the first form of sexual contact occurred 2 billion years ago. Should we understand that living without copulation is perfectly plausible? No! Surely the Universe wants to send a completely different message: “Keep looking!”

2.-The researchers say that the most efficient forms of reproduction are the asexual ones and, therefore, it is unclear what role the sexual act plays (from the perspective of scientific hypothesis about evolution). That's probably because the researchers do not practice it. Condolences!

3.-Hemafrodism, specific to some human beings, can also be found in the case of some worms called Dendrobaena rubida. Unlike many celibates, they perfectly cope with the situation when they do not find a partner for Saturday evening: they double the length of their body so that the female part meets the male one, allowing it to copulate with itself. Clearly, nature was more generous with invertebrates than with thinking bipeds.

4. Relationships based on “interests” are not the exclusive benefit of voluptuous ladies who make money from well-off men or sexagenarian millionaires looking for barely adult girls. Such relations are also popular among the females of some species of penguins, which are wise enough to temporarily abandon their “Chosen one” in order to obtain material benefits (needed to build or embellish the nest) from various lovers... of occasion. Extramarital affairs happen despite the overall monogamous nature of the species. Let someone say that we could define fidelity in absolute terms.

5.-If women succeed, by constant nagging, in convincing men to perform a complex task (such as taking out the garbage), the female macaques resort to screams to make their partners to ejaculate. When his pair does not scream, the male macaque cannot reach orgasm. How nice it would have been if this rule was applicable to human couples too! The statistics regarding the intimate satisfaction of the female partners who have pretensions of much and good would look much different.

6.-Absence of teeth significantly reduces the chances of “scoring”. This is also the case with the lack of brain, muscles or a relevant bank account. This happens in the case of humans. Moreover, in the case of fish, the teeth play a very important role because, together with the bones, the teeth are the necessary arsenal for the conquest. Using their two “weapons”, aquatic vertebrates emit sounds that are irresistible to females.

7.-A termite-eating mammal from Australia possesses a four-headed penis (no, it has not yet become a porn star, but... it still has time). Of these, only two can simultaneously enter the vagina of its “other half”. A huge performance compared to that of the gentlemen endowed with only one which, at times, is... “absent”.

8.-A certain type of gulls flirts with lesbianism and practices it regularly, although the resulted eggs are sterile and, according to evolutionists, represent conclusive evidence that homosexuality transcends the need to perpetuate the species.

9.-Experts show that more than 1500 species embrace homosexuality as a common form of erotic interaction: fish, mammals, reptiles, birds, etc. Extending this view also to humans, demonstrates that the attraction to representatives of the same gender is not an exception, as has often been said.

10.-Vinegar flies (the males), exposed to high levels of alcohol, turn into real sensual predators, trying to conquer everything that gets into their way. The only condition is that the potential “play” partners have wings, not necessarily a vagina. Contrary to their efforts, the plans of the “drunkards” fail lamentably, and the chances of “mating” decrease directly proportional to the aggravation of their state of drunkenness. Does this scenario sound familiar? Yes, after all, it seems that we are not so different from some flies disinhibited by alcohol.

11.-The possibility and the desire to have sex facing each other is the attribute of humans, as well as of a small number of vertebrates: hamsters, beavers and orangutans. The rest of the “world” worships the “doggy style” position more than a bottle of aged wine.

12.-The only kissing creatures besides those wearing dresses or costumes are the white parrots. Their ritual differs, however, from the French kiss practiced by Homo Sapiens. After the birds open their beaks and touch their tongues, the feathered “knight” pours everything he has eaten, into his partner's throat or on the chest. It looks like they also have their “fetishes”...

13.-Men love their penis as their own life. Mollusks without a shell, however, do not! The white-red snail, known as Chromodoris reticulata, living in the warm waters of Southeast Asia, has a disposable genital organ. At the end of the “wild” act, the animal abandons the limb inside its “lover”, not being very affected by this aspect. Anyway, within 24 hours of the respective operation... a “brand-new” one will grow back. How would human males react to the idea of ​​a “regenerative” phallus?

14.-If it does not mate for one year, the female ferret dies. Here's a really dramatic situation.

15.-Discussions about size never ends. And rightly so. Sizes matters a lot when it comes to attraction and affinities. People set their preferences according to height, race, level of education, as well based on weight. Recent studies indicate that obese people, when choosing a partner, follow the same “pattern”. Bon appetite!