Historical curiosities about our body...

Historical curiosities about our body...


Besides its capacity to cause spontaneous excitement (if well sculpted and barely dressed), human body has plenty of abilities and characteristics worthy of the Guinness Book, based on a complex operating mechanism, without abandoning his “owner” in hard times. Having an enviable design, it hides a series of very interesting facts. For example...

1.-Skin weights on average 2 times more than that person’s brain. Perhaps this created the idea that “appearance” surpasses wisdom.

2.-A permanent wrinkle can appear above the eyebrows after 200.000 frowns. It’s obvious that grumpy people will have skin problems, well before the others.

3.-Everybody is born with blue eyes, but soon (most of them) end up having a completely different colour. The change happens a few hours after birth and it is final. Only contact lenses can (partially) save the capricious’ discontent who, later, will long for the original colour.

4.-Ears can have over 300.000 tones. It’s true, not all of them are easily tolerable!

5.-30 seconds are enough for a blood drop to go through the entire body. And this isn’t even an Olympic probe.

6.-Human eye perceives 90% of the information received. Of course, if a group of men watching adult materials would be studied, the percentage would be close to 99,9%.

7.-Every square centimetre of skin hosts at least 32 million bacteria. Most of them being harmless, luckily for their carriers. This applies for society too... most of those living at the other’s expenses, are harmless.

8.-After copious meals, hearing declines. This is a good moment for a (possible) talk, always postponed.

9.-One single step activates almost 200 muscles. Whether on the Earth or on the Moon.

10.-Mozart would conceive his entire musical work in mind and he would finalise it on paper only afterwards. Nowadays, not even computers can compensate for the lack of inspiration or talent of some “musicians”.

11.-Statistics show that one of 2 million of people will live till the age of 116 (or even more). Unfortunately, without being asked whether he/she wants it or not...

12.-During an average lifetime, a person can produce up to 24,000 litres (6340.12 gallons) of saliva. Enough to fill two Olympic swimming pools. Of course, who would want to bathe in such a thing, not to mention the fact that volume and depth would increase significantly if we’d talk about a gourmet...

13.-Fingernails grow two times faster than foot nails. This difference is probably noticed by those who, paradoxically, don’t worry much about it.

14.-As a result of a hormonal imbalance, during the first trimester of pregnancy, pregnant women tend to dream about all sorts of bizarre things... The worst thing is when the partner dreams about the same thing.

15.-The hair “lives” between 3 and 7 years. Every day a person loses between 60 and 100 hairs. This is not serious, except when it falls (and stays) in places where it shouldn’t.

16.-Brain interprets pain signals, but it “personally” doesn’t feel a thing. Don’t you find it quite duplicitous?

17.-Eyes have the same birth size. Nose and ears never stop growing. Visible phenomenon between many of our peers highly developed in this regard.

18.-Statistics show that after 60 years old, 60% of men and 40% of women will snore. Sometimes together, sometimes separately.

19.-Individuals who dream often and intensively have a slightly higher IQ than the others. Possibly even more headaches.

20.-Men’s facial hair grows faster than in other parts of the body. Unfortunately, the same goes for the ladies.

21.-By the age of 60, most people lose almost half of their taste cells. And they don’t have anything to do with lucidity... which unfortunately, has about the same fate.

22.-We lose 80% of the body's heat through the head.

23.-Three hundred million cells die every minute. Then another 300... and another 300... and so on.

24.-The red colour of the lips is due to the high concentration of capillaries under that skin area. And to lipstick, of course!

25.-Right after conception, for 30 minutes, the human being is only a unicellular entity. Only afterwards the small embryo begins forming, as defined by the anatomy books. All the rest is only a fatidic drawing lot: drama or comedy!

26.-Ears secrete more wax in moments of panic or fear. The bladder is not doing great also in those moments.

27.-Human beings are the only creatures who cry after strong emotions. But also when starving or their smart phone is broken.

28.-Heart creates enough pressure to spray blood approx. 10 meters (32.80 ft.) away. An image nothing “spectacular”.

29.-The title of “largest blood vessel” belongs to the aorta. Its diameter competes with that of a garden hose. Unlike it, capillaries manage to be as thick as a 10 band of hair. Absolutely... anorexic.

30.-The eyes can distinguish about 1 million different colours and get more information about the best performing telescope ever built. Maybe we should look more to the stars?

31.-The signal caused by the touch of an object runs through the body over 200 kilometres (124.27 miles) an hour. Really hysterically!

32.-A human being breaths in and out about 23,000 times a day. Check if you don’t believe it.

33.-The stomach of a mature human being has the capacity to store up to 1.5 litres of food. So, always weight yourself before eating!

34.-Fingernails and hair contain the same substance: keratin. This protein also exists in skin structure, horn structure, hooves structure, etc. Therefore, maybe the idea of “cuckold” isn’t an inadequate analogy when it comes to human beings!

35.-The big toes ensure the upright position and maintain balance. Alcohol has the exact opposite effect!

36.-The size of a human’s heart is equal to his own fist. However, is hard to say which causes more harm...

37.-Together, the bacteria in the body weight approx. 2 kg (4.40 lb). So, they are responsible for the disaster revealed by the scale.

38.-The right lung always retains more oxygen than his left counterpart. Here’s who you rely on if somebody (more or less well-meaning) would really want to find out how much you can resist without air.

39.-The oral cavity can store up to 40,000 bacteria, fact that puts kissing into a very romantic perspective... Or it doesn’t?

40.-Women blink twice as often as men do. There isn’t a scientific explanation for this phenomenon, but it definitely brings twice as many benefits.