What lies behind the words of an escort?

What lies behind the words of an escort?


Only those who lived hidden in the wilderness have no idea of ​​the women’s amazing abilities, such as the super power of finding massive discount stores from one kilometer away, the ability to walk on high heels without breaking their neck, the tendency to transform the assimilation of half a kilo (in their weight) into a reason of serious sulk or the habit of saying one thing and thinking the opposite.

If you live under the impression that going to escorts you will be exempt from the clinical manifestations (sorry, classical ones!) specific to the fair sex, you are on a wrong path: companion ladies do not represent the improved version of the common woman, developing immunity to their typical behavior, but are exactly the same... as the others. Only that you don't have to “endure” 24 hours a day, but as long as you paid for. Oh, yeah, and they really do make love! Incredibly well (great advantage, therefore).

The similarities between such a person and the “archetype” can be best observed at the level of communication, where every human being with vagina betrays her appurtenance to the complex species of XX chromosomes. A species within which transmission is based on coded messages. I mean “no” means “yes”, “yes” means “no”, and “oh, baby, you are really good” means “not even close, keep trying... don’t worry, I'm going to bear you just because you are nice or you have a lot of money”.

Returning to the example of “rented” female partners, experts say that these ones also suffer from the disease of coded language, which is why the inexperienced who are lost in the territory of such women, need the following small guide (dictionary):

1.-You can do anything you want. = Go ahead, be perverse, but within the negotiated limits, otherwise I'll call my friend to beat you up or there will be no next time (or perhaps for much more money).

2.-You're tense! You need a relaxing massage. = I hope you appreciate my effort and, in the end, to pay extra. That's how it works in the good world. I'm not some kind of nun to share benefits to the left and right.

3.-Did I tell you that you are my last client? Tomorrow I'm done with this job! I'm tired of doing what I've been doing for so long, and I've managed to arrange something else, much better for me. = I see you have no idea what water and soap means, but I have to invent a plausible excuse to get rid of you and never see you again. I feel embarrassed to tell you the truth.

4.-You are the coolest guy I've ever met. = You and the other guys I’ve met in the last days (which I happen to remember).

5.-You’re so romantic! = Pull yourself together! We don't play in any soap opera. Syrupy declarations are useless.

6.-You're the master. = I don't know exactly what this means, but I say it anyway. I know you're all crazy about it.

7.-I'll be back in two minutes from the bathroom. = Make yourself comfortable, it will take some time.

8.-Yes, I would like to tell you about my past, but maybe some other time. = Mind your own business! I'm not the type of person who takes advantage of your naivety to waste your time with nonsense.

9.-Yes, you can tell me about your problems. = Do I look like a psychologist?

10.-Yes, you can tell me about your ex-girlfriend. = Anyway I will think about something else. I just hope I do not forget to nod emphatically.

11.-No, it doesn’t seem strange to me that you want to wear my bra! = I've seen things even more bizarre in my life. This is not really unusual.

12.-No, I don't mind that you are late. Again! = Anyway, I'll delete you from my list.

13.-I appreciate your “constructive” criticism and I consider it welcome. Thank you! = This is the last time you have the opportunity to do it...

14.-You are among my most well-endowed clients. = It looks like you need a strong encouragement. And also some antidepressants!

15.-Lie on your back and let me take care of you. = Do you really want to sit on top with all those kilos of yours?!

16.-You radiate masculinity from a distance. = You're sweating like an Indian rhinoceros and your annoying beard awakens in me fantasies where I imagine myself epilating your cheeks with wax.

17.-I look forward to seeing you again. = I've learned that politeness is worth a lot. Literally.

18.-Don’t worry, you're in good hands. = Oh, how cute, you're the beginner type, shy and frightened. This is going to delight me.

19.-You have priority over others. = Because you give a lot and ask a little.

20.-I think I fell in love. = I need a naive sponsor.

* * *

The only healthy conclusion that can be drawn as a result of those presented, would be the following: focus your attention on sex and limit communication to the minimum necessary (politely, of course). Thus, both of you will only benefit.