NO means NO!

NO means NO!

From “normal” sex to the one made in unusual positions (or tributary to extravagant fetishes), there is the general impression that escorts are willing (or even forced by the nature of their job) to do what they are asked for, as long as clients pay accordingly. And, even if they do not agree with certain things, like dancing in with chains on heavy metal music or “catting around” in a latex suit, the women swallow up their pride and have to play their role impeccably, waiting with some resignation the end of their working day (in fact of the night). Because this is their purpose, right? At least, this is what believe many of those surprised to find out that the vocabulary of sex art specialists also has the word “NO”.

Although it seems easier to treat them as sensual robots, who obey some of the most wretched orders, clients should understand that the “girls” also have a series of limits assumed not because of lack of professionalism (even singers do not play all possible musical genres), but based on some personal preferences.

The status of escort does not implicitly make them a “commodity” nor does it impose the obligation to do “stuff” against their nature. On the contrary, they decide on their own what they want and what they do not want to offer (this is also one of the big advantages of this occupation), informing the applicants from the very beginning (along with the “traditional” tariff) about the practices considered taboo (their spectrum varying from one person to another).

Those who “make a deal” know what the possible repertoire is, and just like in the case of any other agreement established between people, the rules should be respected to the end, without changes “during the game”, following (for example) a sudden lust for a disinhibitory “sado-maso” or a quick anal. That, at least theoretically!

Unfortunately, there are “beneficiaries” that go beyond this limit. They are those who disappointingly alter the field in question, through inappropriate behavior, caused either by their lack of education or by the false sensation that a good payment compensates absolutely anything, so they can use their “acquisition” at their own discretion.

From their limited perspective, the manifestation of a possible selectivity from the part of the escort is flagrantly contradictory to her existential purpose, being bound by default (“if she has chosen to do what she does”) to honor any requests, no matter how bizarre, unconventional or simply...stupid they would be. Not to mention pestilence!

Contrary to the concept of “the professional makes even the impossible possible”, reasonable people understand that the “pleasure industry” workers are not just some potato sacks without feelings, choices or repulsions, only good to handle with superiority. Why? Because, “shockingly”(!): they are also human beings!

Given that, in the heat of the moment, many things can be said, made and then regretted, it would be advisable to take some precautionary measures in order to avoid conflict situations (tense, mischievous, exaggerated or sometimes, why not, blundering):


1.-Ensure that you have correctly understood the offer's limits. Paid lovers have a lot of talents, but they do not usually speak in parables or maxims. So, when the beauty with soft voice is presenting you her list with professional “possibilities”, take her word for it, without suspecting her of false modesty or “unclear” expressions (specific to many other women, indeed).

For “No, I do not want to put a gas mask on my face and then have my ass spanked with a wand!” means: “No, I do not want to put a gas mask on my face and then have my ass spanked with a wand!”.

Unbelievable, isn’t it?!


2.-Do not insist on the spot with proposals unaccepted initially. Reopening a subject that was classified even during the preamble of the encounter, asking (once in intimacy) as an insistent puppy: “Alright, I understand that you do not want to have your ass spanked with a wand, but what about a small paddle? Look, I happen to have one in my briefcase!”, will undoubtedly be rejected. Nothing is more annoying than the kind of begging and annoying client who likes to play the role of a perfidious fool.

You have made a clear deal, so follow it accordingly! Or... look for someone tolerant to the combination of “gas masks and wild sex with paddles”.

The market is full of young ladies open to atypical proposals.


3.-Do not use physical force. In fact, do not use any of the forms of abuse listed in the dictionary or omitted by it. Physical aggression, much less!

Coercion through intimidation lowers the interaction at an inferior level, a characteristic of primates with behavioral disorders.

Before you become impatient prematurely and in vain, learn that the inner, animalic and “unleashed” side (which you probably thought of) can be used differently. Strictly in the context of erotic expressiveness.

Otherwise, it is called mischief or imbecility, “skills” that are often punished with highly virulent feminine retorts or even worse... with the “surprising” intervention of some male aids thoroughly prepared for such situations. And for emergency cases.


4.-Do not resort to threats. Phrases like “next time I'll go to someone really cooperating” do not impress anyone. So ditch the verbal expressions that do nothing else but immerse you in gratuitous and useless efforts. As for “endangering” promises about shortening life, bruising eyes, breaking bones or sequestration, they are out of the question (also the jokes on this subject fall into the category of “tasteless and with possible repercussions regarding your mental and physical integrity”).

Moreover, you must also keep in mind that the “girls” talk to each other, and the news that you are “undesirable” could spread faster than you imagine, and soon, many of the calls made to other escorts, will remain “mysteriously”... unanswered.


5.-Do not ask for your money back! It might happen for you to set a certain scenario with your “partner” and then, once you get next to each other in something more “comfortable” (in terms of clothing), she invokes acute headaches, tooth or nail pains, taming your sex appetite from the beginning by imposing her own dull and boring sex routine (not before taking your money, obviously). In such circumstances...YES, you have every right to act in accordance with her lack of professionalism (without violence, as we have established!) and to restore the delicate order in the universe. That is, the money returned to the “original” wallet, and the indolent female let to further enjoy her... peace of mind.

Apart from this unique situation, the circumstances in which you initiate a different “scenario” than the one mutually agreed upon do not justify the embellishment and demand for partial or complete return of your already-alienated finances.

When you order at restaurant duck breast in pepper crust and halfway through the meal, you want some Japanese rolls with plums, do you refuse to pay the final bill just because you have changed your mind?

* * *

Paradoxically, the only woman whose words faithfully reflect her thoughts is the escort. Try to remember this almost metaphysical philosophy and understand that, at least in her case... NO means NO.