Men’s shyness in front of escorts

Men’s shyness in front of escorts

The relationship established between a man and an escort, is by far the love interaction with the highest chances to register in the mirific aureole of perfection (a real “invention”, which surpasses the utility of shopping bags, colored post-its or seat belt ), because:
1.-each one receives what he wants;
2.-there is no risk of false illusions;
3.-sex is being made.

Without previous insistences appealing to compassion with humiliation, without sentimental dissimulation or romantic negotiations conducted at dinner, outside, on the premise “I pay the menu, you forget yours way home” (such laborious misogynic thinking, with ancient tradition, may “happen” also all over the world).

The secret behind the miracle that works for thousands of years, seems to be “the operativity”, disinhibition and... the right price!

Even though, by the very nature of things, the mechanism should go like greased (something like this: “I have come, I have seen, I have “scored”), there are also cases in which mature men act like children who get lost among the shelves of sweets and toys: they cry loudly, they get agitated useless, they walk chaotically, screaming for their mommy. Figuratively speaking, of course! Although... there are also desperate cases.

“Side-slippages” (within certain limits) are absolutely normal and occur because customers are nor even them robots with a standard behavior, predictable and 100% rational. 

Reserves, shyness, anxiety are not therefore exteriorizations excluded from the diagram. They are often related to the lack of experience or to a different approach to such practices carried out in the quiet bedroom. 

Otherwise, every man is excited by the idea of spending some time in the company of beautiful, slim, permissive and love expert women, in order to fulfill, with her help, most of their fantasies left since childhood to a stage of “in progress”.

For many of us, sexual services on counter-cost are more at leisure than the night “hunting” for women in clubs, a move that could bring the respective ones at least a minimum of satisfaction of “predator” (and perhaps even a little bit of affection). With the mention that unfortunate ones from birth and those who also have a bad karma, it is possible for the affection in question to bring them as a “bonus” also some special itchiness in their intimate areas, or (most unpleasant and extended as duration) a future irritating neurotically, anxious and possessive “acquaintance” (often suicidal), which confounds occasional sex with the declarations of love or why not... with the requests for marriage. It's true, formulated slightly atypically and maybe far too “intimate”, but however (in her own opinion) formulated.

In addition, no one guarantees that wild love can be given to a stranger “picked up” in who knows what local, will remain in the memory of the man as a chance to remember fondly the next day, after the hangover, or later on, when he will retire. 

Surprises may be major! From the paralyzing “discovery” that beyond the deceiving angelic appearance there hides a transsexual paying attention to all the details which conceals his real “identity” (gender), also being “equipped” much more competitive than the one of the adventurer’s (revelation certified by chance and tactile through the darkness), up to the embarrassing situation of finding out that the freshly known person is the daughter of your boss at work!

The escorts instead, promise certain standards of safety and quality, and the fact that they are active on “the market” and have beneficiaries loyal to them, double their credibility.

However, some men may be covered with emotion, fear, doubts and rather shyness when they find themselves for the first time face-to-face with a sensual, voluptuous “sample” and ready to revolutionize their senses. But not because they regretted the money, the totally uninspired choice of the fragrance with a tint of tangerine and pepper or the previous consumption of alcohol with effect as sedative. But for the simple fact that they are unfamiliar with “the protocol” specific to the situation they just live (for the first time ever), to the stress of framing in time, or other small “obsessions” inadequate to the context.

Sometimes, also the physical appearance, resembling rather the one of an experienced taster of beer or chips, may turn into a problematic acute enough to divert their attention from the appetizing nipples of their escort, to their own breasts found on the verge of gynecomastia. 

Other times, the intimidating thought that they are not just the best studs on the planet, can disturb gentlemen whose breathing accelerates suddenly at the sight of the wonderful body that they have at disposal only for them, being really terrified of the grim possibility that following the meeting, they remain only with... visual memories.

As if it they had been on the verge of a severe assessment to the test of “virility”, worry about them being clumsy, that they will not perform so well, that their fantasies could be construed as exaggerated or at least bizarre, that none of the previous customers of the escort had a belly so big as theirs, that they are pathetic and lacking charm since they need to pay for sex (who would have thought that such a meeting can trigger so much turmoil, more than in a meeting of oppressive psycho-therapy?).

Although they are not in the presence of someone whose primary feature is chastity, they are afraid that their request to be beaten, tied or humiliated, might scare their conjunctural “half”. Uncertainty can occur even if discussions of the erotic limit list have already been worn, clarified, once with the negotiation of the place, time and concerned tariff, in such a way that there are no surprises, refusals or any unhappy myocardial infarction (suffered from the excessive stimulation fund or explosion of adrenaline).

The pseudo-panic perceived by the shy ones, is expressed as a general rule, in certain reserves, blockage or inadequate behaviors, manifesting especially when their partner does not reason with their state of spirit, wanting to do things quickly or to ignore the evident need for “encouragement”.

In extreme cases, the installed anxiety, can lead including to inhibitions and blockages of functions which would have secured the “success”. And who likes to spend the money (no matter how many they had) in order to receive in exchange the stigma of failure?

Really professional escorts know, however, how to handle such situations and to defuse the atmosphere when the customer, from various reasons, feels as such. If they do not “realize” that it the mind of the initiated one found in front of them factory fabricates scenarios in which their “guts” will be acting as a wet scarf, that he is embarrassed as he is at his first charged deviation or because he did not ever try in his dream the sexual games proposed, it is well for the mystery to be shattered by himself, and the cards shown openly.

The recognition of “vulnerabilities” of this kind (first time for money, the first time in an aggressive style, for the first time with a woman, for the first time with a beautiful woman, for the first time in three and so on), may take the “suffering one” the burden from his heart, giving the escort an opportunity to adapt his/her rhythm, intentions and skills to his/her needs.

There are also useful the previous, real discussions concretized in a true “exchange of experience” with those who are familiar to the field, or the virtual ones, with various guys expressing (in full knowledge of the facts) their opinion and personal adventures on the profile sites.

“Ladies” are good not only on sexual tricks, but also at characters or human figures (because of course, they have seen enough). They have countless secret strategies to send even to the shyest ones the confidence they are lacking. And the old slogan applicable in relations to the typical love relationships, seems to be true also in the case of counter-cost “romance”: communication is the key.

Keeping reserves “hidden” will amplify your discomfort. It is clear that not all thoughts must be uttered just like that, a stupid smile on the lips, and eyes innocent like the clueless behind them, but it is imposed some filter. 

It is recommended to make confessions such as: “Yes, I am in the first experience of this kind and I feel nervous about what happens next”, adding, perhaps a nice remark: “If I'm wrong with something, please punish me as you know more... sexy”; but uttering any idea from your brain, such as “I think that I should have chosen a brunette. Blonds are just spectacular, because in bed... they just think they know how to do it!” shall mean a pathetic demonstration of infantile arrogance and lack of elegance.

The customer’s honesty aim is to be treated with empathy, not to be thrown on the stairs or cursed through gritted teeth and rewarded with an “appropriate” performance. 

Once understood the levers which must be operated and how to get that goal, the “fog” will scatter, and the final satisfaction becomes just a matter of time.

Good luck!