Don’t be pathetic!

Don’t be pathetic!

“It is awkward to fight a man trained only for defeat.”

It is a well-known fact that, as a result of their desire to seduce women and of practicing over time different strategies, men create a certain patter or behavioral model in connection with this undertaking. And if that cliché brought them some success, they will certainly get used to putting it into practice all the time, with any woman they want to seduce. Unfortunately (for them), in the case of escorts, things are a little bit different! By definition, they treat any emotional relationship as just a job and they very rarely let a client go beyond their professional “shell”.

Such an approach to emotional interactions makes escorts a little tougher, more trenchant and harder to “lure”. The experience gathered over time enables them to recognize many male tricks or simply to develop a type of immunity when it comes to these tricks.

Women in general know very well exactly what they want and if they also chose the path of a relatively free life, filled with eroticism, sensuality and money, it is very difficult to convince them that it is “nice” or “moral” to wait for your husband at home like a good girl.

Therefore, we would like to suggest some tips that you should use when you decide to meet a professional. The purpose of these tips is to help you not fall into ridicule and not make your presence uncomfortable, hilarious or embarrassing:

01.-When you call an escort, don’t be persistent and don’t call her every five minutes, thinking that you will make her pick up the phone. You must understand that, in principle, it is her interest to take the calls she receives, but there are moments when she is simply busy... Your stubbornness or persistence can very well cause her to save your number in her phone book at the category of callers she never intends to talk to again or, even better, to block your number in order to be sure you will not bother her again.

02.-Don’t get involved in scholarly discussions about your hobbies, knowledge, fortune or job, thinking that, this way, you will be perceived as a charismatic and captivating person! Escorts hate purposeless conversations. After all, they are not employees at a call-center for frustrated men. You must understand that the job they have chosen makes them more interested in concrete and immediate things and “stories” not only bore them, but keep their phone busy to the detriment of other potential clients. Next time you call, you have all chances to be quickly refused (possibly with apologies).

03.-Don’t brag about being what you are not or what you will never be! Women who work in this field have a great sense of “smelling” money, wealth and a man’s real possibilities. The moment they realize you are bluffing, you will be treated harshly and with sarcasm.

04.-Don’t ask escorts to marry you just because you feel you get along perfectly with them or they attract you physically! Marriage and any other form of long-term commitment are exactly what these women don’t want. And you will not want it either especially after you picture the real consequences of such a hazardous approach.

05.-Don’t drink alcohol excessively in order to give you courage or thinking that you will be more cheerful in private! Of course, it is just an illusion and you will only create embarrassing and hilarious situations.

06.-Pay the agreed price from the very beginning! This is an almost legendary rule and you will certainly not be the one to change it!

07.-Don’t promise things you cannot or don’t know if you will ever be able to accomplish. Escorts will remember and if you disappoint them, you will most likely be excluded from their list of interesting clients.

08.-Don’t brag about your physical appearance and the size or performance capabilities of your sexual organ and don’t send messages with promises of moments of ecstasy or exceptional sexual performances. If you think escorts are actually interested in that, you are very much mistaken. These women have at least 2-5 clients a day, of which at least one is fairly good looking and has “the goods”! Generally, girls are amused by such “braggarts” because the following question rightfully comes to mind: “If he is so good looking and potent, why does he go around calling escorts... and do not the girls look desperately for him?”

09.-Don’t hope to get anything for free if you promise escorts to give them oral sex. 90% of their clients use their tongues during sex... and it is not exactly for whispering or uttering words of admiration. You will probably find it hard to believe, but this is how things really are!

10.-Don’t ever ask escorts why they haven’t chosen a different job, suggesting they are too beautiful and too smart to be “used” by men! You will only prove to be a hypocrite. We don’t mean to point the finger, but you are with them precisely in order to “use” them. And you will certainly not repress your desires because you are filled with remorse or moralizing thoughts! And if you make these remarks after sex... they will be even more embarrassing.

Now that you know something about the attitude you should have with the escorts, you can click here!