“Allowed” and “prohibited” in the dialogue with an escort

“Allowed” and “prohibited” in the dialogue with an escort


The good thing in dealing with an escort is that the man has no obligation to verbally “warm up” his partner, reciting Shakespeare sonnets or plastically praising her perfectly sculpted nakedness.

However, some of the clients feel comfortable when they accompany their “number” with certain erotic lines, intended to warm up the atmosphere a bit. And if pleasure is on both sides, then freedom also follows closely.

The relaxation in question must, however, be limited, because it's not exactly recommended to utter any sensual fable manufactured by hormones. Sometimes, these words can do more harm than good.

How to determine the difference between allowed and prohibited at intimate level with someone paid? A few guiding ideas might be helpful:


That way, yes...

1.-“I find it quite impossible not to touch you!” This is the main purpose of the date. Meaning, touching in the most daring way possible (and, obviously, not only to contemplate the creature in question from a distance or to share with her personal theories about the afterlife). For this reason, the exteriorization of the state by words, harmoniously completes the picture.

2.-“You taste so good!” She has probably already found out that males appreciate that quality of her. In the contrary case, she would not have had the agenda full of appointments and urgencies desperate like a biliary crisis. It would not harm you to also say it aloud. It's good for the psyche. 

3.-“You're so sexy!” The finding will not blow her away, whereas she is used to be noticed continuously by this genetically acquired “guilt”. Verbalizing the obvious will confirm, on the other hand, to you, that you have made the most appropriate choice, inciting you to perform with your heart at peace and eyes satisfied with the naked view.

4.-“I love your mouth/breasts/ass!” The list of adorations can be extended to any part considered fascinating, being completed (how else?) by specific actions, involving “the character” hired. Be careful, though! Don't forget that “worshiping” has a certain period of validity, expiring on the time of departure.

5.-“I want to explore every inch of your body!” It was not in vain that the one in question bathed, epilated, creamed and perfumed (it would have been ideal for you to have done the same way as the “princess”, at least in the chapters of personal care). The observation will unleash your imagination, starting the hour of wild love, without restrictions and any regrets.


That way, no...

1.-“How about a massage?” Sure, the proposal could be welcomed when by massage is meant an indecent game with fingers (intrusive), not the classical kneading of shoulder blades, in such a way as to relieve the severe back pains of a grandma. 

2.-“You can fall asleep, I’ll stay here to watch you!” It is not a great tragedy if the sexual episode ends quickly, in shorter time than expected, and you still have enough time to plan a second round. Rather than sleeping, you better think of any other little naughty things. Sexual ones. Proposals such as “come on, go to sleep, I will caress your hair and watch you avidly” or “I want to see how you eat that large slice of pizza” sounds both bizarre and far too... domestic. 

3.-“Where have you been my whole life?” Said in the specific context of the cigarette after, the question has a certain meaning. But nothing else! Otherwise, the atmosphere can turn into an overwhelming, annoying and embarrassing one.

4.-“Waking up next to you is more enjoyable than having you!” (a reflection valid for those wanting to extend the experience from a mere hour, to an entire night). And for her is more preferable to take your money than to hear your sentimental-syrupy phrases but, if her strong nerves helps her obtain something extra, she will do that too. With the mention that her malleability and interests will not cancel your lamentable patheticism (in this case).  

5.-“I want to prepare you something delicious to eat!” To such an invitation, the professional called to your personal address, with the pair of handcuffs in her purse, next to the condoms, and the transparent underwear under her short leather skirt, will not even know what it hit her. How to react to this? And what is really going to happen? Love comes after or before the dinner? Will you also give her a toothbrush to get refreshed or do you have a fetish with her breath smelling like salmon, baked potatoes and peas? Will she excuse herself for being on diet? Or... ?

Be careful, kindness is good, but the extremes are bothering.

* * *

Even if, as a result of the proper behavior adopted with the beautiful young lady, you do not receive any discount or qualifiers and appreciation, the approach will be reflected on the quality of date as a whole, and on the response received to possible future demands.