What do people do before having sex?

What do people do before having sex?

Whether it's tasted occasionally, like fine drinks, or has its privileged place in the daily agenda of the protagonists, sex brings the same satisfaction comparable only to a great lottery win.

When it doesn't happen spontaneously, the anticipation of this type of physical contact generates two completely different types of attitudes.

While men are experiencing the great moment of supreme happiness only with a hot shower and a condom resistant to multiple challenges, women feel the need to go through a whole ritual of preparation. As if the success of the act itself it would be directly proportional to the time spent at the beauty salon, length of the nails or the color of the underwear.

Obviously, the scenario is valid for situations where the two are at their first erotic date or, at most, at the earliest stage of their “love story”, meaning at that “golden” period of time, when both make great efforts to reach perfection in what they do, or at least to leave that impression.

The enthusiasm to be noticed in a positive way, gradually decreases to a point where the romantic atmosphere, the prelude or the extra kilos are no longer so important. Acceptance takes the place of appearances, resignation takes the place of hope, and sex no longer depends on exaggerated circumstances and expectations, but only on the pulse of the moment. Also, sporadic!

However, before reaching the “performance” of transparency and, at the same time, entering the dull zone of routine, the day of sex represents a major event, marked in red in the calendar, which the gentlemen are waiting for like a festive dinner after a day of fasting, and the ladies with their head full of turmoil, questions and “scenarios”. Because, as we have already mentioned, if men are enough with the shower and a condom (in the happy cases), women conceive all sorts of strategies to ensure that things will be done according to the highest standards.

Thus, the interval of time previous to the “orgy” itself, runs the most likely, something like this...

In the case of the man:
-He wakes up with difficulty. He all sweat and excited with what he dreamed. He warms up his palms while he is heading quickly toward the bathroom. He intensively solves his... tension. He takes a short shower. He does not forget to use a little aftershave, even if he has not shaved. He knows he's going to have sex.
-He has a rich breakfast. He thinks of sex.
-He is hurrying to work. He waits, nervous, at the traffic lights. He thinks of sex.
-He gets to work. He thinks of sex.
-He takes a short break. He talks with his colleagues about sport. He thinks of sex.
-He is going back to work. He thinks of sex.
-Lunch time. He eats. With appetite, actually. He thinks of sex.
-He gets things done only on half. He utters a few “quiet” curses directed to his boss. He thinks of sex.
-He leaves work. He meets his girlfriend. They have dinner. He thinks of sex.
-He has sex.

In the case of the woman:
-She wakes up stressed. She realizes she forgot to buy a new pair of stockings. She spends an hour in the shower.
-She doesn't know what to wear tonight. She puts her clothes on the bed. She misses exactly what she needs. She is a little hungry but she doesn't eat. She leaves hastily and stressed. Still has not decided what to wear...
-She gets to work. He convenes one of her close and non-envious colleagues. She imagines hypotheses, asking for tips, changing impressions, decisions are taken. Even vital ones.
-She does everything on the run. She is pleased that she took the time this weekend to go to the hair removal salon.
-She takes lunch, meditating. She doesn't eat much, she is careful to her “tummy”. She fictively visualizes her wardrobe limiting her options to three, ok... four variants. She is really euphoric at the thought that some days ago, she bought new underwear. Lacy one.
-She calls her best friend. She thinks of hypotheses, asking for tips, changes impressions, decisions are made. The same “vital” ones.
-She works a little more. She regrets that she skipped the last two fitness sessions... she would have been in better shape now. She thinks back to her “tummy”.
-She invokes stomach pain and asks permission to go home earlier. She goes to the beauty salon, to make eyebrows, to arrange her nails and to comb her hair.
-She gets home. She decides on an outfit. She changes her mind... at least four times.
-She spends an hour in the shower. Then, for 20 minutes she brushes her teeth. In 30 puts on make-up. In 15 she gets dressed. The final touches last another 15 minutes.
-She changes her mind again about her outfit. Twice (too late, she does not have time any longer to change). The perfume, the shoes, the purse, the keys... she looks once more in the mirror, unsatisfied.
-She calls a taxi. She reaches the place of the date. She eats, drinks, laughs loudly, speaks, she is excited and stressed at the same time, anticipates moments, checks from time to time her lipstick, her phone and pulse, she laughs again loudly, she is impatient.
-She gets to his home. She does the inventory. She inspects the cleanliness, the romance and the smell of the place. She takes her clothes off. She tries to stick to the plan. She does not remember what was to happen...
-She has sex.

Although the scenario is slightly exaggerated, it reflects, however, to a certain extent, the differences between women and men, between the simple and practical manner in which males are getting ready for action and the superhuman efforts (to behave, to smell and to look) which the representatives of the fair sex invest in the idea of bodily fusion. And which, obviously, decrease with the passage of time, without, however, reaching the cheerfulness and the lack of stress specific to male’s efforts (it is probably a genetic problem!).

But things do not happen endlessly this way. Once with the development of the relationship, women are no longer so scandalized if they are taken “by surprise” in unworthy situations (for a wild ad-hoc party), such as in full process of juicy and conscientious cooking, while cleaning, disheveled, around the house or even on the day when they fatefully missed the epilation session of their inguinal zone.

After months or years of living together and repeated sex, girls more rigid than a professional organizer of solemn events, become tolerant with the place and the way in which the erotic episode is carried, but also with the personal appearance or the time allocated to special preparations for this purpose.

In other words, they live the moment more intensely, without worrying that they do not wear the sexiest underwear from the “new collection”, that they had not brushed their teeth for the last half hour, or that they are a quarter sleeping and with the thought of their favorite TV show.

Which is not exactly incriminating. Of course, the men want a clean partner, arranged and perfumed, to attract them with a provoking “package” and possibly a series of lascivious movements. But, beyond the symmetry of eyebrows, the total absence of hair in the “strategic” zones or the strong hydrated hands, gentlemen appreciate the self-confidence, naturalness and women's active contribution to the achievement of the moment. Its absence cannot be compensated even with 10 compact hours spent at the beauty salon.

It shouldn't be understood that it’s all right for the ladies to entirely disregard their image or the crucial role played in the sexual aesthetics of the couple's life. It is possible that men are conquered by naturalness, but that does not mean that they like mediocrity or careless, “hairy” appearances wrapped in a smell of grilled steak (although... there are also such exceptions). Especially since, with the installation of monotony in the bedroom, sex must be revived by any means.

Efforts should be, however, directed to both physical appearance and attitude, in a reasonable and non-excessive manner.

Extremes are not at all desirable, nor in one direction, nor in the other. This applies to both Eve's descendants who carefully plan their sexual encounter with 2 weeks in advance, as to the most negligent ones. The descendants of Adam should also not forget that in addition to the shower and the related condom, it would be beneficial to arrange also the other “details” they owe to their partners. Whether it's about romance, sensuality, gym or shaving the beard untrimmed since prehistoric times.