Weird sex laws

Weird sex laws

Sexual freedom has special meanings for every person, group, community or country. If for some people having sex with blinds raised is a small thing, banal, even insignificant, for others, this indecent exposure designates a behavior which could happen only when drunk or not even like that. 

Similarly, if for a particular State, infidelity is judged only morally, but not before the court, for others, the lack of loyalty is regarded as an offense charged legally.

In the sphere of amorous life, the line of demarcation between "is possible" and "is possible, but if you do it, you surely get to prison" is a thin and slippery one, as evidenced by the legislative provisions of several nations:

01.-Often associated with the idea of homosexuality, the term "sodomy" refers, in its general meaning, to those relations which exclude vaginal sexual acts (sometimes even at zoophilia). In Nevada, the United States, the legislation of the '50-'60, provided severe penalties for acts of sodomy, including the death penalty. The choice was thus difficult: a few minutes of extreme euphoria or... "goodbye life"?

02.-Virginity is not everywhere a virtue. In the Guam Islands, it represents a major impediment to marriage. Virgins are forbidden by law to marry, so they are obliged to resort to the services of certain erotic "professionals" specialized in preparing unexperienced girls for the long wanted marriage. Beautiful job...

03.-On the Bahrain Island, men are not allowed to look but only those genital organs "with which they got married before law and divinity". The prohibition applies not only for the capricious ones who got bored with the vagina of their wife, and want to diversify the menu a little bit, but also for gynecologists. With no other option at hand, doctors are forced to perform the checks and medical procedures in a really interesting manner, namely... in the mirror. 

04.-Of all countries, only Lebanon understood that it cannot stand in the way of "love" between a person and his sheep or goat. The country's laws allow sexual relations with animals as long as lovemaking is limited to female animals. Relations with male animals is outside the sphere of tolerance of authorities and common sense, "zoophiles" of this type found guilty, being sentenced to death.  

05.-The idea of voyeurism and exhibitionism take many forms, some more weird and more "mandatory" than others. In certain parts of Colombia, (at least) the mother of one of the newlyweds has the ticket guaranteed to their first night of love. Her presence close to the marital bed (inadequate from many points of view), is reserved by tradition. Popcorn are, however, optional.