Factors that influence sex

Factors that influence sex

Like any other human specific feature, the sexual behavior is also subject to involuntary mechanisms which may be adjusted to the personal purposes, as long as they do not exceed your own area of understanding or what defines “normality”, in general and generically. 

For example, if chocolate excites, the dependence on TV has an effect exactly opposed, if meditation helps ladies to get incendiary orgasms, substantiate praises suspport gentlemen to excel in bed, if more men dream that they get their partners in the seventh heaven, women also imagine themselves... satisfied (of course, in the most selfish possible way). “Rules” of sexual functionning are many, complex and don't surrender to the school along with physics or human anatomy. Although, deciphering them would contribute, to be sure, in a much more appropriate management of the love situations in which a person may be involved at a given time. 

Because the information must never be ignored, neglected or underestimated, but understood, analyzed and used strategically, here are a few small “secrets” from the backstage of both sexes:

1.-The state of meditation and... orgasm. All too often, ladies and damsels (dissatisfied) give up the opportunity to reach orgasm at the game of circumstances, male patience, the position of Mars in relation to the sun, the carbohydrates consumed at breakfast or to an unjustified optimism, fueled by the principle: “positive thinking moves the mountains”. The blessed science informs that the possibility of ladies to reach the maximum intensity of the erotic act depends on certain periodic actions that they can undertake, among which there is also... meditation. Once a habit, the state of introspection and daydreaming (self-induced) can significantly improve the woman's ability to get excited and then be able to enjoy maximum sexual vibrations.

2.-It's not the size that matters, it's the encouragement! The idea that “size matters” is so famous, “exhaustive” and resounding that many males end up being frightened by the fact that the dimensions of their own “endowments” do not reach the level of women's expectations, which (it is supposed that) they aim at an “instrument” the longest possible, big and resistant in these “proportions” for a period at least “repeatable” when it comes to erotic “symphonies”. It seems that 56% of men are tortured by the idea of ​​their male “insufficiency”, wishing extra centimeters (long and wide) that bring them the first place in the “artistic impression” chapter. And a significant part of these transfers their frustations into the bedroom too, performing according to their own perceptions about... themselves. Precisely for this reason, the encouragement, praise or joy of the woman who exclaims, without suggesting (through any ironic tone) the opposite, that she is extremely pleased with the view she sees after removing clothing, increase the self-confidence of her partner and, by default, the quality of “performance”.

3.-In no case it's not like in the movies... Are there any men who enjoy conversations about sexual dysfunctions? The answer is definitely NO. Despite this, reality turns out to be darker than in adult movie scenarios, where sex is like a sports match with extra time, the penis as an Eiffel Tower (maybe “a little” smaller), and the orgasms come one after the other, like the irresistible sweets, produced intermittently and continuously by a productive sweets factory (automatic, obvious). Unlike porn characters, real people do not make love for hours, do not have oversized breasts and phalluses and they do not live without even crossing each other from time to time with problems that can only be solved with kindness, therapy, sport, medicine or surgery. Among the “inconveniences” that require specialty drug treatment, or at least increased self-confidence, are also the erectile dysfunctions, with 31% of men recognizing that they can not get a proper “tonus” of their own penis, while 34% have difficulty keeping it up... until the “end”.

4.-Disturbing factors for sex. Those who believe that cellulitis, excessive work, low estrogen or testosterone are the only ones responsible for the decrease in libido, may be amazed to discover that sexual desire can be (negatively) influenced by the presence of the banal and seemingly harmless TV in the “marital” room. Once the addiction on TV (this also includes the PC, the laptop or the Smartphone) has been developed, the desire to have sex decreases. Researches claim that the pairs who have not provided their bedroom with these technological marvels, save 50% more time and energy, in order to engage in relevant intimate activities, focusing on foreplay, climax and spectacular completing, accompanied by the the soundtrack of the cycle: “Honney, it's so good!”.

5.-Women are much more selfish when it comes to pleasure. As in any other aspect of the sexual life, also regarding fantasies, men are considered to be... the black sheep (in the couple, or out of it). It is said that they are the only ones who dream of eccentric orgies, instinctive behaviors, depraved “combinations” and “dirty” expressions uttered in a perverse way. On the other hand, women seem (it is just a false impression) to limit themselves to “episodes” resulting in foreseeable and quiet positions, along with a single partner, their only “sin” in this respect being the rare fantasies (“usually vague and uncomplete”) that they are loved by the most controversial politician of the moment, by some overrated modern star or by the shy high school teacher. This superficial perception (that has entered a lot in the mental-collective routine) regarding the oneiric moderation of young ladies and the masculine excesses manifested on this subject, form a cliché nothing corresponding to reality. The lack of inhibitions that the subconscious allows in the dream world belongs to both men and women, and both are tempted to practice, at an imaginative level, what in reality is considered “forbidden”, “degrading” or “inconceivable”. There is, however, a “subtle” difference between the fantasies of the two sexes and demonstrates, on the one hand, the need to validate the masculinity and, on the other hand, a borderless selfishness: studies claim that while profoundly altruistic men emphasis on partner satisfaction, women are interested exclusively in... themselves.

6.-The look that transmits desire. Intense and prolonged eye contact increases sexual attraction. Here is a good trick for the shy man who wants to seduce his partner, for the man who seeks to divert his beloved's attention from his recent being late home to his recent boner, or for the woman who has tried all to find her soul mate, without succeeding. However, the desired effect can only be achieved by using all the weapons of seduction that someone possesses in their personal baggage of erotic-seductive knowledge and habits, in such a way that, the technique of the persistent “seeking” of a “targeted” look (managed “unprofessionally”), can easily turn into an embarrassing and burdensome consequence, similar to a clinical diagnosis with psychiatric connotations.

7.-If you visit Germany... Each country is recognized for its minuses and pluses, some real, other arising from a series of urban myths, “swallowed” without chewing. From the statistics on the degree of comfort of the inhabitants, to theories about potency, romanticism or intimate skills, information on national characteristics, brings honors or, on the contrary, shame to the image of the various populations. The label of “less skilled lovers” is attributed, not by default but based on studies and long “measurements”, to the Germans. A possible reason for this situation could be represented by the substantial incompatibility between the organizational spirit pushed to the extreme (for which the Germans are so famous) and the less “mechanic” side of privacy where they probably fail to give up their old habits that have brought them prosperity, and certainly will bring it in the future.

8.-The aphrodisiac chocolate. For women, the need or desire to have intimate relationships is sometimes stronger after a small dessert of good mood and chocolate, as is already evident from the statements of lovers of cocoa, sugar and sex (the composition of chocolate stimulates the hypothalamus and brings positive changes to the serotonin level). This particular connection of dependence could be of great help to men concerned to supplement the happy opportunities where they get tenderness from their partners, not only with the promises of future “sex” plans (usually... uncertain or purely illusory). And the increase in opportunities requires (evidently!) the increase in supplies of delicious products with a sweet or bitter taste.