More curiosities about sex

More curiosities about sex

What else could be said about sex in addition to the tons of information that is already circulating fast as a high-speed train? Fortunately (for all of us), given that the subject is a vast and inexhaustible one, the novelties continue to emerge, bringing to light new unusual aspects related to human sexuality and its always exciting challenges.

1.-Sport influences sexual pleasure.
In addition to helping us to maintain our silhouette, improve our health, psychical balance and disconnect us from our daily worries, boss’ callousness, neighbors' noises or lack of peace in the world, the sport also contributes to transforming the sexual experience into a dreamlike one. And the statements of female practitioners who say that their erotic performances are extraordinary, support the idea that physical activity should mean something more than just walking to the car, office, meeting room, canteen or toilet (a real superhuman “adventure”, followed later by retaking this route in the opposite way).

Women who practice a particular sport (whether it's just running through the park) have a clearly superior blood flow at the level of their clitoris, which significantly enhances their satisfaction.

Like any positive thing, however, it also comes at a price. And the price of pleasure lies not only in the woman's availability, the man's endowment or the skills of both of them in the bedroom, but in the 20 minutes (recommended) of methodical effort, spent before the sexual act, minutes that are said to sharpen the senses tremendously. Some kind of “warming up”...

2.-Sex toys do not “bite”.
Although they are available to anyone and can be purchased easily and at a relatively modest cost, erotic accessories are not of interest to everyone, either because of prejudice or of fear of trying something new. Studies reveal an alarming percentage of women who have never in their life used a vibrator, so beneficial to the soul and body: 47%.

For the daring women that are going to initiate themselves in the art of using these instruments with a huge potential of self-gratification, it is advisable to choose as an “introduction” something more “human” (no matter how great the initial enthusiasm), initially opting for smaller sizes and not for giant vibrators. With a little patience, in time it will come their turn too.

3.-“Nerds” are the best lovers.
Persecuted in high school by the popular kids, virgins far beyond the adolescence threshold and conservatives in all respects, the so-called “nerds” (bizarre individuals immersed in their field of activity and lacking minimal social skills) seem to offer incendiary surprises to the younger or older ladies with whom they succeed (quite late) to share their bed. The secret ace in their sleeve lies in their willingness to place the partner's pleasure above their own satisfaction and to show attention or interest in all the desires of their female “teammate” (at least, according to research revealing that 82% of them are willing to please, to the end, those who give them a minimal chance in this regard).

4.-Kissing and depression.
In today's feverish present, people barely have time to make love, not to mention kissing beyond the space reserved, from time to time, to the cuddles before or during the erotic act. Researchers, however, draw attention to the fact that those who fondle, caress or kiss their partners outside the official sexual program are 8 times less prone to depression than those who restrict this type of emotional manifestations only to the time of the interaction in the bedroom.

Therefore, every opportunity can be transformed into a little demonstration of romance and kisses for no reason: in the evening when watching TV, during a walk in the park, before or after a meal. And if we take into account the spectacularness, savor and intense emotion triggered by the kisses, including between girls (when this is favored by more “extended” love preferences), then things are really “explosive”.

“Coldness” can cause, otherwise, bad moods and unprecedented depressive tendencies.

5.-Pornography and religion.
Besides the classical scenes with appetizing nuns and lusty believers, the two “activity” fields do not betray anything in common. However, in reality, online pornography seems to be accessed in a much higher percentage in countries linked to conservative religious principles, regardless of their profile (which, among other things, confirms once again the uncontrollable power of attraction of the “forbidden fruit”).

6.-Circumcision and vulnerability.
According to statistics, 30% of men on the planet are circumcised, while the rest not. In 70%, the fact that the penis is usually covered makes the tip more sensitive to the touch when it is left without the protective “shell”. This can be both an advantage (thanks to the ability to receive, in a superlative way, the stimuli coming from outside) and also a precursor of vulnerability.

It is important for women to remember that this is a sensitive area that should under no circumstances be bitten with much force (would be indicated not to do it at all), pricked, pinched or manipulated with negligence (interdictions otherwise applicable to both types of genitalia).

7.-The average number of sexual partners.
Research shows that men are privileged when it comes to the number of sexual partners they have had (throughout their lives), the average number being seven, with only four in the case of women.

At the same time, however, scientists doubt the absolute accuracy of the data in question, as males tend to overestimate the number, taking the role of a Macho-Man, which (they think) suits them by definition, while the ladies prefer to underestimate, so that they can fit into the patterns of conservative morality, traditionally assigned to them.

The consequence is, in this case, the creation of a “the chicken or the egg” dilemma, with emphasis on the almost rhetoric and eternal question: after all, are the expectations of society that determine the sexual (natural) behavior of individuals or vice versa?

8.-The natural enlargement of the penis.
Experiments show that there is a unique (happy) situation in which “manhood” can be significantly increased without pills, natural treatments, surgery or offerings to any dubious god of sex. This applies to the category of overweight men, who, for every 10 kilograms dropped, “win” 2.5 cm (0.984 in) extra (to the area of ​​maximum interest... of their penis). And, obviously, an extra dose of self-esteem.

9.-Aggressiveness during sex.
Some of Eve's descendants prefer rough and uncensored sex, resorting to certain unconventional practices to revive the atmosphere in the bedroom. Meanwhile, others fear pain, bruises or visible marks and avoid slipping into that “dangerous” area with BDSM tendencies.

The worries are, however, much more unjustified than necessary, since science says that the hormone called “oxytocin”, released during intercourse, reduces the pain to half.

However, moderation must be practiced even under these favorable conditions, and spanks, pinches, bites or even mild “torture” are required to be applied with the indispensable prior consent and due consideration to the context.

10.-Increasing potency... for women.
Science says that the famous “miracle” pills (for increasing potency) have an effect not only on those for whom they are intended (men), preparing them for a remarkable sexual marathon but also on the female side that sometimes complains of certain dysfunctions (of libido, excitation or orgasm). During the research, there were noticed improvements in the quality of intimate life for 72% of all people who had received appropriate treatment for their problems (obviously, under strict medical supervision).

11.-Tricks for prolonging the sexual act.
Depending on their length, sexual acts can bring a smile to the face, medical visits or extra arguments for a divorce. It all depends on the duration. Studies show that the average length of a European erotic episode is 16 minutes, while that of an American one is of 7. Not everyone is, as it seems, equally fortunate. However, there is also an undeniable positive part that for any problem there is a solution! There is, however, a positive part that is undeniable, that solutions can be found for any problem! And performance (for example) can be prolonged by a simple but effective trick, by curling your fingers into a ring and carefully squeezing (after erection) the penis (at its base) for a few seconds. It’s worth giving it a try!