When I was 14, I wanted to I have a girlfriend.

At 16, my wish has been fulfilled. I had a girlfriend but I did not feel physically attracted to her.

Being a student, I became friends with a very sensual woman, but sensitive. At the slightest misunderstanding she burst into tears, threatening to commit suicide.

I understood that I needed a balanced woman, with a stable character. At 25, I met such a woman. Unfortunately she was too predictable and I got bored quickly.

At 28, I met a very temperamental woman. She talked a lot and passionately, jumping from one topic to another and she was a bit quarrelsome. I could not keep up with her.

I understood that I need a smart woman with strong character, who knows what she wants and knows how to fulfill her own desires. I was lucky and found her. We got married. The thing is that she quickly got bored of me, filed for divorce and left with everything I had.

Today, at 40, I’m looking for beautiful women with big breasts.