In the compartment of a train, a guy is sitting in front of a blonde girl with big breasts and a very short skirt.

Although he made remarkable efforts to keep his eyes fixed on the window, his glances slips inevitably to the girl's thighs.

He easily noticed that the girl was not wearing any panties, and from that moment on, the landscape outside suddenly seems uninteresting to him.

The chick noticed it and immediately attacked him boldly:
-Are you looking at my pussy?
-Yes, I apologize!
-Oh, no problem! Look carefully, because she will send you a kiss.

And indeed, with an almost natural effort, the vaginal lips send the guy a kiss.
-I can make her blink, the girl says. And the pussy blinks.

The guy on the next bench simply got stunned.
-She may even applaud...

And the pussy even applauded.

The young girl invites him next to her. The guy immediately jumped next to her.
-Would you like to put two fingers between my pussy lips?

The guy puts his hand to his mouth in a sign of astonishment and exclaims excited:
-Come on, to hell with it, do not tell me she can also whistle...