After a shipwreck, six women and one man arrive on an island. They avoid each other as much as they can, until one day when a little more daring girl comes to him and says:
-Hey, you with the tail in front! We have thought of making you a profitable offer for everyone. You will have sex with each of us one day a week, on Sunday you're free, and we do all the necessary work to take care of you.

The guy thinks a little, sees the pleasant part of the problem and gladly accepts.

A few weeks later, one morning, the male was sitting, bored, on the beach, blase and a little exhausted by the women who "worked" him quite intensely. Suddenly he sees a ship in the distance.

The guy gets up and starts making desperate signs, happy that he is going to escape from the island and that the nightmare of the 6 insatiable women will end. Bad luck! The ship is wrecked.

The next morning, the man sees an unconscious man on the beach. He begins to work hard to bring it back to life, full of hope that they will share the chore of satisfying the women.

The shipwrecked guy wakes up, recovers his senses, looks admiratively at the tanned guy next to him and begins to caress him...

Our man slaps his forehead and says bitterly:
-Damn bad luck! There goes my Sunday!