What excites women in a man?

What excites women in a man?

We can clearly state that a woman gets aroused by romantic caresses and tender touches in the private parts, or hugs and passionate kisses (as they saw in the endless television series), but that's not all. Nor could have been otherwise... Women's erotic predilection starts still from a number of brain complex functions (unbelievable, isn’t it?), which means that besides the physical side, there are a myriad of other details that “detonate” their senses when it comes to sex.

In men it is much simpler. If they have a “failure” in this regard, they would run to the pharmacy, buy the famous blue pill (or its substitute variants) and the problem is solved as well. With ladies though, things are as usual, a little more complicated. A miracle “pink” pill has not been invented yet and probably will not ever be, because female libido is still far too convoluted to be deciphered even by the most renowned scholars. And if it still would... in any case it would not solve the problem with a simple blood inflow.

If a man is stimulated with predilection visually, being quite enough a pair of nice breasts, a nice ass or some long legs... in too few cases manifesting their tastes “with exactingness” to the idea of an uniform whole, well, women cannot be excited unless all five senses are satisfied. And really full. It is not enough for the male to meet certain criteria (e.g. being tall). He must really be a plurality, sometimes impossible heterogeneous. For though she wants a cocktail as rich in flavors, the spoiled one of the planet would still want to feel the tastes separately and completely. Simple, isn’t it?

Still, what excites a woman?

Firstly, the innocence! These creatures are downrightly fascinated by the naive side of men, because after all, they are and remain some older children, permanently shrouded in the aura of an infantile behavior. It's very exciting for a woman to see a strong man, able to cope with life, with maybe a hard job, stressful or possibly tough, keeping a small corner of his soul exuding innocence. For Christmas, when you unpack gifts impatiently, be sure your partner enjoys excited that image of pure joy that she reads in your eyes.

Perhaps it is amazing, but Eve's offspring can get excited when you apologize. Why a simple “I'm sorry” can have such effects? Well, your excuses indirectly confirm them that you have a gentle and understanding character. They do not see the “back step” as an act of weakness, on the contrary, they appreciate the strong man near them, which is strong enough to make this conciliatory gesture.

The perfume used and men’s specific scent are also factors in the erotic female equation, because if there is such a “chemistry”, women would leave almost unconsciously guided by it.

Foreplay. The key to the sublime success. If however in everyday life you do not know to make your partner feel the same important as in privacy, the talent about “sexual overture” will pass almost unnoticed. Very often, men extremely uninteresting as physical presence or sexual performance are admired solely due to their affectionate behavior (shown just to offset the deficiencies of other “chapters”). Because, yes gentlemen, women are also excited also by the minor gestures such as a naughty message received on the phone, a compliment offered in a totally unexpected moment, or a glance full of desire (which we assure you is worth 1000 words).

It is surprising, but the fair sex representatives are not “getting hot” only by gestures that relate to the romantic side of eroticism, such as candles or rose petals. Often the dish washing or vacuuming the house have amazing effects. Common activities in domestic area, can make them let it go and pull you towards the bedroom. The simple morning coffee, found hot on the kitchen table creates a feeling of comfort, safety and privacy... indissoluble “ingredients” for female eroticism, of which certainly (after such surprises), you will fully benefit.

For your potential partner another equally important aspect is to feel sustained and supported, to know they can rely on you and that is why gestures meant to confirm this, create a special connection that reaches the secret buttons in her brain, bringing excitement.

The huge mistake of many men, is that they do not realize how vital can be the emotional side in the manifestation of women’s sensuality, sometimes even above than the physical one. For them, sex is not a mechanical act and in no case so chosen as we might think. Indissolubly, to fulfill their erotic mission in a superlative way, they need a special atmosphere, soul comfort, a condition that creates and builds permanently in everyday life... not just in five minutes before being hugged in a primitive rush. Because after the novelty, originality and exciting moments from the beginning disappear (over time), the passion revives strictly from the emotional connection she establishes with her partner.

Flirting is also essential. In a long “story”, women invariably inhibit, abandoning the idea of ​​flirting, under the pressure of indifference of their partners who do not play any longer as before, who have no longer the availability and the patience to answer their little “spicy” designed to entertain their “flame”. Although to the male mind it seems outdated and frivolous (if not embarrassing), the fact that women like to be glanced passionately, to be touched casually in a sensual way or to be whispered exciting words in the ear, even after a long period in which they lived together, it is not though such a hard effort to do so... even for the sake of moments where you get the “reward”.

Another notable detail that causes them a good feeling during the hot moments, is exactly your satisfaction. It sounds strange, but when they feel you are in “the 9th heaven” and you enjoy the sexual act with intensity, implicitly they gets excited. The fact that they feel the only responsible for your pleasure, drives them crazy and gives them a special feeling of importance. To convince you, try an experiment as simple as it is relevant: whisper her in the ear while having sex, that you feel excellent, that she looks great naked or that she is extremely challenging when she moves into a certain way. You will notice immediately that your partner’s involvement grows exponentially once with the received appreciations.

Sex is defining in a relationship. But not just any sex, but the one after which both partners feel good and declare themselves satisfied. “She” is impressible by completely different things compared to “him”, but for both, intimacy involves extremely sensitive closeness and vulnerability. During physical merger, the brain releases various substances which offer a state of sublime happiness of the two, making them feel connected in a special way, one with another.

For a woman it is much easier to leave herself “go with the flow” and reach orgasm if relaxed. Therefore, you might occasionally take into account the idea of a sensual massage prior your ​​instinctual impulses which helps her get relieved, relax her body and momentarily forget of everyday problems.

When they are carried with desire, women think more than men do. That is why some of them like to be talking in bed. They like to know what you think, what you feel at that time, they want to be sure that you do not want to be anywhere else in those moments, that you appreciate her and that she represents everything for you. Conquer her brain, then her body will fully belong to you!

But not only romance excites... Sometimes even rough sex, somewhat “wild” has its point. Nothing is more exciting than a confident man that can be tough and dominant (when needed), breathing through all his pores strength and virility. Try to be strong from time to time (of course with moderation) and you will see what will follow.

Although the men are usually the ones stimulated visually, that does not mean that your partner is totally indifferent to the view you offer her in the bedroom, when you will make your appearance in the “outfit” of Adam. No! You should not neglect yourself. “Beer” tummy is never attractive and you will surely be appreciated if you decide to “work” a little more your belly, going to the gym at least sporadically. Even if the results do not appear immediately (or at all) she will be excited by the idea that you will make this effort exclusively for her.

Personal hygiene is also, in turn, a decisive factor in the attraction exerted on women. So take care of your appearance! Both, the physical and clothing. At any time, the watchwords should be: well-groomed and clean.

The independent and confident type of man wreaks havoc among women. If you tend to be addicted to your partner (“mummy's boy”), try to immediately change this attitude. In time, you will not be regarded as a sexual partner, but rather as a child that someone must always take care of. And this can become tiresome and irritating. Take the initiative, show her that you are confident in your forces. And sometimes even assume some decisions or actions.

Remember that each woman is different and unique in her own way. Not all the fair sex representatives get excited by the same things or gestures and there is no single recipe in this regard. It is very important to be willing to discover the secrets of this complex being, to understand and apply them in order to satisfy her.

The pleasant surprises of couple and sexual life, will certainly not delay!

Good luck!