What a woman is looking for in a man?

What a woman is looking for in a man?

First, to discern what a woman wants in a man, it would be necessary that the latter one to initially understand her. But the problem of knowing the eternal feminine is quite difficult. Trying to find out more about the fair sex, will invariably lead you to an answer that many others have discovered before you, however without being of any use... meaning, a nebula of feelings, sensations and impulses, totally fascinating, but completely “alien”.

Because the representatives of the camp bearing skirt (even occasionally) have a true inner mechanism, extremely complex, difficult to imagine or understand (even for them, between themselves, what to say for men). However, by its twisted performance, the amalgam of feelings in permanent pulsation, gasp and sometimes uncontrolled explosions, simply incites, giving the feeling of a mysterious purpose, highly superior to any mortal understanding.

Who does not remain “speechless” in front of the complex processes or chains of reasoning, which usually lead women to deceptively banal and obvious truths that otherwise a fly would have understood in a few seconds, but in whose “approach” that seem a real abstract science? Surprisingly, is that exactly this useless mental pool, this irrational bluff, makes men consider woman as a “complex” being.

In fact, as spectacular and sophisticated they are in their outward manifestations, as primitive and rudimentary they are in essence. To the surprise of many (who with mimics and gestures of “connoisseur” stubbornly to enigmatically assign all sorts of connotations), they do not want anything else but to be loved and admired, in no case understood.

If you have the curiosity to study their behavior more closely and with some detachment, you will also discover that they actually do everything complicated, just not to be comprehensible and let “in the air” the feeling of some impenetrable mysteries.

In fact, it is not any secret. It's just the pure NOTHING!

The sad thing is that when she really falls in love with a man and she alone entirely destroys the whole dump of appearances, making desperate efforts to bring simplicity, sincerity and honesty in the relationship that this time she wishes with all her heart, no one understands her any longer and has no idea of what she really wants. 

Because, confused, any person familiar with scenarios and twisted versions, will assign completely different interpretations to the attitudes expressed by his possible partner (in this case, as natural and normal). But this is like always. Any “weapon” is double-edged.

Few can get though the sources of the female truth, because nature took care to protect its creation responsible with reproduction, in an efficient manner as possible, inventing the sweet hormones drug, invaders of males blood, for whenever he sees his “other” half of his species, to see happily, drunk and “dreaming”, anything else that he should see.

For YES, in reality, the “mystery of the woman” is just a mediocre shadows theater, meant to hide the simplicity of the characters. Seen at “the light”, they would probably not awake up so much the interest.

Fortunately or not... for you, the only time when you can discover the real “face” of a woman, clearly and without distortions, is the short period after orgasm (after sex). But rest assured, still the nature was careful not to let you enjoy too much the objective revelation, unadulterated by hormonal illusory. In a very short time, slowly, slowly, everything comes back to “normal”.

So that would be, broadly, the woman. What does she want?

First of all, they look for men with personality, who knows when to cuddle them and when to impose in front of them. Enviable physical appearance, typical to “ferocious male” is not enough. It represents, that's right, an aspect to be taken into account, however, as the relationship evolves, it becomes insufficient, if not equal to zero.

When you ask the women, in the most open and friendly manner, what qualities do they seek in a man, they will invariably answer something like: “to have the sense of humor” or “to be a good man”. And by “sense of humor” or “good”, they understand almost anything, because in reality, either they do not really know exactly what they expect from a potential suitor. But they are sure that “anything” exists and it is simply a matter of time to find it. Because they do not conceive to seek, only to be sought, including by their own happiness.

Generally, their interest is aroused at the moment, by chance and absolutely inexplicably by a so minor detail, that it could have, very well, a few minutes or seconds before, went along them completely unnoticed.

Any woman raised up stupidly dreaming (sorry, romantically!) to what they would want from the man “of her dreams” and how ecstatic she would be if she were comprised with those vaporous, high and wonderful emotional states, so phantasmagoric, that they could hardly be described in words, even by the best poets or novelists.

Usually, imaginings have a “HIM” as the centered subject, a perfectly stranger to the environment in which she takes her existence, beautiful, well-mannered and elegant, extremely rich and with an excellent reputation, who comes either on a white horse, taking her (by her waist) and climbing her next to him (on the saddle), without much explanation or comments, in order to take her to his castle (of course, fabulously great, with interiors decorated in massive gold, with a bedroom of her own equipped with a canopy and soft bedding of most expensive silk, with lush gardens, woods, ponds, fountains, servants, maids, etc..), where they will live happily together ever after, either driving a supercar (preferably all white), for then to urgently make her all the paper forms for the resettlement in his immense villa (with lighted and heated pool), on whose edge, in the evening, they will be chained in passionate-declarative embraces, looking lost in endless reveries to the sunsets. End. Period.

How did he found her, why would a stranger be interested in such a relationship, where does he have from so much money... God, how pettifogging and insensitive you are to the “needs” of a such lyrical creature? You are thinking about only petty details!? 

The only important element in their plans, is for him (“the soul mate”), to make her feel in a certain way. Differently! Completely different! Nor she knows how, but when the moment comes, she will know. However, more sublime than they could ever imagine. To imagine, there's no point trying, as yet, that's not her job. She just waits... and chooses... and she enjoys... and will be happy! 

From this, you can draw a first conclusion: a woman does not choose the man for who he is, but for how he makes her “vibrate”. Or more cynically said, for how he manages to lie to her. For remember! Women do not love with their eyes, like men, but with her ears. 

And yet, what do women want?

Obviously, at 21 years, they want something completely different than at 30... 40... or 50. We do not think we want to go thinking furthermore!

The story begins when “She” is young. Since she is 14-16. Then, the first sexual fantasies begin to develop. The early stages of hebetic eroticism, most often begins with the first love, very likely to be more an unspoken adoration for a singer, a movie star or a person whom she will actually never meet, as she dreams. 

In this context, she can freely imagine she is in love, but without the complications part of reality. She also learns that from the social point of view, the womanhood status itself, completely prevents her to be outright or “open” about her sexual desires. Thus, keeping an apparent innocence, she enjoys deep in her mind the idea of ​​sex (sometimes quite unrestrained) without being blamed by anyone. More specifically, she may “like to have crazy sex”, but not to be labeled as a “slut”.

Then later, because imminently this “practice” of adolescence will perpetuate in one form or another (proved to be very comfortable to the ingénue image and perfectly tuned with the hypocrite social norms), will become a habit and will install a sophisticated manner of usual behavior, abounding in tricks and appearances, continuously improved with age. 

She will fascinated realize that the “virgin” air, the best it is being played, the more it becomes an invincible weapon over any man. It is indeed amazing and refreshing (for them) to realize that a shy glance may put on “knees”, without any effort, a huge package of muscles with aggressive or authoritarian attitudes. But exactly this is how it happens!

The woman will let herself seduced, just by the one she will think fit to restore her full freedom of expression, both socially, and sexually. She needs a “teammate” to understand their “acting” without correcting it, commenting or accusing, and to accept it as something natural (pretending that “it's normal to be like that”). The one who will treat her with respect and understanding in everyday life, and once entered in the bedroom, he will create her the premises of manifestation without shame, without limits or fear of being misjudged, this one will definitely be “the one”.

In her everyday existence, she wants to be sure that she is treated like a lady, respected and admired. Once in private though, she wants to be sexy, nasty and free to do everything she can think of. It sounds like a contradiction. But she does not see it that way. This is exactly what defines her.

Women could, indeed, besides the fact they have no idea of what they want, they do not even know how to ask. But being accustomed to receive, they do not consider it as their duty.

Basically, they need four things to be completely satisfied and fulfilled.

First, to be appreciated. They want to feel completely special (especially when compared to other women, but especially in relation to those who form their entourage) and to have a definite belief that the man supports them in any decision they take IN or FOR THE future.

Secondly, they need that deep and intimate emotional connection that is vital. Because only so, they are aware that they can exercise control over their partners and more, they can decipher any “red flags”. In other words, they want everything to be held in “their language”.

Thirdly, they must be assured that they are perceived as sexy, beautiful and “fragile” (the last requirement playing the role of sensitizer insurance against any possible physical confrontations, inadequate to the possibilities they hold). It is necessarily required to enjoy these experiences, without which, in their view, they would not be women anymore. No matter if they sometimes clearly know that they lack one or all of these coordinates. It is importantly if they manage to make others around them believe that they have them or simply agree (also as a sign of “appreciation”)... nicely lie to them.

And finally, they crave everything that might be called passionate eroticism. They want to be seduced, worshiped and satisfied again, and again, and again... of course, just like the “first time”. She has to enjoy new things in new ways, as varied, including extravagant sexual fantasies, who’s ongoing, however, it is imperative to be kept under control and not to extend beyond the borders they only have the right to establish.

If they could have all these...

Avidly pursuing these goals, some will look for handsome men, others for smart men or just rich, though the most will be satisfied with those individuals with whom they feel like... they are fine.

Unfortunately, men, most of them, will not have the privilege of such choices (because generally they are not the ones choosing).

And whenever you seem that you have come to understand a woman, you're right... it only seems so.