Some tips that will help you conquer any woman...

Some tips that will help you conquer any woman...

Women are complicated creatures. Paradoxically, they totally unintentionally intimidate exactly the guys who try to be as they would like them to be. To avoid such situations, you must understand that each man has “something” special that makes him irresistible to a certain category of women, regardless the age, financial situation or experience. So it's not advisable to be what you are not! The only chapters that you can “work” upon are those concerning the understanding of women’s behavior and the ways in which you can “promote” yourself in front of them.

The article you just started to read will try to reveal you the way you are sometimes manipulated, how you can also manipulate, but not least, what you can do to “win” the attention and the interest of the creature that you wish for a night... or for all life.

Women generally dominate at the beginning of the relationship, inspiring a strange restlessness, simply because men are those who, according to tradition, should initiate the start of a possible link (frustrating this “must”). Because yes, they have to talk to them, to impress them and tempt them by any means, to dedicate their charms for which all this fuss is born. It is true that things could be much simpler and more direct to the benefit of both parties. But in a world where you are told that some detergents contain “magic particles” or “by a simple push of a button you can solve everything”, and some of you also believe it... it is natural to be so!

The man encounters (too often) issues when addressing to women, not to mention the possible idea of ​​meeting face to face. The formula you would need to clear up any question in this regard and to fade a little your fears, is simple. Women want only one thing: YOU, AS A HUMAN!

They want to meet individuals who know who they are and trust that can certainly inspire safety. They also want to get over that first contact as fast as you (because even for them is not quite easy) and when they find the ones who meet a bit of these criteria, they surrender their control (sometimes so nice... and unconditional).

Do not take into account everything that you hear or read about the sophisticated theories of seduction. The fair sex representatives will just be overwhelmed with attention and admiration, which is within the reach of every man.

If you are not very self-confident in your own powers, this article tries to teach you how to make you at least to leave such an impression.

Many males do mistakes, confusing confidence with arrogance, something which otherwise dissatisfies, irritates and alienates anyone, not just women. They are interested most of the behavior, determination and spirit of a man, not necessarily of money, cars and houses. Although... sometimes... But also in those cases, arrogance is not an inspired solution.

If you've ever worried that you do not look enough good, that you don’t have enough money or you are not quite “skilled” in approaching a woman, we will do our best to change this view. It's time to no longer think of your defects and start showing the best of you. To also receive... of course!

Don’t hesitate and don’t be shy anymore when communicating with the fair sex representatives. In general, they, as social beings, need strong men. Not necessarily physically. Power can be interpreted and perceived in different ways, and women see it more as an inner determination about everything you do or represent.

When a woman sets her eyes on you, there are other ones also that feel the need to do the same. From spirit of competition, the instinct of imitation or simply being in “wave”. So, you have to succeed at least with one. The rest... will be a little easier!

It should be mentioned that some “secrets” that will be disclosed in this material are “dirty”. Nothing but tricks that otherwise women use them also, sometimes instinctively, sometimes deliberately, to test how good are those whom they want to know or have besides. But stay calm! You will learn how to cope with them.

You will also find all vulnerable points that a woman have. You have at your disposal the strategies you can use to test their “resistance” and possibly make them fall prey to your “traps”!

It is not difficult to learn how to approach and seduce a woman. Until now, either the men tried to teach other men about women, either the women have guided their companions into suffering, concerning the “rules” according to which you have to deal with a man. Unfortunately, almost all those who have done this, remember, are generally divorced (statistics proves it). And nor with very high hopes too soon find someone interested in their “offer” (for reasons absolutely objective, arising precisely from the essence of the written materials shared to the others!) It's like a blind man would try to convince you that you can peacefully leave on a trip in the mountain, taking him as your GPS!

The world of dates is a Universe that help people to get what they want. Namely, to have no strings attached sex or, on the contrary, to marry and start a family.

Tip: Socializing or dating sites show thousands of opportunities. Do not rush into choosing a partner. Browse exactly what suits you. At first, you can practice a little and then search for what you really want.


For the start, you need to try changing the way you perceive yourself on.

If you have a generally negative view about life and love, automatically you will create a dark barrier between you and the possible single women in the world. Adopt a positive attitude to inspire at least the illusion that you are what they are looking for.

It is not advisable to settle for a person who also has a lot of flaws. It is one of the worst strategies that shy men adopt. Because the seduction does not mean (as you have been taught by society) a game of power or domination. It’s just intelligence and attention.

It's time to attract smart, beautiful partners and interested in knowing the one who in turn understands them spiritually and physically.

There is no man on the planet, regardless the gender, to be 100% satisfied with what they see in the mirror. Even fashion model men have days when their hair is not ok or they are deeply disappointed by a particular detail, any of their body.

Sex-appeal must be cultivated and developed. If you are like the vast majority of bachelors, who are questioning their presence every time they go out, either with friends, either for a first date (with a girl), will be difficult for you to consolidate even the shade of a “conqueror”. With such concerns in mind, you will inhibit and veil your confidence and positive image that you should transmit about yourself.


Women do not look at muscles or hair. They do not mind if you do not wear an expensive suit, tie or shirt with cufflinks. They care, however, how much dignity you have, no matter who you are or what you do.

When a man enters a room, in an instinctual way, every woman “scans” him and “reads” him on the spot. It is in their nature to do so. They are not attentive to the athletic looks or to the thickness of his wallet, but the fact you are a mentor or mentee. In no case they are attracted by a man who is hiding shyly behind his friend or, being afraid of the looks or attention of others around.

You feel nervous for being bald? You should know that a lot of sexy men are lacking their thatch. And that really has no relevance.

But the biggest mistake you can make is to pretend that you “still” have a little more hair (than it looks), arranging your strands so as to cover the “bay” gloss from your apex.

If you do so, you demonstrate that you are concerned and exasperated by the subject in matter, drawing even more attention on it, and all those who will look at you, will feel they owe to observe what you actually wanted to hide, taking in an involuntary, empathic way your state of discomfort.

Conversely, if you will simply cut it short or all, or treat in a most detached and indifferent way the hair loss, almost no one will recognize this deficiency. Keep in mind! When you point the finger, the world certainly looks.

In order to be less nervous... think how long it will take you to get ready when you go out compared to how long it takes to “Her”? Who should fear? You or the one who has invested a lot of time and money in nails, hair, dress, tights, shoes, purse, earrings, cosmetics, perfume... Will she be able to conquer a man or has she put too much mascara on? That's exactly what goes through her mind when you worry if you look good or not. It's in her “role” to arrange herself so that men like her, so she should be the one to bear the brunt of this equation.

As long as you look clean and decent, she will declare herself satisfied.

Tip: Take a shower, shave yourself and try to show the women you meet that you care about your physique and hence, about what they think when they see you.

An exceptional idea is to use some pheromones. Studies have shown that it works very well and anyway, it helps at least to improve a little your self-confidence.

And for speaking... women are not interested that you may have a beard (an absolutely stupid preconception in the sense of believing that facial hair causes an air of masculinity). If you really want to wear Don Quixote style goatee, do not be surprised that 92% of women will not appreciate you or they will always think about how they could mow it. The feeling for them is similar to that when you would also notice a small octopus hanging from her chin. Wouldn’t you care to remove it?

Not only they do not find it aesthetically, but it also stings them when you kiss them (as unpleasant as touching a shellfish -in your case). In conclusion, shave yourself! At first, she might overlook your option for “wildness”, but soon she will make courage and ask you if you are sure you look good with so many “palms” on your face.

They like facial hair only when it comes to the “next morning” effect or to an unexpected night date. Otherwise, they appreciate a clean face. And another thing to remember: mustaches are horrible. They were fashionable in the 70's. Meanwhile internet and mobile telephony has been invented.

When it was the last time you had a haircut in a different style?

Don’t go to the old neighborhood barbershop anymore. Go to the most exclusive salon, where you can get expert advice about how to look better. Anyway, if you'll not like it, the hair grows fast and you can return to your old look. But at least try... something new.

How does your wardrobe look like? Even if clothes do not make the man, it still says a lot about who you are or your personality. There are two kinds of lonely guys: boys and men. Even if they have the same age, one wears baggy pants and shirts, and the other one shirt and cloth pants.

If it's been a while since you took a look through your clothing, you can do it now.  A little cleaning and renewal does not hurt. No matter the price, but the manner in which it represents you.

Tip: Change your fashion style all the time. It's comforting even for your own psyche. When you do not know if you look good and you're nervous, do not think of yourself!

Focus solely on what she looks like. You will get simultaneously two advantages.

You will get rid of the pressure and you will make her an infinite pleasure telling her that she is gorgeous compared to all the other women around. Clearly it will not matter if you are well dressed in a tuxedo or suit diver. Women are extremely haughty and sensitive about their own appearance. Nothing delights them more than compliments about this. And if you've satisfied them... EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!

So give them exactly what they want: attention!


How many female beings you wanted to be more “close” to and they turned you in their “Friend” or “Confidant”? It always happens... and the more you try to change this perception, the stronger they will reject you.

If you wait for the great day when you will wake up as a magnificent “stallion”, with no problems with the women, you are in a serious error! Things are not like that. You have to work tremendously to approach this stage somewhat. Nothing comes by itself.

If you consider yourself the kind of man who has his “own style” or “a special nature”, and under no idea it will go through your mind to try even a minimal change, then the game is as lost. If that own style would have been appropriate, at this time perhaps you wouldn’t have ever read these lines anymore.

Tip: Focus on what you like when you look in the mirror, not on what it would need improvement. Confidence attracts...

Some men complain that being “good guys” fail to score points in the match with the women. And so it is! But that does not mean that you have to become “rude” to change the situation. Just be aware that if you are somewhat malleable and you show it too obviously, you will not attract any partner. That is their nature, “waters settled” like that over time and there's no one to blame. You must cover the candor with what they are seeking for: mystery, confidence and fun!

Do not give up on the good side of your character because in the past, something did not work as you hoped. You just need to change your perception on woman's expectations and give her exactly what she wants. It is very possible that at first, the idea bothers you. You'll look like playing theater, that you will simply lie to yourself. But try to think in another way too: she is the one who wants it! Not to mention that in her turn, she adopts exactly the same method of interaction. Whether it is about wearing makeup, high heels or a push-up bra to reveal her cleavage... it's the same thing. Fantasies, lies, fakes...

It's like a job interview. If you will inhibit your true behavior and try to cultivate an attitude proper to the conjecture that you aim, it does not mean that you will leave yourself to be manipulated by someone or that you will manipulate someone, you just become a better candidate for the type of love you want. All things in the world have their rules. Keep in mind! Our whole life is an uninterrupted string of appearances, scenarios and roles...


Both women and men often complain that they cannot find a person to deserve them and that they got tired looking in “places special destined for single people”, where in fact, they do not find anyone suitable. In reality, people go “to the praised tree” without recognizing that the perimeters in question are not showcases from which they can choose what they want. In fact, the single ones, having the same needs as you have, are all around! Anywhere! No need to search only where “you’ve heard” that you can meet your match. Consider for example, the idea of ​​a club, where face it, many feel extremely bad and embarrassed. If you do not know how to dance, you automatically do not have what to start with (“Do you want to dance?”).

There are millions of single individuals, both female and male. There is no risk of getting “matchless” for life. You just have to start looking more, more carefully and more organized.

Tip: Look for your love everywhere your steps will take you, not only in traditional places for single ones. The woman of your dreams may be in a bank, in the supermarket, in the halls of a museum or at the crosswalk.

Maybe a bar or a club is not as intimidating when looking for a woman.
Sometimes music helps to lift all that pressure that comes with a possible conversation or... a possible refusal.

However, while many believe that only these “clusters of music and noise” are areas specific to those who “seek”, a perfect location to meet women (and even very beautiful), is also the gym.

There you will find girls who take care of their physical appearance and in turn appreciate
the people who do the same. If you go there every day, at the same time, you ensure them that you are a rigorous guy and want to maintain the pace. When one of them will be attracted to your behavior or to the way you look like... she will sure “hit” you “by mistake”.

The work place is also an area where you can practice flirting, because we spend much more time at work than anywhere else. Although some companies have strict rules against interactions between employees, who want or feels the need, always finds “wickets”.

When you come to work every day, do it with a smile on your face. Ask your colleagues what they are doing to manage maintaining their silhouette, how they manage to be every day the same beautiful... And that, with a jovial and happy air that you can share by compliments, the good mood that enlivens you that morning. No matter if they really look nice or not. You can be sure that they will talk about how cute you are with the other women... (Did you get the idea?).

Have you been shopping lately? In women's magazines, they are clearly advised to be on guard after bachelors who make their own supply of household products.
Why do you think many ladies go to the supermarket arranged like for a night date?

They expect that the man next to them (who looks messed up on the shelves), to ask them for an advice about choosing a wine or... he can invite them to a dinner prepared even by him.

Is there a cafe near your house? And if still there is not, it still has to be one at a few blocks away where loners are generally eager to know other people. This is also a good place to meet women if you somewhat prefer quiet environments.

Some bookstores, have cafes incorporated in their turn. Usually these places are filled with single people on weekend nights. Some women are sick of going to bars and prefer to stay home in bed and read a book. If you play your part well, you can also get with her, on the same pillow... not to read together though.

Do not miss the opportunity to see how many single people are around you. Anywhere: at shows, dance or languages classes, in public transportation, on the walkways... in parks.


Before approaching a woman, do not “stare” at her persuasively and for too long. There is a chance for her to catch you and believe that you are a freak, even before you manage to approach her. Instead, you can discreetly observe her from time to time, if she is alone and, possibly later, if all conditions are favorable (she does not wait for someone, not talking on the phone, not reading, etc..) to get closer to her to try to “start” a conversation.

Do not talk about general, childish and meaningless things in that context... Women do not like overly used lines, heard almost every day. The key of female interest is the originality.


Warning: The first date is always very demanding. By the confidence is getting built, you will be worried that the feelings or opinions of any nature are not mutual.
Therefore you should show a woman, first of all, how you are as a friend or as an acquaintance... not as a long-term boyfriend.

Women sometimes feel attracted by the fact that a man is so nervous, that he messes up when trying to approach them. If you do mistakes, do not worry and do not give up. Laugh... make fun on your own incoherency... and go ahead. Everything will be fine!

You must know that you will not be successful using the recipe of “tenderness”. Do not resort to cheesy lines, detached from the reality you live in.

Instead, you can try to incorporate a discreet and elegant humor in the phrases you say. Take advantage even of what is happening around to make the first step.

Do not be sarcastic. Ironies meaning can sometimes be misinterpreted.

Before you go to her, you should make up inclusively with the idea that it might very well not like what you're going to say or… how you look like (“De gustibus non est disputandum!”).

The humor, not the one practiced, but the one coming naturally from a charismatic attitude is the most attractive quality anyone can possess. In fact, according to surveys, both men and women qualified the sense of humor as the first “condition” they want from a person of the opposite sex.


The hardest thing for a man is to understand what reasons or what interests animate a woman, although she, paradoxically, gives enough clues in this regard.

Starting with the body language and to the questions they ask, they all represent valuable clues that if you examine closely, you will find what she wants.

For some women, money matters. The materialistic one will want you to pay for everything and will not show any restraint or embarrassment about her wishes, whether this will be an occasion for a dinner on the first date or over a certain time at a “walk” through a luxury shop. If she asks you even since the first message exchanges in which field you work, where you live or what car you own, you can be sure she wants to make an idea of ​​the financial resources you have available.

Other women are simply tired of loneliness. There are plenty of reasons why women get to a point being alone for longer periods of time. Either they do not understand that they cannot show the same claims as when they were 19-25 years, either they have too high expectations from their candidates, while them, personally, are not willing to offer anything (still a reminiscence of the youth whims). It happens also to be accustomed just to wait, constrained by an immeasurable pride, which restrains them in sketching any sign of “call” to someone they are interested in. Unfortunately, instead of removing the causes that generate their solitude, they desperately stubborn to remain “as they are” expecting that wonderful, understanding, patient, beautiful, intelligent man and last but not least, generous... who would accept them. Because in their view, they are not too demanding, but men are too shallow, immature, misunderstanding or simply “misfiting quality women” (it is not known who sets the quality of women, but... definitely you understand who proclaim the male virtues).

There are cases in which the fair sex representatives do not want anything else than to confirm that they are still interesting... or attractive. In this category you will find the women who will make you the subject of the most unfortunate experiences, because they are interested only in “beginnings”, which they extend up to exasperation, with no intention to materialize or to finalize to...”something”. Unfortunately, you do not have the possibility to guess their real intentions, only after passing a fairly long time. This is also because, in many cases, although the men are aware that they are on the wrong way, landlocked, they persist to convince themselves in a habit of a humble resignation, that though... maybe... you never know... The more quickly you will stop such a false hope, the more you limit losses of your own emotional affect.

Very interesting are the women who want to relive their teenage moments. At a not very advanced age (25-30 years), but already threatened subtly by the first early signs of physical alteration that seemed eternal, launches in effervescent love affairs, indulging all the fantasies that they have failed to put into practice until that moment.

Some women want only sex. Yes, there are also women who look for just ephemeral adventures. Nowadays, nothing longer requires to fair sex representatives to stay with a man for longer than one night. Such “specimens” will be more aggressive in public. Whether they lascivious dance (if you go to a bar or club), mimicking the moves intended to induce in the viewer's mind (you and not only...) clear suggestions of a sexual nature, whether they will freely reveal parts of their body (that they know exactly they are provocative) or they will use intimidating direct flirtations to the characters in question, in any case they will not settle for less (at the eroticism Chapter).

Even the shy ones sometimes want to be seduced by a man for a single “night of love”. Reading cheesy romance novels or watching passionate South American soap operas, in the night they remember the heroes who gave them chills and, naturally, they want the same thing.


Always ask her a question for every question that she addresses you (of course, after you answer her). This will prove her that you are a not an egocentric and you are interested also in what she has to say.

Tip: In addition to the exchange of ideas, pay attention to the instinctive signs made by your partner with her mouth, eyes, hands or any other part of her body! Although they seem shy, women like to make us think about “dirty” things when looking at them.

Ever since children they learn that boys are thinking about something else when they put a straw in their mouth to sip their lemonade. Women also play with lipstick, with their hair strands, with the soft silk fabric stockings (on their knees or above...) when they indirectly want to tell us that they flirt with us.

They also get nervous at the moment they meet someone. They ran their hands through their hair, over their neck or face, because they feel we analyze them. Just like that they try to discreetly call us in their world. Sometimes a simple smile is an obvious invitation...

You must learn how to flirt, because women are very different from men. Unlike the latters, which are more direct, women behave more restrained and subtly...

Telling a woman she is beautiful, then immediately ask her to go out, is a huge mistake.

Why do they reject such an approach? Because it is very unpleasant! If you invite her immediately after you met her, you cancel the pleasure of flirting. It is the main tool with which many women succeed to get the things they want in life. How to give up precisely at what gives them the certainty of success? They flirt to be promoted at work, they flirt with some guys in high school to get away from some others, they flirt with cops who want to give them a fine, they flirt with all. And they love it! Because in most cases they win. So it should happen the same with you. Moreover, if they cannot ensure that they will benefit from this supreme advantage, no matter how tempting would be the boy or the man who catches their attention, they will not be interested in. Because they do not want to play... but only to win!

They like to know that lies in their power to make you want them.
If you want them from the start, it means you were attracted very much only by their appearance, which although delights them, they do not like it. They want you to want them somehow more complex, for several reasons. Because, huh... otherwise, where would be the charm of the game? If she wins anyway, why wouldn’t she do it in the most spectacular, varied and exciting way... for them.

Note: Flirt with a woman to show her that you have the sense of humor. Flirting reveals a number of aspects she is looking for in men. When you start to speak, in fact, she imagines how you may be as a lover.

A man who knows how to have fun, will have the necessary resources to pleasantly surprise them and keep their romance both in the bedroom and outside of it.

When you are too straight, they will conclude that you are a conceited, rushed individual, who has no time for smiles nor for romantic games that she wants at least occasionally.

Tip: Flirting does not necessarily has to have a sexual tinge. Flirt with anyone, anytime, anywhere! Your methods will improve as you will notice the reactions caused by your approach. It is even indicated to practice flirting techniques with women that will not intimidate you, in order to gain some experience.

Exercise: The next time you will have lunch in a restaurant and the waitress approaches your table, tell her something like: “I wanted to sit at a table of yours, because I admire how you behave with the customers”.

It is not something sexual. It is a compliment. She will smile and you will see that she will treat you differently in relation to the other people she will serve.

When you flirt you can tell if a woman is receptive or not to what you transmit her. If she does not respond, you know at least that you should not insist anymore. If she responds, then circumstances will be favorable for you and all you have to do is to go on. Naturally, smiling and without haste.

When flirting it does not mean you automatically will get a positive result. The goal is to make the woman to want to see you once again... to flirt more.

Even married people flirt. It's a unique way to prove themselves that they have not forgotten all about the thrill of eroticism.

You were always afraid to approach beautiful women? Interestingly, probably you will have the greatest success with them. Why? Because almost all the other men who had chances, think alike: “Definitely she has a thousand other suitors and she would not have why to prefer exactly me!” Before you try though, it is advisable to make a well-defined plan to avoid any embarrassing situation.

Beautiful women remain impressed by you as a man, even from the moment when you are trying to get into talk with them. Because they notice the courage that others do not possess. What's to say once you've invited her somewhere?

Try to have a more elegant style.

Whatever you do though, do not treat her as she would be retarded. Even gorgeous, blondes women have brains (sometimes to fear). And those women (more than anyone), would love to know that you appreciate their intellectual nature.

Before you propose her a date, either you do it after a few seconds or after several years of flirting, you must consider what you want to offer her on that occasion. If you know her for a little time, try to learn more about her. Is she a being who ventures? Is she a romantic spirit? Does she like crowded places or a warmer, quieter atmosphere?

Moreover, you can easily plan your action, answering to these questions:

Why? Think about your own reasons. Do you want just sex? If so, you cannot tell her directly. The best thing would be to motivate your invitation in an unspecified way: “I want to get to know you better.” Generalization transmits in a “diffuse” way that from something you can very easy get to... something else.

However, if you are curious of how a relationship could develop into something more serious, try to be more specific and perhaps more sensitive. Tell her you admire her attitude and would love to spend time with someone with whom you feel a certain affinity.

Where? The place are you taking her on the first date depends on the interests of both partners, especially if they are common. When, from the beginning, you feel that it is something very sexual, in a most elegant and cheerful way (to help her go “unnoticeable” over the tension of the moment), you can invite her directly... to your place!

But, as this version is much too beautiful to take into consideration, it will probably take you some time until you manage to do this step. Thus, it shows that the first meeting should preferably take place in a relaxing... and public place.

Tip: Try to plan a date out that will not intimidate her, especially if you do not know her very well. The fact that you want to amaze her in a far too intense way, does not always gives the anticipated results. And she, in turn, needs to feel relaxed.

When? No matter when. The best is to let her decide when and what level of privacy suits her the most. If shy around men, a daytime date is more appropriate.

If the weather is good, take her into a park. From here, you have the opportunity of related activities extremely pleasant and comforting. And of course to talk... to communicate... in order to get to know each other better.

Warning: If it’s a night date, set a time to feel secure, but not too early, not to believe that if it does not work with her, you will have time to meet „another one”.

What do you do? Some useful options for a first date would be:
-Ice skating (she will support on you and so you can be a true “gentleman”).
-Bowling (see if she likes it... it's really fun, but you cannot really talk).
-Billiards (you can lean over her and teach her how to hold the cue, that in the case when she is not already a master of it and she will defeat you with detachment... but it will be fun).
-Comedy-club (do not sit in the first row because you may become the subject or victim of unpleasant jokes made by the comedian).
-A cafe (it is quiet, it's intimate... it's nice).
-The restaurant (it's a slightly more selective, you have some more time available and you can mask the lack of replies by the desire to taste the food you ordered. If she finally agrees to ask for a dessert or coffee, you will have the confirmation that the date was a success).

How? If you do not know, tell her that you can meet somewhere in the center, in a neutral place. Many women do not like to make known their address from the first date.

Tip: Plan everything before inviting her. Thus, you will have all the answers to her possible questions, not to mention about the advantage of not being taken by surprise.

But what you must remember, no matter what you do and with whom... is that naturalness, the sincerity and how neat you present yourself, are the basic pillars, the only in fact that can genuinely support you to build a bridge to the heart of a woman.

Tip: If you flirt, you find out.

Good luck!