10 tricks to conquer a woman on the first date!

10 tricks to conquer a woman on the first date!

1.-Be original! Women are very attentive to details, tending often to make comparisons. Therefore you need to think of something special and original when planning a first date. Surprise your partner with things that she has not done with someone else. It is one of the perfect solutions to definitely attract their attention on you! And it is not that difficult. All you have to do is to use your imagination and study a little her tastes. You can even inquire on these issues, and possibly asking her friends or acquaintances. A view admired from the tallest building in the city or a dinner in a restaurant where you can eat in the dark... there can be quite unusual variants. The possibilities are endless and certainly you will find something to impress her! Do not forget! As she will perceive you at the first date, so you will remain for a long time (if not forever) in her mind.

2.-Be the one who's in control! You will be highly appreciated if you show your potential partner that you know what you want. When you call her to invite her out, present your proposal that includes both the time and the location you suggest. Of course, ask her if she also agrees with that idea. Taking over the control does not mean not taking into account the opinions of others, especially if you want them to follow you. Also, you should always have prepared also a backup plan for situations where you notice in her tone a trace of hesitation or restraint that would betray her discontentment. It would be beneficial that at every date to make a little surprise to amaze her and thus you will have the certainty that the next time she will eagerly wait to see you again. When you meet, your voice tone must be masculine, occasionally funny and necessarily accompanied by a smile. Using alternatively a slightly mysterious voice, you will force her to be attentive at what you say and not to be distracted by what is happening around. Do not accept her to interrupt you too often. Impose her consideration, respectfully asking her to continue only after listening to what you say. It is important to understand that respect is received equally with the one who provides it.

3.-Be mannered! Although everyone says that courtesy does not exist anymore in the XXI century, you should not rely on the fact that a woman does not appreciate when she is offered flowers, when the door opens for her and she is offered his hand to be supported getting out of the car or descend the rungs of a ladder, or she is supported with elegancy to take a sit at the dinner table. Having style when behaving with a woman is not a shame nor obsolete! On the contrary! Women love Gentlemen... perhaps because they are increasingly rare. So, kiss her hand when you meet her, do not let her walk on the road side as you walk in the street (it's dangerous and she might get splashed by a passing car), open the door for her when entering somewhere (except restaurants, cafes, bars or clubs where you need to get in first), and last but not least, put your hand gently on her waist or behind her when she crosses the street. Show her that you care and want to protect her. All these gestures will make her feel important and safe, which may represent only a huge advantage in your approach to conquer her!

4.-Be mysterious! Many men, in their attempts to impress their partners, make the mistake of revealing themselves as a book, narrating too many personal things (especially about their past or family), even at the first meeting. That does not mean you should approach only superficial topics, but it would be much better not tell her your whole life or to review all your family members or former lovers. Allow her to discover your personality and qualities, just as much as she wants or she is interested to do. Do not talk in advance about the flaws of your own person using the stupid excuse that you “warned” her. In addition, do not monopolize the conversation. Take care to let her too tell something, because after all, to establish a communication somehow interesting and enjoyable, you must have a dialogue... not just a monologue. One of the secrets of seduction is also the “accidental” caressing or touching as if you have not realized doing that gesture. Be careful! This does not have to happen more than one or two times (maximum) during the date. Otherwise, you’ll risk to subliminally suggest her that you are interested only sexually in her.

5.-Prove her that you have plans for the future! Women will never be attracted by a dangler who does not know what tomorrow books or has no idea what he wants from life. Do not think at the idea of the ​​romantic future, but to the social, professional part of your existence. Eve's offspring are conquered rather by a long-term evolving plan, with perspectives, rather than an expensive gift or the fact that you show your wallet full of cash. Gifts also have their purpose, of course... because generosity has always made good home with the female spirit, but their value is not as important as the message you send indirectly, outlining your plans for “later”. Far more attractive are the individuals who can demonstrate they have the capability to manage their money. In any case they are not interested in wasters (or some of them are interested, but certainly this category should not come into your attention). In terms of gifts, they prefer small surprising gifts and not very expensive. When you want to impress them and you spend far too much, your message might be read in a different way. You will leave the feeling that you want to buy them and, at least for some, the effect will be the opposite. Flowers are their favorite. A flower or a bouquet at the date or sent the next day (accompanied by a romantic note), create a feeling more favorable to your goals.

6.-Be relaxed! The last thing wanted by any partner who barely knows you, is to call her insistently countless times or to stress her with messages and e-mails writing her obsessively about marriage, children, “plans together” etc.! You will most likely be labeled as “desperate”. It's the last thing you should want, because once included in this category it will be very difficult to cancel that perception. As the man likes “hunting”, the same wants the woman. So do not put yourself on the tray as “something” highly available. Let her too call you or look for you. During conversations (on the first date or the next ones), make no sudden movements, do not laugh loudly and do not turn into a clown (thinking that you are funny). It is important that your slow movements to inspire confidence and to transmit the one next to you that you master the situation. Also your walk needs to be decided, with equal steps, with no hesitations or chaotic movements.

7.-Be unpredictable (pleasantly)! One of the biggest mistakes made by men in their relationships with the women, is that they are totally lacking in surprises or unexpected things. Do not think that women are happier when they know for sure you will call them or do anything for them. In reality, this “humble” behavior (which unconditionally offers them safety and leads to infatuation), kills the emotion of unpredictable and leads to routine. Intrigue her, surprise her and disappointed her expectations from time to time, but even from that do not make a habit of. Repetition also by itself is a form of monotony. Tell her you will call at a certain time and call a little later, under the pretext that you were busy. This will displease her but will also intrigue her at the same time, making her think more about you! Try to be different each time surprising her in a nice way, with something else. Be original and considering what she likes, make her little surprises. She will be impressed that you remembered she wanted to see a certain movie, listen who knows what band or to go in a certain place.

8.-Smile! The sense of humor is one of the most valued qualities in a man. How many times haven’t you met individuals less handsome, often surrounded by extraordinary women, who have made you wonder what is their secret? Well, a very good mood and sense of humor always turn the ugly frog into a charming prince. Maybe you did not know, but when we laugh, our body releases the “happiness hormone”, serotonin, organic matter which gives us a good feeling, of accomplishment and euphoria. Make her permanently burst into laugh and she will be yours, because after a while, she will associate your presence with her state of euphoria and good mood, wanting to be together more often. Our brain always reacts positively to the satisfactions due to joy.

9.-Eye contact! It is very important in the relationship between people, as part of non-verbal language and often it worth 1000 words. Always keep eye contact and make sure you are not the one who interrupts it. This demonstrates that you trust in yourself, that you are not shy and have nothing to hide. But attention! Between this connection maintained by both and annoying staring is a big difference. Also, if you keep your head in the ground, your partner will be tempted to believe that you do not feel comfortable in her presence, that the discussion you have bothers you or that you have something to hide. Equally significant is the posture that must emanate confidence. Keep your back straight, head up, present her an allure that commands respect and be confident that you will receive it.

10.-Compatibility. Trying to outline as much as possible the fact that you have interests and hobbies in common. It's true what they say about opposites (that they attract), but at the beginning of a relationship when you do not know very well each other, the commonalities and compatibilities are the only small things that you can hang in the weak building bridges... to each other. Women are generally characterized by romance and these matches will spark their interest, wanting to know more about you, know you closely, which means that part of the reason that you have decided to fight is won. Show her that you have a normal life, that it is as important as hers, that you have a job and friends, that you are not alone, neurotic or frustrated. This will give her the opportunity to appreciate your time together as being a quality time, she will conclude that you are an interesting person and most likely she will ultimately let you know she is open for a new challenge... for the next meeting!

Good luck!