I like mature men

I like mature men

Love does not take into account the moral, culture, religion and, of course, has nothing to do with age. Actually, in some cases, love does not even care about gender. We fall in love with the soul or the smile that steals our hearts, we are fascinated by the feeling that we are considered special by the person we love, and we're not interested in anything else if, deep down inside us, we believe that... we found our soul mate.

Charlie Chaplin, 54, married the daughter of the famous writer Eugene O'Neil, Oona, when she was only 18 years old. Their marriage was wonderful and they had 8 children. There are many more examples, but you will probably say that this only happens to celebrities. However, do not forget that they are also human beings. And the reality of the days we live in, reveals more and more cases where young women, absolutely ordinary, fall in love with mature men, just as ordinary as them.

If a man and a woman think alike, feel good together and love each other, only the society is the one that sees the difference of age. Love, on the other hand, is blind, and the two of them shouldn't even care about what people say.

You have certainly seen around you, young people who seem so old and so tired of life that simply leave the impression of having already consumed their entire existence during the only few years they have lived up to that moment. On the other hand, it's impossible not to have noticed (at least fleetingly) men over 40-50 years old, extraordinarily euphoric, optimistic and communicative, who behave, feel and live more intensely than a teenager. And this reminds us of a phrase worthy of being kept in mind: “Every age has its soul!”

Men reach proper maturity around the age of 30. Women much earlier. Due to this gap, it is natural that, not finding what they are looking for in their circle of friends, the girls look for the substitute of masculinity in completely different places (even he is sometimes a little older), one capable of offering them the so much desired safety, stability and condescension that they desperately need (like any other representative of the fair sex). Because, once passed the first youth, the “seniors” already know that life is not just money, sex or performances. They have learned over the years what women want, they understood where they have been wrong in the past, have completed the lesson of affective interaction and have long practiced on how to physically satisfy a woman. For this reason, but also because of the fall of testosterone level, they are much more tolerant and able to pay attention to the emotional needs of their partners. Mature men know the value of time and appreciate differently the moments spent together with a beloved creature.

Psychologists say that young women who are attracted to mature men have had deficient relationships with their father, or simply he was completely absent during their childhood. Thus, they try to compensate for the lack of a paternal figure, seeing in the later chosen man a kind of surrogate of the missing, abusive or absent parent. It may be so, but it can also be taken into account the fascination of mature charisma that inspires respect and authority. And women are crazy about it.

The fact that the mature partner of a couple is more experienced helps and greatly stimulates the evolution of a young lady. She will discover herself more easily, she will get rid of inhibitions more quickly and, professionally, she is likely to reach the proposed goals successfully. The atmosphere in their home is much more relaxed than in the case of young couples. “He” offers experience and safety, “she” brings brilliance and exuberance. And this “exchange” is as honest as natural because of its lack of hypocrisy.

The woman generally needs guidance, certainty and comfort. All these can be achieved without much effort in the context of interacting with an experienced man.

Because he knows how to respect the long-term commitments, he handles the conflicts much more tactfully (which may naturally occur, as in any other couple), but above all, he's great in the role of “counselor” when the existential needs of his partner requires it.

He already has a well-defined professional situation, provides a certain financial contribution, he is charming and confident. He is no longer frustrated by the reluctance of his youth, he knows how to cope with difficult situations (with patience and calm) and, in his free time, he is much more open to travel, leisure and relaxation... in the true sense of the word.

Another very important advantage of this relational variant comes from the fact that men who are of a respectable age already know (especially if they have lived alone for a certain period before) how to iron a shirt, cook, use the washing machine or vacuum cleaner, shopping... meaning to be actively involved in the household chores, so as to save your time and effort, especially if many of these tasks are unfamiliar to you.

Having multiple experiences with various other women (before...), mature men have the patience to listen and can always be a reliable shoulder of support for a young woman. Communication is very important in this context (and he will surely know to start it or to maintain it) and, if all happens in a balanced emotional environment, then everything is almost sublime.

Under these circumstances, the representative of masculinity is natural to be proud with the beauty of the woman in his life and the peace of mind that she inspires him. Moreover, he knows that she will indirectly guarantee an extension of his biological and sexual life, feeling compelled instead, to offer her everything she needs, in order to feel at ease and overpass more easily the eventual disapproval (undeserved) of society. 

It can be said that the relationships in question are quite close to the idea of ​​perfection, and the society makes a great mistake when judging them too severely.

Of course, there are also examples that betray a notorious interest in the material aspect. But after all, not even these should be criticized too severely. The young woman, at the beginning of her path, may be seduced by the successful man's welfare and less by his appearance or his moral, spiritual or affective characteristics. However, we must be honest with ourselves and admit that it is our human nature to always want more, better... anyway. 

The teenage girl has already experienced insecure relations with those of her age, perhaps she is also slightly disappointed with the frustrations of a living level not exactly as she dreamed, but she is certain that she can and wants more.

The rich man has the most expensive clothes, spreads around him the aroma of his fine perfumes, he's no longer desperate to struggle for his existence and he is rather interested in the goodness of life than in stupid competitions with her. He longs for the thrill of youth he can no longer have and therefore, used to get whatever he wants, at any price, he agrees to “buy” her. Regarding those who think that such a gesture is a godless compromise, it would be interesting to see if, having the necessary money in the pocket and the magnificent youth to lure them... ahead, how would they react!?

So, regardless of how you look at this possible story, along with its mercantile beginning (material or financial), things can get an unexpected turn along the way. Gradually, by living together, you may find that you are fascinated by each other and the connection between you may have a real chance to turn into a beautiful and sincere love story.