The history of oral sex

The history of oral sex

About oral sex it is being discussed openly, loudly and nonchalantly, a sign that the practice is embraced by more and more people. Exceptions are, perhaps, related to the more conservative views, more sensitive stomachs or the idea that ”chewing” partner's genitals is not exactly the most romantic action possible. Although, it's not about romance here.

Despite disapproval that it occasionally causes among the most prudish ones ( which only dream, but do not dare), oral sex provides consistent support to prelude or even replaces a “normal” party, when things are going against time or space does not permit other options. Whatever they might say or write, oral sex benefits are numerous. The charm, however, may be discovered by each one... only through the personal experience. 

Although the fuss created around the erotic garments of adult people is one relatively recent, fellatio and cunnilingus are not the indecent result of the sexual revolution, pornographic industry, nor were invented once with the Internet.

According to the author of “Prehistory of Sex” book (archaeologist Timothy Taylor), the practice is rooted in the Neolithic Age, one of the time’s carvings, depicting explicit scenes in which a woman kisses the penis of a man in the presence of a third person, still male. 

There is, actually, nothing astonishing that people began to explore their sexuality since the dawn of human civilization. Unusual would have been to prefer the opposite, waiting idly the coming from the future of a nonconformist Hugh Hefner, to teach them how and what to do.

If earthlings offered each other oral satisfaction for simple pleasure, humankind was firmly convinced that the gods lifted this habit to the rank of virtue, the atypical technique being used for the resurrection of freshly dead people (if of course, there were meritorious arguments).  

In this respect, the legend reminds the God of Earth, Geb, famous to being able to make a complete fellatio by himself, and Isis, the sister and wife of Osiris (god of deads, of afterlife and world beyond). She figures in mythology as the goddess who gave back life to Osiris, rebuilding his body from the pieces torn off and thrown away into the river (by his brother, Seth), and replacing his penis (not recovered from the water) with one of made of clay, which she strongly sucked in order to achieve the ”spell”. 

Obviously, extending the analysis of the matter, the Greeks could hardly be avoided by the ”scourge”.  Especially because they no longer need any presentation when it comes to eroticism, limits and freedoms. Their appetite is already proverbial.

In ancient times, Athenians benefited from the erotic services of well-educated courtesans (hetairai), specialized in the art of oral sex. As the orator Demosthenes said, Greeks had ”hetaerae for pleasure, concubines for the day to day needs of the body and wives for the begetting of children and for the faithful guardianship of homes”.

A disappointingly similar mentality to the one of many males wrongfully called... contemporary!

Romans, real followers of love ordure of any kind, practiced oral sex on a regular basis, which had, for them, different meanings, according to the context. 

Approached in an erotic frame, the act served to pleasure and validation of power of the receiving one (considered as active element). The beneficiary was considered, in this case, dominant, valuable and superior, unlike his passive partner who was associated with ridiculousness and weakness.

In Romanian culture, fellatio also fulfilled the role of punishment. For example, the thief caught in the act, received as penalty the obligation to give to the injured one such a ”humiliating” party.

According to a naughty myth, circulating among Egypt's enemies, Queen Cleopatra itself would have been a great proficient of oral “love”, being said about her that she would have engaged in such intimate activities with over 100 Roman nobles. To describe her natural talent, Greeks used a few nicknames to address the beautiful ruler, among which: Meriochane (“The one who opens her mouth for more than 10.000 men”) or Cheilon (“thick-lips”).

Chinese saw in the moments intended for indulgence by fellatio, a good opportunity to obtain illumination (and they were probably right). An artistic expression of the act is also found in ”The Plum in the Golden Vase”, the first modern Chinese novel.

Sexual expression of ”tasting” genitals was also popular among Indians, true pioneers in terms of erotically-instructive literature. Among other exercises, maneuvers and tips offered to humankind, they have ”snuck” in Kama Sutra (genuine sexology manual), also a few methods (eight in number) of ”oral congress”:  side bites, ”smoothing”, “mango sucking”, “the absorption”, etc.!

Valuable information from Kama Sutra contents have been borrowed also by Arabs, which they have included in their own sex manual: “The Perfumed Garden for the Soul's Recreation“, is one of them.

Archaeological discoveries made in the actual area of South America, shows that indigenous Amerindian tribes were familiar with this practice. Ancient vessels of Peruvians depicts couples having oral sex in various positions, and some pre-Colombian drink containers, had two openings through which one could sip the liquid, one in the form of a penis, other in the form of a vulva, suggesting so, fellatio and cunnilingus (probably a perfect... wedding „gift”).

Once with the increasing of Christianity influence in society, people have passed officially from immorality to absolute wisdom (not voluntarily, but forced by circumstances). 

Whereas the Church put ”seizure” on any love conduct which exceeded vaginal sex carried out in the “holy” missionary's position, the oral sex has lost from its shining celebrity. 

Under the guardianship of religious teachings, the idea of intimacy was equal to the purpose of procreation. Pleasure was excluded altogether, and the penalties for those who dared to break the “regulation”, varied from a few days of fasting and flagellation, up to several years of prison, or death by starvation (decision applied to “sinful” priests).

Like adultery, premarital relationships, anal ones or those performed in positions other than the one dictated by the divine inspiration, including the two types of oral sex (cunnilingus and fellatio) were harshly punished with fasting, prayer or body correction.

Once with the cultural movement of Renaissance, the oral sex begins to regain its cozy place in people's bedrooms.

In the 19th century, the practice continues its ascending path and becomes more and more acceptable at social level, without completely getting rid of the previous ”taboo” tint.

Pornographic creations in the forthcoming period exploits it to the maximum, and the companion ladies (courtesans) who includes it to their professional services, require high tariffs. 

It follows a real expansion. Although the 1960s have decreed it to be ”perversions” in many countries, researches have shown that the impact of oral relations (premarital) have doubled over the past of three decades (from 1930 until 1960). 

The following is already known: during the last years, people have become more liberal in terms of sex, the media has brought the “bedroom” into the public space, breaking the patterns and the false impudence, and the oral “variant” eventually no longer surprise anyone. Neither when it is dealt in theory on TV or in magazines, nor when the future partner includes it as an essential clause in the pre-nuptial contract, not to mention the presidents of state who “enjoy” it in broad daylight, with their personal assistant... in the office.