With the fantasies to the escorts (for bisexuals)

With the fantasies to the escorts (for bisexuals)

Although they are dealing with sex all day long, the escorts also have fantasies, like all the others. But, unlike the “ordinary” persons, mostly reserved, they also put them into practice. Their job itself implies a certain openness (necessary) regarding a less conventional approach to the activities in the bedroom.

Women who sate their “hunger” (not for food) with the help of paid men, are also shaken by the thrill of their desire to experience something new. But they do not dare to always verbalize their intimate curiosities. They are afraid of being labeled as exaggerated, bizarre or childish. How else could be perceived a woman who is eager to show her skills as a hot nurse or talented librarian with undiagnosed nymphomaniac tendencies?

Female clients are omitting the fact that the last thing done by gigolo gentlemen is to emit judgments calls about their visitors, posing in ironic and severe “demiurges”. On the contrary, they gladly accept the dirty proposals coming from the female “consumers”, as long as they are not required to massacre or compromise their valuable object of work, the penis.

Like any mentally balanced male, also the guy rewarded for his intimate performance reacts to some perverse scenarios. And he resonates with the hidden desires of the ladies who see themselves whipped like in their favorite films.

So, if you have great plans to carry out for the first time, your temporary partner will execute them smoothly, not just as a result of the deal, but... from the heart.

Do not, therefore, feel guilty because you are “forcing” the man to behave differently, and not according to his own pleasure. Like most adult males, the paid ones are also usually receptive to the following:

1.-Ménage à trois. So far, historians have not yet recorded a single case of a person bored by a ménage à trois. And probably such cases will not occur in the foreseeable future. Fascinating things never get boring.

The idea of ​​showing up with your best female friend at a meeting with the male escort, will not bother him at all as long as the third person does not come as an uninvited guest (alias “surprise element”). Everything has to be previously discussed. Surely, the guy participated in such group events on other occasions too. This will not be the first, nor the last opportunity for him. Which means that, thanks to his experience, the knight will perform very well. Therefore, dare... The joy will be general. But still, be careful with whom you share the charming “prey”.

2.-Debauchery in public. Are you tired of playing only behind closed doors? Have you heard from your expert female friends that the bathroom of a luxury restaurant can also be used for other “carnal” purposes, complementary to the classic ones? Or that the elevator of the building is “cooler” than the bed?

Among those who have experienced it, some say that the effort of occasionally abandoning their bedroom in favor of the neighborhood park or of some discrete alley from downtown is completely worth it. Others reject the idea, arguing that intimate life must remain intimate, as the name itself indicates.

In this context, anticipate that the chosen escort will temper your natural impulse, because sex in public involves, beyond suspense and adrenaline, a not insignificant amount of risks, insecurity or an unhappy ending. Not everyone accepts a dangerous exposure.

Not every one of the women... Because usually men flirt with such an opportunity. Pleasure sellers, even more. So, do not be afraid to ask.

3.-Aggressiveness. There is no greater compatibility in the world than that between man and the free, instinctual, even aggressive manifestation of his spirit. If sex sneaks into the equation, the recipe becomes complete.

What does this mean? It means that a possible interest in the direction of rough eroticism can be explored during these paid sessions. The providers of such services will not hold back. Everything is feasible: from a sexual episode with intense accents and unpolished behaviors to complex BDSM-like actions. It depends on how far you want to go.

For the right amount, you will find understanding for your dream “project”; and also specialists capable to fit perfectly to your needs. Be careful though! Choosing some protagonists without serious recommendations in this field can drive the action to almost dangerous areas. Consider that in your scenario, your hands, legs or eyes could be tied... a moment where everything can happen.

4.-Dirty language. If you have had enough of nice, calm, predictable sex episodes, with discreet musical background and scented candles all around, or you feel the need to take the action to the “next level” (where not only the moans fill the bedroom but also the explicit words), it’s probably the moment to discover the benefits of dirty language. The only thing you should insist on, is the choice of the partner. It would be ideal to cross the “perverse” border of this type of amorous manifestation with the right person.

Paid men match this profile (very important are also the comments or opinions of other clients in this regard). They have experience and a “rich” vocabulary (beyond the natural tendency, very dear to the “testosterone”, to express themselves uncensored, regardless of circumstances).

Using dirty words is a fantasy that is easy to fulfill in the realm of commercial love.

5.-Ejaculating on “taboo” body parts. Seen as a masculine aspiration par excellence, the ejaculation on different parts of the body (mouth, face, breasts, belly) is sometimes embraced also by the classical female representatives of “decency”. The reasons do not matter, only the desire.

The situation is slightly complicated when it comes to the relationship with a male gigolo, obviously appearing the eternal problem of protection. The solution? It is up to each female client to what extent she accepts the inherent risks triggered by the contact with the guy’s sperm. As for the temporary lovers, they happily accept this practice.

* * *

These fantasies reflect a small (but popular) part of the possibilities of erotic diversification, available to any feminine soul willing to let go her money and inhibitions. The full list of demands reaches impressive dimensions and levels of subjectivity that cannot be reproduced in a succinct article. This reality is not at all worrying. As the offer is as large and colorful as the request.