What women do not know about sex…

What women do not know about sex…

Although it may seem hard to believe, even in this liberal era (where sex has ceased to represent a sort of carnal mystery, practiced only in the bedroom, with the shutters well closed and about which it is talked with shame and low-voice), there continue to exist massive concerns regarding the subject, or incorrect information, taken over by questionable sources such as "neighborhood science", pornographic productions or online environment (suffocated by "experts" with a mega experience, but  the same virtual as their relations or even their very real existence).

Behind the obvious effects of the lack of knowledge may occur a lot of confusion, complexes and frustrations, perpetuating an undesirable state of things. Questions are, therefore, crucial, as well as the answers. And questions on the subject of human sexuality plenty exist, some more persistent, more basic and more intriguing than others. Such a top, based on curiosities expressed online by approximately 10,000 users (carried out in the UK), indicate as important dilemmas of feminine contemporaneity, the following matters:


1.-Clitoral and vaginal orgasm. There are many types of orgasms which are suspected to be able to make happy a sufficiently and correctly aroused woman. The main distinction is made, however, between the clitoral and the vaginal orgasm. Although it is not a valid pattern that applies to all ladies and young ladies sexually active, and making love is not just a mathematical science, it is said that the chances to have reached orgasm are greater in the case of the clitoral one. 

The magic is due to the small organ located at the top of the vulva (between labia), intended solely for pleasure and which is equipped with approximately 8,000 nerve endings (double compared to the number held by the glorified penis). 

That fact that the area itself is one deeply sensitive, it helps, but it doesn't do all the work. A mere caress and two or three times intense touches do not resolve „the problem". It also matters the way in which stimulation is produced (it is recommended to pamper the center point, but also the adjacent areas), the time allocated to the relevant maneuvers (if it is insisted too much on the delicate place, there is a risk for ecstasy to turn into pain), inventiveness (there can be used toys for adults or when the atmosphere got hot already, those sexual favorable positions to achieve it).

To the misfortune of women, the vaginal orgasm is obtained more difficult, being influenced not only by the potency of the partner, but also by the length of the "prelude", the position approached, the own state of mind (this matters regardless of the situation) and... by the "incitement" of clitoris. Those who have experienced, however, "the miracle" declare that the sensation perceived in this case is a much more powerful one, more abyssal and deeply propagated internally (compared to the clitoral orgasm). 

So, it worth practicing!


2.-Female ejaculation. Although not everyone has an opportunity to have noticed its "presence", it does not mean that it is non-existent, bizarre or conversely, the embodiment of the idea of utopia in sex. The female ejaculation, because it’s all about it, refers to the elimination of a transparent liquid from the urethra, before or after an orgasm (liquid about whose composition, the clinical tests said, it is not at all similar to urine). 

Sometimes, the moment of ejaculation is attributed to the famous and mysterious G-spot. Sometimes, the ability to reach such a reaction is associated with a powerful "prelude" (internal and external), but also with a great pelvic muscular tonus (basin). 

The sure thing is that, when this happens, the fluid differs quantitatively and qualitatively from woman to woman. And in the case (frequently met) of its absence, no one should despair or to make an existential purpose of reaching, at any cost, this "extreme" point of intimate emotions.

Despite the myths that overestimate the phenomenon, considering it a sort of erotic "Nirvana", the reality is that the orgasm and the pleasure can also occur in the absence of ejaculation, as long as the protagonist feels them as such.         


3.-What's the G-spot? Over the last few years, many hypotheses have emerged regarding the so-called "G-Spot" (precisely since 1950 onward, after the gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg, found a special area, excessively receptive to stimulus). 

Given the curiosities generated, we might say that everything seems to spin, sexually speaking, around this sensorial "paradise", whose exact location still borns disputes and adverse camps. The classic theory says, however, that the explosive place has its territory somewhere in the front of the vagina, and experts even recommend ladies willing to self-examination, an exploratory method, helpful for this. It requires the introduction of two fingers in the well lubricated vagina, touching the corresponding area behind the navel, testing its sensitivity and applying rhythmic pressure where reactions are stronger. For a little extra adrenaline, the procedure can be done by your partner also willing (surely), to closely understand the mystery of the feminine organ.

Identifying the G-spot is usually followed by an intense response, thundering and overwhelming to the continuous stimulation, answer which will differentiate, easily, from the "crowd". Sometimes, the "activation" of that perimeter comes unintentionally, without being labelled as such and without determining an attitude of intense relief, like "Finally, I succeeded myself too, to find my big secret!". 

Means must not become, however, an end in itself, and essential, in this story, remains the possibility of reaching a certain state of exaltation, even if it involves or not methods considered by tradition, exciting and inviting.


4.-Condoms, oral sex and many others. Beyond the types of orgasm, the female ejaculation or discovering the G-spot, on top of the classification of female curiosities, there are also found aspects related to the maintenance of erection while putting on the condom (on the organ it is intended for), the oral sex and the anal sex.

Regarding keeping intact the erection even in the mini-break of "utility", related to covering the penis with "the little cap", a solution to not cut the rhythm and to not distract the attention from the main action, consists in taking initiative by woman who can strategically place the condom on the erect organ, not only with her hands, but also with her mouth. In addition, the protection should always be at hand, not in your jeans pocket that lies somewhere in a chaotic heap of clothes, lost all through the closet or laundry basket (the wardrobe being in another room, and the laundry basket... even further away). Otherwise, the intensity brought to debut, will totally be thrown away. He will begin to nervously search through the house for "balloons", and she could check, bored, her emails and Facebook account. 

Concerning the cunnilingus, lots of women do not know how to convince their partner to satisfy them this way. Because, surprisingly, despite the stereotype which says that they are willing to do anything, anyhow and anywhere, there are "shy" or "proud" men regarding this issue. 

In the case of ladies who want to experience the far too pleasant sensations induced by this erotic technique, it would be ideal for them, in their turn, to provide their half-souls not only explanations, insistences and pro pleas, but also "live" demonstrations, in respect of what it means the real delight in question. Meaning first she has first to give, and then to ask for. Nothing can persuade gentlemen more quickly, than a clear proof of altruism coming straight... from the heart (or the oral cavity?).

A special attention must be paid also to hygiene (otherwise the episode will no longer certainly, be repeated a second time), but also to the continuous stimulation of the penis in those times when the vagina is the one who receives the whole pampering. 

Carefully, with patience, cleanliness, and lubricants of quality, it can also be approached the proposal of anal sex. Which, you may like it or not! Even if men are declared, as a general rule, followers of this alternative, women have often, major restraints (some of them apriori, other aposteriori). 

Experience do not guarantee, therefore, pleasure. After all, it’s all about limits and personal tastes.