Statistics about sex

Statistics about sex

Who is this woman with the most children in the world, the animal with the orgasm of 30 minutes, the first intimate scene on TV, the origin of the vibrator, the most common fantasy, the connection between love and hospitalization? 

Aspects related to the sexual side of life are like no other, spectacular, sometimes shocking, revealing the diversity of the human nature... and not only. 

Never is soon to surprises when it comes to this fascinating area, which makes, after all, the delight of all stories with and about sexuality. 

In this category of ”Did you know that?”, are also part the following ”surprises”: 

01.-Pieced together, the moments that people spend kissing with passion and ecstasy, or insufficient passion (on the average of life time), reach almost two weeks. Performance or... there is room for improvement?

02.-Pornography is for humanity, such as membrane is for cell, the engine for the car, high heels for women (meaning they cannot be separated). The Internet contains 5 times more pages with pornographic material than usual pages about art, science, kitchen, engineering, origami or cats.

03.-The “sweets” and sex have in common more than the fact that both induce a state of well-being, calm the spirits, comfort sorrows and establishes harmony in the inner universe of young ladies. From the biochemical point of view, sex perfectly resembles a “lusty” consumption of chocolate.

04.-It is well-known that men's facial hair delight women, increasing their attractiveness force and their masculinity. The beard helps, therefore, the gentlemen, to get distinguished quickly in the eyes of the opposite sex and even to install promptly into the bedroom. The detail less known, is that lovemaking also influences the pilosity of the face, not only the vice versa. Meaning, when they are about to have sex, the beard of men grows faster. 

05.-Immortal love exists also beyond books, films or dreams of young girls who imagine their ”Prince” coming on a white horse, fearless. The world of birds is testimony to the fact that the “impossible” can become, from time to time, reality: most swans are monogamous, remaining with their first partner for life.   

06.-If in certain places paid sex (especially when it is wanted to be of quality) calls the savings and money for rent of the prospective client, in other places, paid love represents a real bargain, which does not affect too much the personal budget balance. In India, for example, a meeting with an escort is cheaper than a condom. Notice for the tourists in love with the ”beauties” of this country!  

07.-Around the idea that sex burns calories somewhat more than a powerful fitness device, there were canvassed revolutionary assumptions, many of them endangering the bright future of the gyms. Although different versions, most of them seem to agree that sex, consumes more than 300 calories in one hour. Good news for those who want to lose weight quickly and... with ”pleasure”!

08.-Tendernesses on TV are a part of a recipe often practiced today, regardless of time, rating or channel. Pioneers of this approach are not the Playboy  stars currently retired, but also the famous couple (of cartoon network) composed of Fred and Wilma Flintstone (the first ones on the TV screen, featured in their marital bed in prime time).  

09.-Does or not love have anything to do with the money? Do the bank accounts influence the excitement of a person? Do inheritances, properties and annual income work as a sort of effective aphrodisiac, reflected on the young ladies searching for happiness? Misogynists would declare without reservation: ”YES, IT WORKS!” The feminists would argue with the classical perseverance of those who sustain their belief. Nevertheless, 25% of the women say that finance may make men “look” sexier in their innocent and... non-materialist eyes. 

10.-The perspective of natural birth is frightening for many women, whether they have experienced it, or not. And reasons of panic are surely enough. The woman with the most such „reasons of panic” has lived in the 18th century, in Russia, passing through 27 deliveries of 69 children in total: 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets and 4 quadruplets. 

11.-People who love lions for their power and royal beauty, can extend their admiration also in a completely different direction related to the existence of these mammals. Why? Some samples of the species in question, are capable of amazing “erotic” performance, engaging in sexual intercourse even 50 times in a single day (which brings our regret of parentage with the monkeys, and not from... those imposing felines).  

12.-Gentlemen suffering for receiving complaints from their half-souls on the grounds that the prelude is too short, that the act is too quickly and the climax does not exist, can be inspired from the experience of pigs, whose ”consorts” (the sows), experience an orgasm that can take up to half an hour. A true record in this field! Hm... someone to say that being a ”pig”, it’s a shame.

13.-The way women often want to ”get rid”  of sex, suggesting that their health status is not quite appropriate (in short, that they give headaches), it’s a frail excuse, whereas sex is a good medicine for persistent headaches, and the endorphins released during the “action”, have a significantly calming effect. Therefore, the abstinence is not the antidote, but its opposite. 

14.-Used today for pure pleasure, the vibrator was originally designed to heal women of hysteria. Two centuries ago, it was an indispensable tool in the house of any high society lady, who wanted to cure, according to the last medical trend, emotional excesses and uncontrolled irritancy.

15.-If nowadays they enjoy certain legal rights and recognition, in the past, people with a different sexual orientation than that of the majority, were stigmatized and considered generally sick, deviant or abnormal. The label of mental illness that can be diagnosed and treated as such, planed officially over homosexuality until the year 1973. Unofficially, it still plans today in certain areas of the world, less responsive to diversity.

16.-The only fantasies that exceed in number and frequency the erotic “chimeras”  seen while sleeping or daydreaming, are those related to money (because people are more often dreaming of lucky earnings, miraculous restorations or spontaneous enrichments, than to sensual models raising sexuality to the rank of supreme interest).

17.-Intuitively, we might say that among the atypical reasons why people get to Emergencies, it shall be counted also the swallowing of some inedible “entities”, jumping from considerable heights, fighting in the traffic, hypochondria, the lack of occupation or farces of your friends. And yet, above these ”classic” plights, statistics reveal that more than 10,000 American citizens get hurt by testing all sorts of unusual sexual positions (only they know... how)!