Prejudices about sex

Prejudices about sex

Around the idea of sex there have been created many stories, more or less true, maintained by the suspicions of some, others’ experiences and preconceived ideas of all. 

It is enough for anyone to live at least once the joy of "getting together" with someone else than the own person, in order to consider oneself an expert in erotic problems of general interest, as when human sexuality could be taught in a single practice lesson of early love. 

The complexity of sex is often underestimated or reduced to a limited range of actions and meanings with the pretension of universal validity, although the scope is a very broad and versatile one, always full of subtleties and surprises (at least for those who want to experience it as such, recognizing that there is always something new to find out). 

For example: 


Masturbation is not the appanage of warmed-up teenagers or celibates in love with the porn movies and lubricants. Despite the popular opinion, according to which men are almost attached in their souls to this habit, while women practice it extremely rare, inhibited by the opposing circumstances and the evil inner tension, statistics show that things are not far from being like that, and the fair sex representatives, will also resort, in a considerable number, to self-satisfaction (even quite often), though not all are willing to openly admit the bravado. 

The act seems to be committed mostly in the later stages of life, when opportunities to have sex diminishes... but the need, not! Thus, it becomes obvious that the ladies also (not only the gentlemen), are extremely bold (in privacy) when it comes to offer themselves, on their own account, genuine moments of euphoria.


Although many express disapproval in relation to porn productions (which "consumed" in excess have, certainly, their harmful effects, like any other thing used in abuse), disgust is often, a faked or just formally one, and benefits of this kind of "art" for adults, are even more numerous than  "puritans" would like to admit.

According to a study conducted in Montreal, both, men and women, react positively (mentally and physically) when watching XXX movies, they feel pleasure and in no case indifference, disgust or disapproval. Therefore, even if not all of them recognize their preferences in this respect, and some merely blame the consequences of hot scenes on the mood of "spectators", it seems that the administration of some dissimulated sex doses only brings good in the love life.


When it comes to the appropriate external appearance in a sexual context, women are associated with provocative lingerie, lacy underthings, absolute nudity stimulating for the man’s eye sensitive to the beautiful, and he, in his turn, is "expected" with an appearance to match. 

But no matter how funny might seem a naked young girl, equipped with thick socks or booties made of wool, or an imposing male, in the suit of Adam, wearing only the same comfortable and warm clothing accessories, the choice to sacrifice the appearance in favor of comfort, it usually seems to be a truly inspired one. 

As shown by a study conducted in the Netherlands, low temperature may prevent the achieving of a maximum sexual involvement, and the feeling of cold feet make it very difficult to achieve the long-wanted orgasm. Which means that socks are not an alternative worthy of being ignored, in particular for the unfortunate ones with poor peripheral circulation.  

4.-The kiss.

Usually, the romantic movies overestimate the first kiss between two individuals, reproducing it in terms of a perfection hard to be reached in the real life, where clumsiness and emotional babbles say (at least the first time) their word. Because, no matter how idealized it would be on the screen, on TV or in the books, that closeness of lips, which causes butterflies in the stomach and explosions in the background, in reality, the act of "closeness" can be easily strange, clumsy or just... failed. Regardless of the skills of the two of them. However, ladies seem to be taking into account the physical and emotional impact of the first kiss, but also of the following ones, studies indicating that it is taking into account an exaggerated assessment (and false, of course) of men who manage to deliver an experience as close as possible to the way in which it is imagined (without flagrant shortcomings, stumbling or hesitations generating of confusion).


The general and naive idea with regard to love and wealth, is that, as long as there is love, everything else remains in the background, and lovers may find happiness even when, for example, they eat macaroni and cheese, they watch at a broken TV and sleep hugged on a miniature mattress, in an empty room, rented into the most desolate neighborhood.

At the same time, another popular wisdom something more realistic than the last, claims that "money can't bring happiness, but can maintain it", a statement which is perfectly valid (to the disappointment of hippies or hipsters everywhere), also for the well-being of the life in couple. No, not only for those who love more their bank accounts than they love their consorts, their wives or lovers (i.e. paramours, husbands or lovers), but for the majority of mortals, whose love functioning is deeply influenced by the context. 

In this direction, researches of Newcastle University in England, showed that women with wealthy partners, shall enjoy more often the orgasm than those whose half-souls are experiencing major financial problems. The correlation is, of course, an indirect one, already knowing that the probability of reaching climax is dependent not only to the male erotic skills, the duration of prelude or physical condition, but also to the mental comfort held. And the turmoil of financial nature, together with any possible reference to the man as to one unable to manage any difficulties, may significantly put their print on the way in which happiness feels and its deeper meanings.  

6.-The language.

Despite the opinion (fairly widespread) according to which addressing an obscene vocabulary in privacy is low or degrading, denoting lack of education and respect, the experience of many shows the contrary. When they conform to the borders drawn by mutual agreement, the verbal coloration can even incite spirits, in a pleasant and efficient way to the denouement of the action. 

The freedom of expression in the bedroom makes, thus, miracles for those who know how to use dirty words and indecent impulses in favor of their sexual performance, without feeling "spoiled" their image of sober, highly principled and good individuals.


Entire volumes of books, talks, assumptions and analyzes have been and continue to be dedicated to the universal controversial issues which say that love gradually disappears, after the crucial moment of marriage (legally), and eroticism becomes a rare miracle, carried out only in birthdays or during official holidays over the year.

Studies show, however, that married people (those whose "tragic" destiny is often complained by celibates and which fewer take as an existential example), are most active sexually than those involved in an uncertain relationship. 

Is it to blame the habit, the accessibility or the (immortal) "needs"...? Nobody knows. It is however, certain that, at least statistically, married men and married women, enjoy the action something more often than the unmarried ones which "fly from flower to flower".  


Beyond the classical category of erogenous zones on which everyone insists, there are also some certain areas less explored which may induce, in a similar measure, the well state of mind desired. This also includes the neglected toes or the area behind the knees. 

Obviously not everyone reacts identically under the action of the same sensory "treatment", but the availability to experience on their own skin what works and what does not, should be embraced also by the persons who limit themselves to the "classic". It is never known what the „new” can bring!