Interesting facts... about sex

Interesting facts... about sex

Sex is an exciting "field" not only from a practical point of view, but also in theory (always surprising and tenderer), revealing all sorts of useful information to those who want to enjoy experiences as inedited, avidly assimilated, all the way out. 

Yes, up to that end that require heavy practice, but also knowledge to match. And not just any knowledge, but of those who are not heard at any street corner. 

For example: 

1.-When they want to get involved in a casual relationship, women valorize the appearance more than men do. Although the stereotype says that males are overwhelmed by shapes, and women by words, humor, intelligence, profession, card, holiday house, car, statute or anything else that is beyond the "physical presence", studies unequivocally destroy this theory. As it seems (at least statistically), the young ladies are much more demanding regarding the superficial desire of choosing the attractive "packaging", in comparison with men, even in the case of a simple pure carnal adventure. That's probably because gentlemen are generally pleased with anything that "falls", while women, definitely... not!

2.-Single women reacts positively to the "wedding ring" on the finger of a man. Individuals already "taken" exert a much higher attraction to the available young ladies, than bachelors do. And the explanation could consist not necessarily in the challenge (really tempting) to steal the "property" of another one, as well as in the security that the married men offer (they are sensitive, potent, interesting and charismatic). The status itself proves their qualities, isn't it? Otherwise, they would have remained, with certainty, lonely and not loved by anyone.

3.-The libido of women is sensitive to romantic scenes in the movies. Young ladies react to romantic moments from TV not only with two-three weak tears in the corner of their eyes, a sincere sigh followed by "Oh, how nice!" or the classic reproach slammed angrily "You never behave so nicely with me!", but paradoxically, also with an increased appetite for... "mating". 

Researches advance the theory that women feel more stimulated sexually when they watch the scene of a passionate kiss, than by the view of an explicit love scene (be it in three). The old romance captures the senses in an overwhelming way, and so, for those concerned, it can be concluded that a melodramatic prelude, carried out (preferably) in the mirror, may help successfully to create the necessary mood for pleasant... "followings".

4.-Estradiol predisposes to infidelity. If until now it was believed that only unhappiness in love, bad habits, the thought of vengeance or failure or the incapacity of self-control may encourage the behavior of infidelity, here the science promotes also another theory meant to bring to light in the cases of female "instability". 

Studies have shown that a high concentration of estradiol (a hormone secreted by the ovaries, whose level varies depending on the menstrual cycle), lead to increased sex appeal (increasing breasts, narrowing the waist, defining thighs), turning the woman in question, in a "prey" desirable to all males unimpressed by the fact that it already "belongs" to another male. 

And, as occasional Don Juans’ insistences become more persistent, the higher the possibility for young ladies to give up in the end to the temptation of a sexual libertinism night. And not to be criticized by anyone! Estradiol is to blame for their misfortune!     

5.-Men feel attracted by women’s voice during their period. Men are more receptive sexually to the voice that their partners have in "that" period of the month. Differences are unnoticeable for an "untrained" ear, but it seems however that they exist and make subconscious havoc in the mind of gentlemen found around.

The "secret" can be of help to the  couples who "venture" to make love during the period and using, for example, the so-called "dirty" language, they can make full use of this timbral "aphrodisiac" , which will certainly light up, a great flame into the bedroom.

6.-Men in search of a partner are more careless with finances. Bachelors interested in changing their emotional status are more  prone to purchasing luxury items than those who do not want a stable relationship, studies mention, giving a "valuable"  tip to young ladies also preoccupied by the "material" part, not only by their "soul". 

Either they do it to impress, either to compensate for other uncomfortable shortcomings or only from a satisfactory surplus of money and free time, but it is a fact that the ones wanting a partner, are a little bit more "substantial" as compared with their counterparts, which chose to be complacent in a dreary self-sufficient solitude, whenever in that come and go specific to the short relations.  

 7.-Men prefer women with forms. Although the first page of the newspaper, the international catwalks and TV shows are stuffed with feminine presences who seem to get feed only from time to time with one olive and two beans of black grapes, the surveys show that in reality, the men like shapes with a more generous "aerodynamic". What should not become, though, a pretext for a careless look or "tolerating" the weight beyond the reasonable area, proper to each of us and contraindicated (especially) to the health.

8.-The orgasm "heals" the phobia of speaking in public. The fear of speaking in public, to "endure" the emotion of an electrifying speech, fierce and spontaneous, is typical to many persons who prefer the "backstage" to the disadvantage of the "scene". 

A Scottish study carried out on this subject, brings, however, good news to all individuals who dislike applauses and the tiring center of attention. According to researchers, the antidote for this "problem" does not stand in years and years of therapy, self-motivation slogans or intense exercises in the mirror (although, perhaps, they have their own merit), but in a simple and genuine sexual orgasm. Because, after an orgasm, people are much easier to socialize and to attract the attention of those around them.

9.-Though they are not miracles, porn movies help. Not liked by everyone, films for adults bring benefits in the sexual life... of adults who watch them. Not necessarily until the end, with popcorn and the "protection" at your fingertips, but also sequentially into their "strong"... points. 

Among the women and men questioned on the matter, 58% stated that watching porn scenes, helped them feel more comfortable with their own sexuality and understand more easily the critical needs of their partners in matters of maneuvers, treatments and erotic limits. 

Therefore, beyond being blamed or on the contrary, "devoured" exactly at breakfast, lunch and dinner, shady images can be used as a training material, useful to those who want to bring more energy and originality in their intimacy.