Curiosities about sex

Curiosities about sex

What else new could be said about this subject, in addition to the tons of information already circulating around the world via the internet? And yet... given the fact that the "field" is a very broad one, if not inexhaustible, news continually appear, revealing more new sides or interpretations. 

Here are some of them:

1.-Sexual toys do not "bite"! Although they are within everyone's reach and can be purchased easily, erotic accessories do not present interest for everyone, whether because of preconceptions, whether because of the fear to try something new. Studies reveal a very worrying percentage of women who had never used, even once in their lives, a vibrator beneficial for both soul and body: 47%.  

For the bold ones who are to be initiated in the art of using this "utensil" with huge potential in self-satisfaction, it is recommended a progressive "introduction" on the theme of "substitutes" (no matter how great the incipient enthusiasm would be), because at least for the start, the option to get a smaller size, is a much more appropriate choice. With patience and plenty of lubricants, time of "giants" will also come... someday.

2.-"Nerds" make the best lovers. Persecuted in high school by popular pupils, virgins until their 30s and conservative in everything, the so-called "nerds" (bizarre individuals, absorbed by their fields of activity and lacking minimum social skills), they seem to offer incendiary surprises to the young ladies with whom they get to share their intimacy. The secret card from their sleeve, lies in the willingness to put partner's pleasure above his own sexual satisfaction (as a sign of gratitude that "they have been noticed"), manifesting a particular attention and honest interest to all the wishes of the fair sex (at least this is what say the investigations which discovered them in a proportion of 82% as being eager to satisfy, till the end, and in the smallest detail, the "benevolent ones”).

3.-The kiss and depression. In this century of speed, people barely have time to make love, not to mention to kiss out of the casual pampering during the lovemaking.

Researchers attract, however, the attention to the fact that those who pamper, caress or kiss their pair also beyond the official program of sex, are 8 times less prone to depression than those who limit their emotional expression to the effective time of the prelude. 

Any occasion can therefore be turned into a small demonstration of romance and kissing without any special reason: in the evening when watching TV, to a walk in the park, before or after a meal... Otherwise, it seems that the "coldness" may bring to the package, dark mood statuses and depressive tendencies.

4.-Pornography and religion. In addition to the classical scenarios with appetizing nuns and longing parishioners, the two areas of "activity" betrays not having anything in common. In reality, however, online pornography seems to be accessed in a much higher percentage in those States attached to the conservative religious principles, regardless of their color or orientation (which, among other things, confirm once again the uncontrollable power of attraction to the "forbidden fruit"). 

5.-Circumcision and vulnerability. According to statistics, 30% of the men are circumcised, the rest not. In the case of the others 70%, the fact that the penis is usually covered, makes its "top" to be more sensitive to the touch when it remains without its protective "shell". What can be both an advantage (due to the ability to strongly "react" to the stimulus that address it), as well as a weakness (increased vulnerability). 

It is important for women to remember that they are dealing with a delicate area which under no circumstances are allowed to bite strongly (preferably not at all), to scrap it, to pinch or to handle carelessly, as if they were playing with a minimal piece of silicon (prohibitions valid in the case of both types of "presentation" of the genital male organs).  

6.-The average number of sexual partners. This researches claim that men are privileged when it comes to the number of active sexual partners they had, the male average number being set to seven, and the women's to four. 

At the same time, however, the scientists are questioning the veracity of the existing statistical data, whereas males tend to overestimate the turnover, assuming also the role and the image of Don Juan which (they think), fits the general idea of a man, while the opponent ones prefer to underestimate it, in order to fit into the pattern of love consistency affairs assigned to them by tradition. 

Thus, the result is the creation of a dilemma like "the chicken or the egg", focusing on the almost rhetoric and eternal question: 

"In the end, society's expectations are the ones that determine the sexual (natural) behavior of individuals or the vice versa?”

7.-The natural penis enlargement. Experiments show that there is a single fortunate situation in which manhood can be increased considerably without pills, natural treatments, surgery or sacrifices brought to any bizarre god. 

This applies, unfortunately, only to a single category of male, namely: overweighed ones, which, for each 10 kg (22.04 pounds) lost, they "win" 2.5 cm (0.98 in) in addition. And, of course, an extra dose of personal esteem.

8.-The aggressiveness during sex. Some couples prefer the tough and uncensored lovemaking, resorting also to unconventional practices to revive the atmosphere in their bedroom. Others fear, however, the pain, marks or bruises, avoiding slipping in that "dangerous" area with a flavor of BDSM. Worries are, however, more unnatural than it is necessary, whereas the science ensures that popular hormone called "oxytocin", released during sex, reduces the pain and the consequences of the "violence"... to half. 

Moderation, however, must be practiced even under these favorable conditions, and the slaps, pinches, bites, or the "torture", require to be applied with the balance of a proper responsible behavior.

9.-Viagra pills for women. The science says that the famous drug Viagra has an effect not only on men, preparing themselves for a sexual marathon of exception, but also on women suffering from various sexual dysfunctions (of the libido, arousal or orgasm). Within the framework of researches carried out, there have been observed improvements to the quality of intimate life for a percentage of 72% of the total persons who have used the appropriate treatment on the problems in question, obviously, under medical special supervision.  

10.-The right time for sex. It is true that women enjoy, within a month, happy intervals in which their libido is activated naturally, without the need for too many previous demonstrations of love and "heroism" (from the man). 

However, normally, arousal (female) is installed once with the start of the sexual act itself, and not before. Meaning, "the appetite comes eating". So, waiting for the flourishing of the senses as well as spring little flowers, for only then to go to "attack", it represents a significant loss of time and occasions, which may arise, in a practical sense, anytime, anywhere, and in anyway, as long as there is the desire to give a helping hand to the transformation process of the partner from "cold" and concerned about the number 4,588 episode of her favorite sitcom in "hot and interested in what he hides in his pants".

11.-Tricks to extend the sexual act. Depending on the duration, the sex rounds can bring smiles, medical visits or extra arguments to divorce. Because yes, it all depends on time. Studies states that the average specific to a European erotic episode is 16 minutes, and an American one is only 7 (it is clear that on the continent of Uncle Sam, time is money). 

Therefore, not everyone is, as it seems, the same lucky. There is, however, also a positive and undeniable part, that solutions can be found for any situation, and in this case, the performance may be extended by a trick as simple as efficiently. Namely: when things seem to get closer to the "Finish" (there are plenty of "signs" in this respect), the penis should be grabbed somewhere at its base, using the index finger and the thumb (to form a so called "ring"), then tightens relatively intense, for a few seconds. The effect? Another "round". 

It is worth trying!