Bizarreness about sex

Bizarreness about sex

Marital rape, sodomy, antique reusable condoms, menstrual controllers, Egyptian pornography? History abounds with examples of habits, behaviors and bizarre sexual restrictions, which nowadays amuse, intrigue or disturb the emotions of those curious to know them. 

01.-Pleasure for some, taboo subject for others, the anal sex has been and continues to be practiced by a significant number of persons: individuals who actually like it, mistresses blackmailed by their lovers, people who get bored of the sameness in their bedroom. A survey carried out in France (2007), shows that 37% of women and 45% of heterosexual French men have experienced, at least once in their lives, the anal sex.

02.-About King Ludovic the XIV th of France or the Sun-King, the history books transmit many information. What has been, usually, omitted, in the descriptions made (of course, for the sake of reasons independent of historical interests), is his weakness to maintain love contacts with women found at menstruation, a situation which it seems that...  excited him terribly.

03.-Spermatozoons are, with good reason, called "soldiers". During ejaculation, they are quick, fast and fierce, traveling at a speed of nearly 45 km/27,96 miles per hour to perform "their mission" (at least one of them).

04.-Before taking them by surprise in their teenage years and letting them down at old ages, erection is experienced by individuals of male genders ever since intrauterine period, in the last quarter of their mother's pregnancy. I wonder what could ever... excite them?

05.-In addition to the common allergies to pollen, peanuts, dust or restless mothers in law, people have weird reactions also to sperm or feminine vaginal fluids. Concerning the allergy to sperm, it affects 5% of the women, being responsible for itchiness and sting felt in the area which comes into contact with the substance of "enjoyment".  

06.-Women who experience ejaculation when they have an orgasm, can expel up to 50 ml of an odorless and tasteless liquid, of a chemical composition different from the urine. No wonder these are also called "fountain women".  

07.-Difficult to believe for the current eaters of unhealthy diet, human history has also known moments of  "brainstorm" where sex occupied a more important place in the heart of consumers, than the fast-foods did. In the U.S. of the ‘80s, for example, sex shops were more numerous than McDonald’s restaurants.

08.-Pornography has an appreciable length, but also unique modes of "use". Egyptians were not content to enjoy them alone with the provocative images drawn on the papyruses, but stored them also in tombs, for the mummies... to not get bored. 

09.-The Victorian era is known for its many restrictions and narrow views. From the cycle of "prohibited under the reign of Queen Victoria", takes also part the consumption of chicken drumsticks by the ladies of high society. Whereas "delicacies" were considered to be similar to a kind of indecent sexual symbol, only the gentlemen had the privilege to completely taste them.

10.-Although in most cultures of the world, the incest framed in the raw of impermissible behaviors, there were also some exceptions which owe the sap from the archaic traditions. In the Greek village Douneika, customs said that virgins should be deflowered by their father or their uncle (if any), "the help" of relatives being given for the future young bride would not have a painful wedding night. On the same "unselfish concern" principle, of the protection provided to the weak sex, the future grooms were sodomized in order to train them to be kind and respectful with their wives.

11.-At its inception, the American movie industry grown very carefully the censorship and modesty, going up to the point in which in the films there always appeared two beds, even in the case of married couples. And if the man "dared" to kiss a woman while they were sitting on the bed, his leg had necessarily to be positioned on the floor.

12.-The romance has different purposes and meanings, depending on who plays the game, when and how. The same with the kiss. Romans represent a relevant example in this respect: they kissed their wives on their mouth just to check whether the disobedient ones consumed wine, beverage prohibited to women in those times.

13.-The kiss is more complex than it seems at a first sight. In order to be put into practice, it causes a whole outfit of "forces", by running 12 muscles of lips and 19 of the tongue.

14.-As the male organs size varies according to the genetic heritage, as well the condoms size varies according to the continent: in Asia, the average is of 14 cm /5.51 inch, in Europe 17 cm/6.69 inch, and in the United States of America 19 cm/7.48 inch! Does that mean the Americans are the most endowed male samples in the world?

15.-If our ancestors used all sorts of strange contraception methods, from the condoms made of goat intestines or of shell of turtle, up to various mixtures of herbs and plants impregnated on cloth "bandages", before the '90s,  American women were much more creative, considering that  vaginal washing with Coca-Cola, reduced the risk of getting pregnant.  There is a similar idea to Romans too, attributing, however, contraceptives qualities to ice-cold water vaginal showers (thought to kill semen).

16.-In the nineteenth century, condoms were reused same like intimate lingerie or other common clothing objects were. They were valid for five years, during which time they were maintained by washing, powdered with talc and rolled. Then, lovers used them, again and again, with the same blind trust that they could keep away unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Were they taking them also to the "vulcanization"?

17.-The most difficult profession in the world is not due nor to the mine detonator, nor to the utilitarian climbers and not even to the viper breeders, but... to the menstrual cycle controllers in China. In their official missions, they have the unpleasant duty to periodically verify the menstruation of women in the sector of which they are responsible. In case that the government workers do not reveal anything "clear", and the suspicions for any unplanned pregnancy is floating around the "guilty one", she is accompanied to the hospital, where she is going to do abortion. Mandatorily!