About sex

About sex

Practiced alone, in a couple or in a group, sex represents that exciting part of life without which few (unlucky, unconscious or simply capricious) choose to live. For those who welcome it with open arms, sex continues to offer countless surprises, to trigger challenges and to serve dilemmas that an appropriate mix of experience and theory can decipher without experiencing many difficulties.

Here are some of them:

1.-Heels affect the woman’s sex life and chances of “getting” a little action, both by increasing her attractiveness (a lady with high heels and a mini skirt will always trigger more heartbeats in the men's chests than one in a bouffant jumpsuit, sweater with high neck and orthopedic running shoes), but also because heels (through the “tension” imposed on the whole body) improve pelvic muscles and indirectly favor the woman's ability to experience the orgasm more intensely and faster.

2.-The old hypothesis since the beginning of the world, that wealthy men may lack hair, charm, intelligence or humor, but not sex, seems to be more than the explanatory remark of men who blame their celibacy on the unfortunate absence of money. The experience of an overwhelming number of multimillionaires (over 70% of all surveyed) who claim that financial strength helps them to enjoy frequent and high-quality sex acts, is further proof that revenues contribute significantly to a decent life standard, including from a sexual point of view.

3.-Ladies respond sexually to their partners because they want, because they like it, because it is the evening scheduled for debauchery, because they got drunk, because they do not have anyone else to have sex with or for the simple desire to “calm down the waters”. According to the studies, 84% of women tolerate sex “on demand”, engaging in physical interactions only to calm down their partners, horny or eager to show their authority through sex.

4.-Often seen as a pathetic attempt to compensate for the lack of “love” in a couple, (regular) female masturbation brings momentary benefits not only for the period of time allocated for it, but also favors orgasm when the intimacy is shared with a partner (other than the personal vibrator, named after an irresistible and muscular actor or the fascinating work colleague).

5.-For some women, reaching orgasm is some kind of “Bermuda Triangle”, where all efforts invested disappear without a trace and a satisfactory result. A mystery solved occasionally, after assiduous struggles, thorough preludes or the perseverance of some men who wants not only to receive, but also to give pleasure. A topic you never know enough about. From this category called “news about women and their orgasms” also comes the idea that breast stimulation is sometimes enough to reach the sexual climax craved like a glass of cold water on a hot day (obviously, this stimulation meaning a slightly more elaborate process than the simple superficial caressing of the area or a few kisses quickly applied onto the nipples).

6.-Not only the large bouquets of flowers, romantic declarations or the gifts offered without a specific reason increase the chances of a man to have sex more often with his partner, but also taking out the garbage, cooking a mushroom soufflé or dusting the living room. As statistics show, those couples rejecting the idea that: “the woman’s place is in the kitchen, while the man’s is anywhere he wants”, who share their household duties equally, are much more active erotically. The mop, detergents and cookbook can do wonders when it comes to keeping sex life in an accessible and equitable area for both partners.

7.-It is well known that the women's appetite is “triggered” in the presence of a male who has just finished his gym workout (for example), his natural smell working as some kind of aphrodisiac that drives the senses mad and raises the desire for “possession”. This weakness, however, should not become a male pretext for not changing clothes, omitting daily showers or refusing to use deodorant or other perfumed body care products. Because the options in question do not lead (in any way) to wild sex acts inspired by porn scenes or the exciting Kamasutra, but rather to... disgust.

8.-Ladies reaching their sexual climax depends not only on luck, centimeters, the alignment of the planets or arranging the room furniture in accordance with the solid principles of “Feng Shui” philosophy, but also on various “training sessions”. These include the so-called Kegel exercises, which consist of contracting and relaxing the pubococcygeus muscles for 5 minutes a day, those that stop the urinary flow or “catch” the finger inserted into the vagina like a squeeze ring.

9.-Women prefer to be properly “warmed up” before moving on to the actual penetration, while men tend to reduce the prelude to a few rudimentary “moves”, not being very excited about playing a romantic melodramatic role. Yet, the success of sexual intercourse does not only accounts for his satisfaction, but also for hers, so the need of the ladies to be “thoroughly” caressed must not be ignored at all, especially since it is known that the female body is ten times more sensitive to touch than that of their male partners who, if are willing to show some patience to take advantage of this “weakness”, will gain as much as their lucky mates.

10.-Despite the gloomy perspective warning that, after retirement, people dedicate themselves to gardening, raising their grandchildren or other activities involving wearing shorts and hats (possibly made of straw), having no tangency with the sexually intense “follies” practiced during their “youth”, studies show that the majority of couples over the age of 65 have sex at least once a week. Encouraging news, therefore, for those who equate the transition to older age to an erotic decline, more terrible than a horror film produced with a low budget.

11.-In addition to the other benefits already known, morning coffee consumption seems to have aphrodisiac effects (this is the intriguing news brought by experiments made on laboratory mice). For many, thus it becomes understandable why the less attractive boss or the female work colleague wearing a skirt to the ground and multiple diopters often emits a strange tempting aura, instigating to naughty thoughts and indescribable desires.

12.-Collective mentality assigns to each country a sexual stereotype more or less tributary to reality. About Italians and Spaniards it is said, for example, that they are the best lovers, about the French that they act in the most romantic manner with their own partners (or those of others) and that the Nordic people stand out as being, by far, the most balanced and faithful men in the world. In this context, the supreme prize for “incontestable fans of oral sex” (according to a global Durex study) goes to Australians, who seem to be defined by their fierce preference for this “piquancy” (information potentially useful to travelers interested in kangaroos, koalas and well performed acts of cunnilingus or fellatio).