Bad habits...

Bad habits...

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, habits that delight those who are with us or, on the contrary, they almost get them out of their mind. To maintain a lasting relationship with them, the best would be that between positive and negative events to be some balance, of course with predominance (recommended) over positive ones.

Here's what habits you should get out of your behavior to keep your relationship as enjoyable:

1.-You do not have sex anymore. According to several expert surveys, 15-20% of the planet's couples stop having sex after their relationship stabilizes over time, the average of their “intimate activities” reaching up to 10 parties a year. There are various reasons: lack of time, space, or excessive fatigue... But beyond these issues somewhat objective and understandable up to a point, a huge fault goes also to women who believe that “dignity” or the newly acquired “social position” does not allow them to be so “vulgar”... Unfortunately, the judgment in question is one as damaging as it can be, leading invariably to anxiety and thus... loneliness (meaning separation).

2.-You no longer take care of yourself. Many people, both women and men, after obtaining the safety of the relationship in which they are involved, either after a certain time or by the act of marriage, they begin to neglect their physical appearance (especially). Based on the principle that “Anyway, it is no longer necessary to convince anyone”, they no longer pay attention to this chapter, considering that love has long outdone this somewhat primitive stage of physical impulse. “Now everything is on another level!” Absolutely wrong! Whether you like it or not, your partner will miss the sexy person he/she once fell in love with, and he/she will want her/him back. And if he/she will not find her/him in his/her bedroom, he/she certainly will look for her/him elsewhere. Any minimum effort, will have maximum effects: makeup from time to time, a modern haircut, manicure, toned muscles at the gym or a less prominent belly... obtained after a minimum diet or less beer.

3.-Too much time spent with parents, “girls” or “guys”. No one has anything against spending time with your parents, but when you do it exaggeratedly, simply abandoning your partner, is not exactly a good choice, even if it is about your parents-in-law. The same warning applies to “girls” or “guys” who are not involved in stable relationships and have a ritual of going out at night, approaching such adventures as a duty to them as well as to the idea of ​​“freedom you do not have to give up”. That's until they find someone. And then, they will soon forget the “inalienable” principles and come back in a hurry at home (regardless of the invitations of others), not to let wait those who are not shy to caress them in the most stupid ways Until then, do not forget that such people are bored in their own homes or simply they are “in search” for somebody, needing supporters without whom their solitude (eg. at the table) would be downright miserable. Remember! Once “you are together” with someone, that someone has to be your most important “comrade”... no one else.

4.-You forget about the small gestures. Little signs of affection revive the relationship. A romantic dinner, a bouquet of flowers, a small gift, a kiss, a hug, a touch... all these keep the relationship alive. You do not need great gestures, plans or achievements to make someone happy.

5.-Excessive criticism and bad jokes. If you are used to blame everyone, less yourself, if you are used to criticize anyone who comes your way and especially your husband/wife, if you make fun of others all the time, but especially your partner... you better abandon all these habits. A partner with a low self-esteem (due to excessive criticism against him) will seek “rescue” or just a little support... on the side.

6.-Vices... Unfortunately, very often it happens that your partner discovers in your behavior more than simple defects. It's about drinking, drugs, gambling or even extramarital affairs. Usually, these habits invariably lead to a very unhappy ending.